G7 Talks Center On How U.S. Allies Can 'Take A United Stand Against Russia' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

G7 Talks Center On How U.S. Allies Can ‘Take A United Stand Against Russia’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


The G7 is meeting in person in London, focusing their attentions on the escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Andrea Mitchell reports from Kiev that the G7 is looking to take a "united stand against Russia" and stand with Ukraine.

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G7 Talks Center On How U.S. Allies Can 'Take A United Stand Against Russia' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Step 1: You need to do more to convince the Trumpcult that Russia is a thing. Trump is still Putin’s main US asset and YOU are STILL allowing Trump and his minions to manipulate the media.

    Convincing the MAGAs will not happen as long as you continue deriding them and mocking them instead of reaching out and persuading them. YOU need to do more than preach to your choir and cluck your tongues.

  2. You can bet, if Trump was still president, he would be against this, and then say, “No one is tougher on Russia”.

    1. Trump is but a distant memory, why do you shills keep bringing him up? Haven’t you been instructed that your new job is to bash anyone telling the truth about the deadly vaccines? Get with the program, I mean AGENDA!

  3. I’m starting to think the reason the Stable Genius didn’t want to be part of the broader global community like NATO was so that he could give Russia a free pass to do whatever they wanted. Because that Pee Tape is def real!

    1. I actually doubt there is a tape. But I am sure there is close relationships between all world leaders with a corrupt and authoritarian worldview. They just have the same mindset. Exploit the citizens for your own benefit.

    2. @S D bases in other countries aren’t protecting US people. lol
      It’s causing problems for the citizens in those countries. As a result those people immigrant to the US.
      Americans go nuts because some of the people here hate immigrants.
      Wars in other countries is and has always been about benefitting the US government.
      Oil, other minerals, etc.

    3. @Iceborn Michael Cohen said he once arranged a Golden Shower with hookers in Las Vegas for Donnie. He wrote about this in his book.

  4. How long will it take America to restore global confidence after the Trump disasters of betrayal?

    1. Our TV’s elected a dementia patient to replace him.. No global confidence coming anytime soon.

    2. @Google User Trump’s dementia so exceeds any slight slowing Biden might be experiencing. The big difference however is the excellent people with which Biden has surrounded himself. Poor Trump never mastered the art of delegation. That combined with his incompetence, ignorance, and hatefulness truly shook the world community of nations.

  5. Ukraine’s sovereign right to conspire w/ Giuliani. This is just about controlling World resources, by both sides.

  6. When trumps own intelligence committee said last year that the largest Cyber attack on the US came directly from Russia, trump made nothing but excuses for them saying “well I don’t think it was them”. Trump definitely was involved with Russia

    1. So then did it turn out to be Russia in the end? TV seemed to forget about that story pretty quickly.

    2. ​@Collective Vision They censor a lot on this channel.. I believe it but do you have a link by chance? Searching MSNBC and CNN but I’m only finding their hearsay and opinion content.

    3. @J Yeah just type “Russian cyber attack on us” into YouTube. There are several videos

  7. The sad thing is that before Trump relaxed sanctions and pampered Putin with his admiration, Putin’s regime was on its heels and was losing power because Obama and the G7 had actually hurt Russia. Trump saved Putin, and he openly said he believes Russia over our own American intelligence community. Guess Trump never believed in “America First” like he claimed…

  8. Andrea Mitchell is SOOOOO much better utilized as an onsite reporter for other shows than she is hosting her own show, watching her show is like watching someone talk through a drugged out haze

  9. London G7 2021邀请了印度就是对最基本的人权理念的践踏!!!
    London G7 2021 Inviting India is a trampling on the most basic concept of human rights! ! !

  10. The G-7 … remember that? That thing that Trump said you didn’t need? NATO … remember that military alliance Trump said you didn’t need. The EU … remember that collection of nations that are the countries of origin for many Americans that you should forget about? Trump sez your new friends are in NK, SA, Russia anywhere a dictator thrives.

  11. and really it isn’t even the russians per se; it’s just putin and the old soviet cold war mindset in russia. the russians themselves would apparently rather have navalny.

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