1. that’s because the impeachment trial is about to start. It’s bogus, the aid was released within the statutory timeline. Complete propaganda

    2. @Dennis Manson You do realize that fox being biased doesn’t make CNN unbiased, right? Of course you do, you’re a rational human being and not a slavering dog that comes running when CNN rings the bell— Oh.. Nevermind.

    1. @Joanna Jean Ukraine just announced it is conducting a criminal probe, too. Finally!! Except it’s about what those stupid goons working for trump were doing over there following around the ambassador! It’s a probe into TRUMP! LMAO! Don’t you just love the irony?!?!? You don’t know what that means? That’s ok, it’s a good thing!

    2. Hapax Palindrome I never thought white privilege was a thing till this fiasco. I mean I never liked Obama but if he did one hundredth of the abuses trump is doing I can only imagine.
      Having a trial for this is like looking for sand at the beach. And yet republicans are saying “crime, what crime?”.

    3. Håvard Tomren By settling. This time, the trial is going to happen. You can’t settle an impeachment case any other way.

      Wait; forgot about Nixon. You can resign.

    4. @Indull Shade I think it’s a combination of white and RICH privilege. “Sand at the beach! ” Great analogy!

    1. @ACEDshooter lol…. most of my friends and I are Independents and none of us are voting GOP, probably never will again. We are gun owners, business owners, family people… The ignorant, arrogant, self dealing, corrupt GOP and their base disrespect country, Constitution and oaths. Most of my friends and I served and country, Constitution, and oaths matter to us..

    1. cj p you are a troll bot. No content on your profile. Your not filling anyone. Go back under your ROCK

    1. It’s normal and responsible for a a president to use his influence to investigate the criminal and the corrupting activities of the Democrats . So for them its unethical to know the truth? They want everything to be be hidden! They know that they are in majority in the house of representatives and they even forbade other Democrats from voting against impeachment https://youtu.be/5S6rOxlFrbY. This is illigal!

    2. @Buzzy boy As opposed to what option? Hillary, Pelosi, Biden, and Bernie are all far shittier candidates, so it isn’t like the Democrats are leaving us with a better option.

    1. @Mulinaster Objectivism is a joke actually and Dawkins selfish gene is sloppy logic at best.
      When a law is broken it is broken for personal reasons whether by Jay walking to save a person from being hit by a car because ones morals determine action, it is for personal reasons i.e., because their moral foundation dictates that. The immoral person is no different. The personal reasons are certainly different but they are personal nonetheless.
      One can debate whether a law is good or bad, whether they overlap or conflict with commonly accepted ethics until we are blue in the face.
      The fact is is the law says X, Trump broke said law that stated X by committing action Y (and Z as breaking a law usually means one must lie thereby breaking more laws).
      Given that Trump’s action show he broke the law the reason is not up for debate because the law that was broken, in its context, tells one why it was broken, for personal “political” gain.”

    2. @Mulinaster There is no lack of evidence. What planet are you on?
      17 witnesses at the Impeach hearings. All credible and fact checked.
      You must be watching Fox 24-7 , that you believe their trumpy talking points.

  1. He also broke the law by trying to assassinate a sitting us ambassador. I would say that’s probably a bigger story!

    1. david mcdonald – it was Ben Franklin “three people can keep a secret, but only if two of them are dead”.

    2. You know what’s crazy? If Trump would have gotten ahead of this by apologizing and saying that he made a mistake he never would have been impeached. Lol. What an ego.

    3. @Joshua Allen yep, same deal as if he had fired Comey day one,! Both sides would have cheered, and the news would have been praising his “tough, bold leadership!”. Nope, he thinks Comey was helping him and kept him around as a useful crooked cop until it was too late. Trump has had many pivotal moments like this and blown them all.

    1. @cj p
      Okay, aside from it literally being illegal in some states for people to even carry sharpies (due to vandalism), I feel I need to remind you that it is illegal to tamper with official weather reports and records. And he did it just to be right about something so petty.
      If this is the guy you’re defending your daddy did a sh*t job raising you

  2. Ukraine just announced an investigation into the spying on the US Ambassador. Not the investigation that Trump wanted.

    1. Mulinaster Actually they are investigating who put the tail on her and why. Yanovitch is known as taking a staunch stand against corruption. This investigation is to find out what mobsters Rudy engaged in an illegal surveillance of an Ambassador. Flimsy attempt at spin but I’ll give you credit for blind loyalty.

  3. Well we already knew that. The real question is what will be done about it? I think we know the answer to that. NOTHING!! 😂 the sad truth

  4. I think there are going to be a lot of people realizing they’ve been on the wrong side of this and they’ve been believing the wrong people.


    2. @Ronald Richards I just looked him up. Sound like another conspiracy nut. Geez, there a lot of those idiots on the extreme right

    3. @Ronald Richards Did you learn how to hate at Trump U? Did you lose your tuition money to trumpy’s criminal fraud fine?
      Your hero Dan sounds like a tin hat loony

    1. @Mulinaster The branches are not co equal on all duties. Colection of taxes and funding is the responsibility of the Legislative Branch. Distribution is the Executive Branch. The Judicial branch has no responsibility to money. The ICA is set up to give reasonably leeway to the Executive Branch to allow them to function without using the the witholding of funds to secretly change policy that was passed by the Legislative Branch, who hold the power of funding. The Executive had only needed to inform the House and Senate that they were holding up the funds (or release them) within 45 days. They held them for 47 days, and actively kept notice from going to Congress. The complaint was even held until day 45 – long enough that the law had been broken by the time it could have been noticed. The law is real, it does apply here, and it was intended to stop Presidents from just such an act of Abuse of power.

      Also, that “thin line” as you call it should not be so thin. At the heart of the abuses Trump get criticized for is that he does not see the distinction between himself and the office. From the beginning, he refused to comply with the emoluments clause, which is intended to make it harder to cross that line. We never had to deal with this problem before because every other President has taken steps to keep from crossing that line. The line was not be supposed to be “thin”, and if it is causing Trump trouble because it is, then it is own fault for not taking the reasonable steps outlined elsewhere. And unless he wants that brought in as another Article of Impeachment, he would be well advised to stay clear of that argument.

  5. The walls are closing in on the orange Traitor in Chief. Expect that he will lash out violently.. It is clearly predictable.
    His psychiatric narcissistic need demands it. Buckle up America. There is nothing he won’t do to protect himself.

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