Garlic Festival Shooting Leaves At Least Three Dead | MSNBC 1

Garlic Festival Shooting Leaves At Least Three Dead | MSNBC


Multiple people have been shot and three are reported dead after a shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California.

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Garlic Festival Shooting Leaves At Least Three Dead | MSNBC


    1. Yeah “prayers” not let’s regulate laws or anything right? Shootings during Concerts, at public schools, college, church, clubs, now “garlic festivals”.. a garlic festival..

    2. Who else thinks the dems planted this shooter to complain about gun control because they no longer have the Russia gate.

    3. Prayers? Lmfao
      Prayer is just another way of making yourself feel better for doing absolutely nothing

    1. Something told me a festival shooting was gonna happen. We didn’t go to our world famous watermelon festival this weekend bc I had a feeling. Weird.

    2. wait, are you surprised by the nature of the festival itself, or that this tragic event took place at a garlic festival.

    3. @Olivia Jobes as long as they leave wine festivals alone, but the balloon festival is open season.. its not funny but serms sureal?

  1. makes me understand people who want to build walls around their house and want to never be bothered…except for postmates.

    1. ASMR Gratitude depends on where you live. Most burglaries happen when people are not home. It’s rare in America for people to be home during break in because criminals worry if homeowners have gun. I’m sure if you look at where people are being attacked in their homes it will be places with strict gun laws.

    2. Donald Dickins hey Donald Dickinson I think your the moron, if you read more into this there were three suspects shooting from across a creek into the crowd, so if somebody were to have any pistol or firearm for example it would be very difficult to attempt to stop it, also the garlic festival does not allow firearms, I’ve been there many times and it’s a shame

  2. Seeing as this is becoming the norm, I’m gonna stop feeling sorry for myself that I don’t go out to events more often

    1. @Cesar 2 You sound pretty stupid lmao, it’s not really freedom if you are having to worry about dumbasses like this shooting places up.

  3. It’s getting to the point where I saw it in the news and just said: “oh another one”. That’s ridiculous it shouldn’t be normal for this to happen.

    1. It’s normal. Welcome to planet earth. I came from a third world country when I was 10 years old. This is nothing Americans have it nice.

    1. Randy Marsh .00000015 is the fraction of Americans killed in mass shootings per year on average. I’ll take those odds any day!

    2. @Quentin Vega Shooting is when there is a clash of opposite forces, i.e. shooter against the police or two rival gangs shoot each other.
      This lonely wolf actions are KILLINGS.

    3. @Henry Rollins Yeah, but the shooter was Shooting AT people. I’m just going what legit everyone else has been calling them. There are police shootings, gang shootings, mass shootings, all sorts of them

    1. Who else thinks the dems planted this shooter to complain about gun control because they no longer have the Russia gate.

    2. @Mictla we want to rule the world, we influence the world , with hollywood garbage, violent video gsmes to condition children, lgbt, decadence total, we are an experiment, it didnt turn out right, so lets destroy it, by putting lits of minorities in prison, how about a racist regime for a change. Plastik mcdonalds ameriKKKan culture has been the most inferior weak empire in history. The only empire that went from barbarism to decadence without going through a period of culture.

  4. I bet 100 bucks this is going to be plastered all over the news and the general public will forget about Epstein and the Pendleton military human trafficking situation

    1. @nora22000 yes absolutely because it was clearly the gun that did this aswell in California lol a very gun unfriendly state. Let’s not put the blame on the wack job that did it. You are a moron

    2. @Patrick Van Wormer it was in California lol are you even allowed to own guns in California yet alone ccw? But dont let my comment distract from the fact that the gun is definitely responsible and not the wack job using it.

    3. garym51124 OOOOOOOOOHHH I’m sorry, I thought guns needed someone to pull the trigger. Stupid me, I completely forgot they are sentient and do things all by themselves…

    1. rthelionheart Humans (and other animals for that matter) are just a delicate mix of different chemicals and elements. Sometimes these chemicals get stirred in the wrong direction.

  5. Love and prayers to the victims and thier families. Stay strong California. The nation is with you.

  6. There is literally no one and nothing in Gilroy. Literary nothing. This is the only time of the year that people actually even go there.

  7. This world in utter chaos. 33 rip in Japan. 3 dead in CA. I don’t want anymore bloodshed!

    1. Asirpa The Immortal also another 4 dead in LA Hispanic killed his father and brother and 2 innocent civilians

    2. You forgot the mass shooting in a Brooklyn park 12 injured 1 dead on Saturday and Chicago every weekend violence.

    3. Sorry child welcome to planet earth. I came from a third world country when I was 10. Americans have it REALLY nice this is nothing. Sorry to burst your bubble but this is reality and not rainbows and fantasy.

  8. The most depressing thing I heard in this video.
    “Here we are again in *_another_* one of these situations.”

    1. It’s Not right to “accept” this you are right. Remember those beautiful High school children who begged our government to get involved?
      Any one else thinking it might be chemical intake of some sort?
      We ingest scary stuff..
      I lived 20 plus years before these shootings began…at post offices..

    2. But these types of events don’t deserve the attention that building a wall has past 2+ years, amazing! Guess a few of those border wall jumpers had this all planned out before they crossed the border & had weapons waiting on them (lots of sarcasm). Can’t wait to see the Tweet storm & outrage surely to come from DC

    1. (((they’ll))) do anything to prevent us from thinking about the (((elites))) and their love for children

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