Gen. Milley defends calls to China during Trump administration | USA TODAY

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and U.S. Central Command Gen. Kenneth McKenzie are set to testify before Congress this week on the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Beyond Afghanistan, Army Gen. Milley is likely to face questions about allegations in a new book that he assured China the United States would not launch a nuclear strike in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

Republican lawmakers blasted Milley’s actions regarding former President Donald Trump and his communication with China. Democrats and President Joe Biden have supported Milley.

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    1. Pakistan is going to send back American diplomat from Pakistan and also going to ban American air service from Pakistan.

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  2. Gen Lied about phone call in what he said
    5 eyes has transcript of phone call
    Good job Sullivan of Alaska on questions .
    Will China call you before invading Taiwan?
    Sen Blackburn is on Fire ! Great job
    Biden lied about keeping forces in Afghanistan and Afghan military could stand alone and leaving Americans behind.
    How many more lies are coming from Biden ?

    1. The way Woodward described the phone call would make Milley into a potential traitor. But the way Milley describes it here Woodward lied that the phone call was to tell his Chinese counterpart that Trump is going bonkers but Milley will warn him should he take try too pull an attack on China. I’m no fan of Milley but it seems he’s telling the truth here and Woodward deserves to be condemned for writing an unverified book.

    2. @Laura Ly The first President since Carter to NOT start a new war, but he was going to order an attack on China on the way out. 🙄

      Partisanship makes people stupid and gullible.

    3. @Ignacio Couce China was scared of Trump–the only one with balls enough to stand to to them! That is why they released the virus during his re-election. It set the stage for mail in voter fraud. Someone tell me with a straight face that Biden for more votes than Obama. Puhlease. Americans aren’t buying the spin.

    4. @mariel falk trump was the worst president in history. He lost 2016 by 3 million votes and 2020 by 7 million. You can whine fraud all you want but that doesn’t make it true. Grow up.

    5. Pakistan is going to send back American diplomat from Pakistan and also going to ban American air service from Pakistan.

    1. The deep state is Trump — and His many minions across the 50 states — to perpetuate to this day his Big Lie so as to weaken our democracy. I’m grateful that trump was so dumb and self absorbed to pull off his dictator dreams.

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    2. Pakistan is going to send back American diplomat from Pakistan and also going to ban American air service from Pakistan.

  4. A LT colonel is in the brig for questioning leadership over a major debacle but this guy questioned the commander in chief over some made up bullshit and lives in the lap of luxury.

  5. Gen Milley was on the record stating in June and I quote, “that an outright takover by the Taliban is unlikely”. And in July Gen Milley is quoted as saying, “the Afghan security forces have the capacity in fighting and defending their country” he also adds that they were “well equipped”. However despite exaggerated troop estimates on the ground aswell as him stumbling over some confusions regards to the exact timing of these assessment reports that Gen Milley does admit that the scale and scope of the Taliban’s advancement came as a huge surprise! Given the overwhelming evidence in view of the reports that Senator Josh Hawley finalised in the hearing by urging General Milley to seriously consider resigning! Despite Gen Milley being properly briefed at the beginning of this year over the concerns that the Taliban may impose a threat consisting of guerrilla tactics was however seemingly ignored in his later reports judging by Spring into late July respectively. However Gen Milley incited much emphasis on the claim that the Military Press Corp betrayed his testimony, a claim that Gen Milley remains defiantly certain of! However his own reports from June and July inparticular attract much damning scrutiny that simply cannot be ignored which only further contradicts his claims in view of his own reports! Bearing in mind Gen Milley’s reports cannot be backed up with sources such as reconnaissance data, HUMINT, stationery covert surveillance, geospatial intelligence data, radio communications and crypto-telegraphy etc etc
    So the failure on maintaining an occupied presence on the ground in relation to a pull out set date from Afghanistan cannot be overlooked!
    Furthermore, the deliberate and prompted sabotage of all remaining military assets on the ground wasn’t entirely enough to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Taliban! All of us are all too familiar with such as the black hawks, Humvees being left behind but what about the less obvious military assets?? Such as highly sensitive equipment that could pose a serious concern to National Security if the Taliban found a way in being able to access it in order to initiate it much further!?
    Most specifically such as that of remote deployment capabilities for laser guided missiles with mainframe access not too dissimilar to the NSA’s echelon server’s at Langley but thank goodness without the encryption key manual over-ride to prevent them from being intercepting the NRO’s and MAJCOM frameworks! The exact specifics of which are understandably a matter of high National Security and thus remains highly classified most respectively! Ofcoarse there’s also a state-of-the-art facial recognition terminals with speed recognition identification capabilities aswell as for iris scans and ofcourse fingerprint recognition platforms! So as they say in the battle field, [SR] (Status Report) is FUBAR!!!
    Whatever the case no stone cannot ever be unturned in ensuring and maintaining that a collosal military failure of this magnitude over the withdrawal of an occupied country never happens ever again! Not to mention the lessons that must be learned from this flash encounter with the Taliban moving in at great speed taking over town by town! There can be no mistake that poor intelligence data and inadequate field assessments and the lack of strategic readiness was mostly to blame but the handling or the lack thereof, well that’s another story!
    Aswell as the billions of dollars in military assets inparticularly consisting of highly sensitive classified hardware! But lastly the biggest casualties on those who were left behind that were granted Visas but were pushed away by the Taliban! And ofcourse and most painfully to home, all comrades both American, Canadian, British and other European and other neighbouring allied forces that served in every operation from each regiment and company who weren’t so lucky that made the ultimate sacrifice were their families are left feeling deeply betrayed and damn right angry by the pains of their loved one’s ordeal and the sacrifices that they made and to all brothers and sisters in arms who will never ever be forgotten!!!

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    3. Pakistan is going to send back American diplomat from Pakistan and also going to ban American air service from Pakistan.

    4. We wish we could fire the go verment. That would be the greatest thing for ever country because in ever country, the go verments are k!lling more people than he can count.

  7. Biden told ABC News that he didn’t recall the generals advising him to keep 2500 troops in Afghanistan. Not surprising because Biden can’t recall what he had for breakfast this morning. This is what happens when you have a sitting president that should be realistically in a memory care center.

  8. These 3 “Generals” should’ve been replaced with Mo, Larry, and Curly. I guarantee you would’ve gotten better advice and results from the 3 Stooges.

  9. No one mentioned anything about that damn prison that was on that airbase! How come no one asked that question?

  10. *_General Milley, by his own admission, made “choices of conduct” that are very much in violation of the most critical Articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice._* In numerous ways, he has set an unfortunate presidence that will haunt JAG Offices for years. Because Gen. Milley behaved in an appauling way, *_he has made the UCMJ an irrelevant document._* Junior Officers and even the highest echelons of Senior Non-Commissioned Officers have long-believed that Generals are treated with “kit” gloves, while other service members receive harsh traetment. *_For evidence, look no further than Lt. Col. Stu Scheller._*

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