1. @Zachary Scott it was designed in the 80s brought about in the 90s, flown in 2000, and I think he is doing them a favor blaming the vehicle because when you look at the history of crashes in the rcaf, and fatal accidents it is quite high for such a small force, there must have been at least 5 crashes in the past 4 years with casualties, you always wonder could it have been avoided

  1. TO JACOB M.: You should assume that the newser is addressed to ALL CANADIANS ! French and English ..

    1. Lol I love how Quebecois act like the entire country speaks either French or English and other languages don’t exist.

    2. @Juliette Gill No argument there .. I am a retired news cameraman having worked in Montreal for 40 years. I have seen it all with ridiculous language laws. Let it be know that I oppose language laws. Let’s imagine, per se, that this Canadian Forces newser was held
      in Germany. Should the newser be addressed in German ? Of course not !

      Look to whom the information is intended .. and speak in their language. If you perpetuate the problem, then you are part of the problem.
      I repeat .. language laws are ridiculous. Please .. let’s be reasonable !!!

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