Furness on COVID-19: “Can’t model what’s going to happen next”

Furness on COVID-19: "Can't model what's going to happen next" 1


  1. This guy thought that sending the kids back to school in January was going to be a huge disaster.

  2. Can’t model what happens next? I can believe it. Their models have all been worst case scenario… they haven’t got a single model right.

  3. And being a fellow researcher at Saint Michael’s Hospital well I would say any nurse or doctor that works in the hospital would know that you’re only supposed to wear your mask more than 10 to 20 minutes seen patients and then thrown them in between

  4. Don`t worry about it , no one in there right mind is, Live life we are only here on earth for a short visit

  5. My 10 yr old daughter asked me, daddy why do we still gave to wear masks? I told her the honest, factual truth. Because sweetie, in 2019 the disposable mask industry was a $749 million industry and in 2020 it was a $168 BILLION industry. She said , what does that mean? I told her greed sweetheart. Simple, evil greed.

  6. My modelling predictions infer that a lot TV fame for these technocrats will be decreasing over the next few months. This prediction is within the 95% confidence interval.

    1. I respectfully disagree, my models show an increase in no name experts spreading vile in front of a camera.
      The decrease that has been happening is, on the boots reporting and conversations with the public, this has decreased to non existent here in 2022.

  7. Not impossible to model. Impossible to make useful models that have some predictive value, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing it the last 2 years

  8. My family has been paying for masks , hand sanitizer , gloves and …..for over 2 yrs , I’m “SICK” of it !

    1. Clearly this guy does, you can see from his appearance health isn’t his strong point. I’m sorry, But I would never let some overweight person at the gym tell me how I’m supposed to be working out. His words are dead to me.

  9. If you “need” n95 masks then all mucus membranes need to be sealed off which means your eyes as well..its half assed at best the logic..

    1. Last I checked your eyes are not part of your respiratory system which is the primary way Covid enters the body. But hey, it was worth a try.

  10. Wear your mask if “ya” scared! Leave those alone who do not wish to wear a face diaper any longer! That simple.

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