Gaetz Wrote About Getting Calls From Trump While Having Sex | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Gaetz Wrote About Getting Calls From Trump While Having Sex | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. It is getting worse and worse😂😂😂 He going to prison. His friend is facing life

    1. @Baby C Said the same thing about Trump. He’s in Florida. Probably chillin with hundreds of Scandinavian escorts.

    2. @Infinite Universe Prosecutors do not convene a grand jury to determine whether to indict or not based on mere accusations and allegations.
      Do please bear in mind that these investigations into the possible criminal acts of Gaetz were commenced by AG Barr as part of the former officeholder’s administration.
      Greenberg will flip and that will be what that will be.

    3. @James Ricker There was a “get out of jail free” card while the former officeholder had the ability to pardon. That ability is now gone, so who is going to issue the card?

    4. @Queens Rule Please do bear in mind that posecutors only convene grand juries when there have been charges leveled against someone. Matt Gaetz, the subject of my posts, has not been charged with anything. Joel Greenberg has.
      Whether or not Greenberg is convicted and “flips” is a completely different issue. Most everything else with regards to Matt Gaetz is nothing more than speculation. Which is my point.

  2. I knew if I stayed up late enough, that I would get a new hilarious chapter in the Matt Gaetz slam book

    1. @olesammie not to the female victims and if you find this despicable; call CONGRESS 202-224-3121 and let them know. TY.

    1. Yes!

      👏👏👏LOCK HIM UP👏👏👏
      👏👏👏LOCK HIM UP👏👏👏
      👏👏👏LOCK HIM UP👏👏👏

  3. I can’t think of another person that would do such things like wtf, people these days I’ll tell ya. Talk about gross.

    1. The “Moral Majority” has become the Immoral Minority…..every day another story for the tabloids. But what would anyone expect, their Messiah Trump spent his life on the cover of the National Enquirer.

    2. @Helene Flamand except it’s all been missing from the news since the rumors of Gaetz came up right!

    3. @Debbie Rushing That does not change the facts, even if the spotlight is not on him right now. PS we are having weekly mass shooting now. I should say: daily. Another one in Texas while I was writing this. Even Gaetz looses spotlight.

  4. After all, what 17 year old is going to think it’s weird if he answers the phone during “throws of passion”. 😂🤣😂🤣

    1. @Bruce Eaton golly! Thanks for the spelling check as I’ve heard this said so many times ( usually as a joke ) and never thought about how it’s spelled! Learn something every day. Matt Gaetz probably doesn’t know how throes is spelled either!!

    2. @Sujowy NZ Most people also have trouble with to, two and too and well as there, their and they’re. I find it kind of sad.

    3. @Bruce Eaton – yeah nice pickup. The dictionary description is funny and possibly apt…..”intense or violent pain and struggle, especially accompanying birth, death, or great change.
      “he convulsed in his death throes”….I think it might apply more to his sexual partner than him. 🤣😂🤣😂

    4. The throes of passion for Mark would be spending a little too long in the bathroom and calling out his own name a few times

  5. I am confident that it will turn out that Barr/ Trump did what they could to hold back Gaetz being investigated.

    1. Probably the ONLY reason Trump/Barr “opened an investigation” was to forestall any public disclosure of Gaetz’ sexcapades until Trump could declare martial law, then all investigations of Trump’s supporters’ crimes could be just disappeared by a new AG appointed by Trump with his new authoritarian powers- probably some stooge like the My Pillow Guy, or even Gaetz himself. Gaetz’ antics apparently were not very well hidden at all, even bragged about publicly by Gaetz. Law abiding citizens and reporters would keep quiet about what they saw going on to protect the supposed investigation from disclosure which could damage a future prosecution. Little did they know that Trump wasn’t planning on there being an actual Justice Department around anymore to prosecute Gaetz (or any of the Proud Boy/Brownshirt militia) after the coup, just a government agency dedicated to furthering the personal interests of Trump and his criminal associates that happened to still be called The Justice Department.

  6. I’m sure those phone calls were all “perfect” though. Gaetz was Don’s idea of a “perfect” Congressman, too!

    1. Gaetz family is among the 1% wealthy, trump really wants to be friends with them, since we know he’s going bankrupt, again

  7. The best phone call is Chump calling the governor of Arizona. As the Governor certified the election results. On national television. With a distinctive ringtone. And the governor ignored the call. On national television. While Chump watched.

    1. Hey dont attach a bad name on Chump from Pawn Star

    2. ….and there are scores of calls we may never hear about: Late night calls to Murdoch, to Putin, to Xi, maybe also to Kim. All of which debilitate the USA.

  8. “Mr. Gaetz, Do you recognize me? My name is Chris Hansen, Why don’t you take a seat.”

    1. How about Jonathan Swan from Axios? He did a great job making trump look like the moron he is…knows how to ask the right questions to show their ignorance & narcissism & then has the best “come on now, we aren’t as stupid as you are” looks when they lie to him.

  9. How creepy…bad enough to sleep with this creep but then have him answer his phone in the middle smh

    1. It would be a laughfest – Gaetz, Trump and the underage paid girl all laughing concurrently.

    2. @Whataboutyouman? this is as creepy as Cosby drugging women. It seems if a man is in a position of power, he can find a few good women to hang out with him without paying or drugging them.

  10. Just when you thought Mutt Gaetz couldn‘t get any more sordid. I hear they will be replacing the written dictionary definition of chlamydia with a picture of Mutt.

  11. Wow everyone is throwing him under the bus. He must be even more despicable than he came across. We are finding out about our own shame hiding in plain site here in Australia too.

  12. All of these charges and filings need to be in trial before the end of this year. It shouldn’t be tied up in the system for 5 or 10 years. These are serious and need to be dealt and these criminals need to be behind bars where they belong.

    1. There is a due process and if any step is left undone, including appeals, it leaves a window when the cell door shuts. Sometimes it’s simple and other times complicated, like Greenberg this past year because threads lead to others involved and they want to make sure all are caught and all charges surface. I get how you feel about justice… and often judges are questionable when they let proven perps walk or have extreme light consequence. There is one case right now where prosecutors are demanding a higher review of a judge’s decision for public safety concerns.

  13. Just when I thought Gaetz couldn’t be more of a creep. “Sorry sweetie, I know I’m in the middle of a passionate moment with you, but this call might be more important than you.”

    1. LMAO! you think he’d say that?! That’s not bro talk. I’m sure the words “bang”, “ram”, “drill”, “pound” would more likely be used.

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