GA Republicans Rebuked By MLB In New Push For Equity From Voting To Athletics

GA Republicans Rebuked By MLB In New Push For Equity From Voting To Athletics 1


    1. Really? So the only way you can get black Americans to vote is to bribe them with water and snacks? That’s a pretty derogatory mentality you have about black people.

    2. @TruthSears Guilty Actually most died from the Biden VIRUS! Remember that Dementia Joe Fingers was against travel bans and said that preventing the coronavirus is xenophobic,while Trump made travel bans!! The Biden VIRUS is rising right now!!

  1. Voter suppression is just one item in the new law. It’s being able to defy the voters choice for the elections which can be overridden by the GOP which is really the BIG ISSUE. Boycott

    1. Janice, You don’t believe that Dementia Joe really won or you would have no problem with showing ID to vote!

    2. No such thing as voter suppression. If you need somebody offering you refreshments or can’t provide a photo ID to mail in your vote then you’re not competent enough to vote anyway.

    3. A lot of people are missing this point! It won’t matter if Black voters keep turning out in record numbers to vote despite all the voter suppression found in this new law in Georgia, because at the end of it all, the State GOP leadership have now given themselves the power to overturn the voting results for any reason! The Republican leadership in Georgia have put the People of Georgia in a Heads I win Tails you lose situation. The new voting laws in Georgia can not be allowed to stand!

  2. Right on M LB. It’s a insult to black Americans restricting their votes. I am so glad the sports are stepping up and out calling Georgia Republicans out.

    1. @Easter Bunny why would they (Republicans) enact new laws after Donald Trump lost. And given his phone calls down to Georgia election officials to try to “find” more votes why would you or anyone question this?

    2. How are their votes being restricted? Are you telling me black Americans are so incompetent they can’t provide photo ID to mail in a vote or that they need to be offered refreshments in line? After they vote are you going to be there to pat them on the head and tell them how proud of them you are.

  3. Best day at work, Kareem and wife were my customers. I was so nervous I gave table to a co-worker. Basketball, got me through school. Certain rules you had to follow playing aports

  4. Further example of how “cancel culture” is used as shorthand for “Stop calling me out for my bigotry!”

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