Gabe Gutierrez With New Reporting From Inside The Courtroom: Jury Seems ‘Distracted’ | Katy Tur

Gabe Gutierrez With New Reporting From Inside The Courtroom: Jury Seems 'Distracted' | Katy Tur 1


  1. After a public lynching like George Floyd it’s rather odd that we talked about a hung jury

    1. It’s not odd it’s 9 white jurors and the notorious super racist racist history of the worst criminal justice system in the history of the world the 🇺🇸. Amadou Diallo Terence Crutcher Philando Castile all overwhelming evidence of the cops guilt. Racist jurors let them walk every time

    2. @No Show Joe ” Lynching” means killing someone extrajudicially. You don’t have to use a rope and hang the person.

    1. @Minta Munte If he is acquitted, we have seriously lost our way. By the way it’s tacky thumbs upping your own comment.

    2. @Facts Matter you should stick with militant because compassion and sympathy don’t work well for your kind it borders on hyprocrite


    2. @danny jemmott there’s a lesson here ray ray when po po pills up on ya don’t stick the dope in your mouff

    3. @Minta Munte all experts say…no overdose….no heart attack…just a slow painful death by by an evil cop for whatever reason…i guess you miss all the medical testimony today….drugs angle thrown out the window

  2. If the officers thought the crowd was a threat: 1) Chauvin would NOT have his hands resting in his pocket, and 2) the officer holding George Floyd’s calves would’ve been asked to stop, and get up & assist in watching the crowd.

    1. Considering how psychopathic Chauvin appears to be, he could well be worsening the impact of the knee by focusing his upperbody weight and re-enforcing the leg muscles by pressing his hand down onto them through his pocket

    2. @Tim Marshall that’s exactly what he is doing, shifting more weight from his upper body into the contact point of his knee onto Floyd’s neck.
      Along with the smiling and calm demeanor, Chauvin knew what he was doing and felt safe doing it; murdering a restrained human.

    3. @Anthony Joseph Taubenkrau yes. Quite obviously not his first time doing this type of thing! Just so sick!

  3. The defense is putting out a false narrative that the crowd was threatening, they were not. Unless the cops were threatened by asking them to get off of his neck.

    1. @King Brian I’m not going to debate you as that’s what you want, attention. What a sad person you are.

    2. @Facts Matter ok then cause as I said u didn’t watch the video and is just following what either the news media says or what people say watch it and make a decision for your self

  4. the “crowd”, few people really, were not aggressive; they were distraught and worried for the life of their fellow citizen.

    1. The witnesses must and will be eliminated. The officers who threw their brother’s under the bus will be harshly punished by their brother’s and sisters of law enforcement.

    2. @Carolyn Wertelecki you are insane or just trolling which in all cases is extremely poor taste ..

  5. Everyone has seen police take suspects into custody. Justifying government officials behaving like this is akin to justifying the killing of Jews in Germany.

    1. In the deep south, I have seen police brutality all of my life and makes me sick. A new day of police reform is Due.

    2. @S Riddle I live in the North, and seen police brutality, close up. I also, remember Fillmore Police Station, on the Westside, when they found the KKK existed there. They were having their Klan meetings, IN THE STATION. Young Black men, would walk in and come out on a stretcher, DEAD. Lynched in the bull pen.

  6. Sure those cops felt threatened, the sane cops that would shoot someone that’s running away.

  7. Drugs or no drugs, doesn’t justify 9 minutes cutting off circulation as he wasn’t lethargic at the time and was subdued enough to place him in the cruiser.

    1. Y’all have seen it in the hood po po rolls up and tyrone puts the drugs in his mouff well georgie boy swallowed his nothing to see here

    2. Are you daft you seen it in the hood po po rolls up and ray ray the dope fiend shoves the dope in his mush mouff well goergie shoved the dope on his mush mouff and swallowed it cause he was stoned to the bone irony is he lays in a gold coffin he can’t pawn for more dope

    1. He so posed! He looked straight into the camera and rocked an En Vogue hands-in-the-pocket look. Life sentence!

    2. His face while he was killing Mr Floyd was so hideous! It gives me the heebie jeebies and makes me want to puke at the same time. Chauvin is pure evil!

  8. In time past, the people of Minneapolis should be given access to stone or lapidate Mr Chauvin in regard with the statement of the doctor confirming the cardiac arrest from George Floyd

  9. Pure BS. Chauvin killed him. Afraid of a crowd while in power, locked, loaded. With backup. Pure BS. lock him up.

  10. If the crowd was dangerous, Chauvin wouldn’t be in court right now. He’d be in a box in the ground.

    1. Correct

      It’s common sense to those folks that they were watching a murder slowly occur.

      If not for the cops having guns they would have been in their rights to knock Chauvin out cold

    2. @Tim Marshall If I see a cop doing this I will stop the thug. Too many times on tv and in person have I seen Police abuse their position of authority to cause harm

    3. @Tim Marshall That’s The Problem onlookers Must Stop these murdering police. I wouldn’t want to live with that.Would have moments to kick him In the head

    4. @Diane Simpson Next time some KKKlown with a badge is strangling someone, he/she is going to meet a boot in their face.

  11. Would it have been physically possible for anyone to even stand up with their arms handcuffed behind them ? I cannot understand this being used as a defense strategy by Chauvin’s lawyer….that there were distractions ? Really ? You have your knee on someone’s neck, for God’s sake.

  12. The Defense tried to make it look like on the back not the neck, but that small image was taken moments just before EMT arrived, after George lost consciousness.

  13. Hope the jury gets some rest now. Because they’ll be sore from laughing once the Defense starts calling their list of ace, goober witnesses. 😅😂

    1. When you look in that man’s eyes you can see how much he is getting off on what he is doing. He is a sick man and should not be allowed to be on the streets. That man is serially dangerous to the public

    2. The look in his eyes are truly disturbing. I cannot explain it, but it leaves a chilling affect. Cold, heartless, compassionless, and it seemed like he was getting a thrill.

  14. Again where is the grey area in over 9 minutes of suffocating a non resistant, compliant citizen?

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