Gaetz Vows He Is ‘Not Going Anywhere’ At Pro-Trump Event | All In | MSNBC


    1. Benghazi, benghazi, Hilary’s emails, Biden’s son, family values, church, God, it wasn’t me…

  1. Funny how all the GOP conspiracies are turning out to be true but amongst themselves I wonder if there is a Comet Pizza in the Bahamas???

    1. They are the party of “Projection”. If they go on Fox News, OAN or Newsmax complaining about someone else doing something, it is almost a guarantee they are doing that very thing!!

    1. 🤣😂 but trump said he will skip town if he lose to Biden, I was hoping russia or north korea but ended up his stinking mara lago.
      As for gaetz let him talk sounding like trump but he is going to end up in prison for sure .

    2. @Anton Brakhage well said. I don’t think ppl realize how serious jan 6 was. Trump was really trying to change the outcome of the election. Thank God ppl stood pat and did their jobs correctly. Or else Trump could’ve gotten away with turning our country upside down

  2. They really brought Gaetz to do a GOP women’s first speaking engagement in Miami 😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂 GOP just don’t care not even their women…

    1. The Church of Baby Cheesus knew the _women_ were safe. IF they brought any daughters however…

  3. Baby Gaetz is right when he said “The Truth will Prevail”…He’s going to Prison for a long time..

    1. @Jolly Rancher OMG me too!! Do you have your pants off as well??

    2. It is only if he leaves can we have the slightest chance to stop this idiocy and plain old corruption.

    3. @Justice Matters But the lies will continue and Trump will continue to prop him up cause He Rump is not running; YET.

  4. How desperate is gaetz’s so called fiancé, continuing to see him under these circumstances? Although, anyone who would be attracted to him in the first place obviously has issues!

    1. @Steven Curtis I think Gaetz looks more like what “the Penguins” (from Batman) baby son would look like if he had one.

    2. Gaetz’s fiance – girl friend is Republican & don’t care like former first lady of the 45th whose side chick was Stormy Daniels.

  5. wow, you can hear it in his voice just how scared he is. He almost breaks when saying it’s all been exaggerated.

    1. I am enjoying his cracking , whiny speeches so much.
      He knows he is gong to jail for it . Finally some accountability, straight actions and justice for at least some of the crimes he committed. He was so enthusiastic to overthrow the government for his orange fuhrer. Now we can see clearly why. Lock him up

    2. Hes at a women’s event talking about his personal legal issues. Is that why he was invited there, to talk about himself?

    3. @Szymek gw I am not American and I too am enjoying it all. Watching that horrid human walk around so smugly, supporting that orange clown has been an unpleasant sight for anyone who values democracy. As it all crashes around him, I try not to be too happy at the beginning of his fall and then I think “No, he deserves every single aspect of his decaying reputation.

  6. Defining irony. Wondering how much that gf is getting to not bolt right away, Edited to add that you can tell how stressed he is. His voice is almost an octave higher than I have ever heard. Dude is freaking.

    1. She chose to marry him, bet she knows how he is but his daddys money is worth it to her. She already has her divorce date picked out.

  7. Lol nobody was paying attention to him … ppl walking all over in the background and sitting at tables just having a chat .., totally ignoring him lol

  8. Watching Gaetz squirm as the walls close in is almost as satisfying as watching Donald squirm as the last few states were being counted and tallied.

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