Gaetz ‘Wingman’ Greenberg To Plead Guilty And Cooperate

Joel Greenberg agreed to plead guilty to sex trafficking and to cooperate with the federal investigators who've been probing GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Chuck Rosenberg.
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    1. @Refund Replay Do you need to spend time in prison to know it’s a place you want to avoid?

    1. That phrase is going to apply to an ever increasing circle of people, including his daddy . . . 😉

    2. WRONG, it’s not GUILT BY anything but court.
      So sick of this crap.
      You have no ethics if you have already judged him guilty, any of you. Your contemptible ideology is a danger to anyone facing charges.
      TYRANNIES play that game, not free societies.

    3. And Democrats seem to have embraced this crap, fine, but more and more of us see it and despise their crap. FORTY YEARS a Democrat, glad to be rid of you all. You no longer represent me.

    1. why? they gots lots of drugs in prison. if he does what Bubba tells him to do, he won’t have any problems… until Bubba sells him for a pack of Camel Non filters. ouch ouch matty.

  1. Hope they have him in the witness protection program. These repube law makers will do anything to keep their golden goose position where followers just hand over cash and jewels. And they draw a nice salary with good benifits for the part time gig.

    1. @CreedOfHeresy you mean when that story was completely debunked? Maybe catch up on conspiracy theories less than 5 years old, it’s pathetic to see how out of date you are…

    2. @CreedOfHeresy huh?>
      what investigators ended up dead?
      absurd insinuation
      you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about….

      Oh yeah? So you don’t think the Russian Collusion Hoax is real either, right? Just checking for consistency here.

  2. They’re not cancelling the Marjorie Dunning-Kruger/Matt Gaetz Freak Show Tour are they?

    1. It’s the new look a like Butthead from the Beavis and Butthead show, meet’s the cabbage patch doll lol

    2. They should go to AZ and rally next to the Crazy Town Carnival next to the Crazy Town Circus. They’d fit right in.

  3. Cowards and narcissists are friends with each other until the going gets tough they sell the other out.

  4. Doesn’t look like his ‘family ransom’ story is going to hold up. I think he actually abandoned it. 😂

  5. Matt fiddles with kids and Taylor-Greene is like “cool. I’ll focus on the lasers and bamboo while you do that”

  6. Maybe your Wingman understands now “You don’t own that plane son! The taxpayers do Gaetz isn’t top gun

  7. Greenburg took screenshots of his text conversations with Stone … let’s hope he was just as smart when it came to Gaetz.

  8. Considering the number of times Greenberg paid for hookers you would think he had to be securing their services for people other than him & Gaetz.

  9. Since hes pleading guilty he should also be held accountable for the countless man hours and resources that have been put into this investigation officials paid for by tax payers.

    1. @Devo “Dream” about what? Put the pipe down. You were wrong. It is new information, and I told you how it relates to Gaetz. Bye.

    2. @Devo I told you, the plea deal is new information. What is wrong with you? You troll around on Youtube videos about politics of all things, when you clearly don’t care about having any knowledge of the subject, and refuse to accept a simple, basic bit of knowledge about it when someone tells you. You know there are all kinds of vids on Youtube. Lots of childrens’ programming, which seems to be your speed.

    3. @J Groovy no the plea deal was already know 2 weeks. They are literally telling you it’s still not a done deal…

      So like i say you can dream it will lead somewhere.

  10. Just to clear things up a bit. Joel Greenberg is not Matt Gaetz “Wingman”. He is in fact, Matt Gaetz “Wang-man”. I hope this has helped clarify the situation.

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