George Floyd's brother testifies, prosecution rests in Chauvin trial | USA TODAY 1

George Floyd’s brother testifies, prosecution rests in Chauvin trial | USA TODAY


Chauvin prosecution rests after experts testify George Floyd's death was not from heart issues or drug problems.

Jurors have repeatedly heard George Floyd's last words and seen images of him dying on a Minneapolis street. But on Monday, they got a different picture of him: Family photos taken throughout his life, narrated by the memories of his younger brother, Philonise.

A baby nestled on his mother’s chest. A teen leaning over a textbook. A basketball player on the South Florida Community College basketball team. A father holding up his daughter.

Philonise Floyd, 39, took the witness stand Monday afternoon in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, telling jurors stories about growing up with his "big brother" as prosecutors showed the old photos.

The younger brother choked up seeing the image of George – nicknamed "Perry" after his father – and his mother. "I miss both of them," he said.

Philonise Floyd said he was married on May 24. His brother died May 25, 2020. And his mother died on May 30, 2018. "It’s like a bittersweet month because I’m supposed to be happy when that month comes," he said, pausing to take off his glasses and wipe his eyes with a tissue.

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  1. So we’re we’re just saying he gorge ain’t wrong although he stabbed a pregnant lady in the stomach and robbed her

    1. Sin isn’t sin said no one ever except those s who will be held accountable for judging others of sin that was paid for and reject their Savior

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    IDEA- WHO WILL TESTIFY FOR THE 8 MILLION BABIES ABORTED….just a spark of life question

  4. This was a tragic abuse of power. I hope & pray that George’s family can get this justice for him. There should be no tolerance for police to abuse their power. Please give George peace!♡

  5. Hope all these actors have books coming out so we can read the untold secrets being made up.

  6. He died of a fentanyl overdose,it’s obvious…first you struggle to breathe,then you stop breathing…..and I don’t think the pregnant woman he held at gunpoint,or any other victims of his crimes loved him…
    .he was a scumbag….but George Floyd killed George Floyd…

    1. @Shaun P police everywhere act like that but police get very little training and they do a dangerous job….surely more police training would be a good thing…

    2. @nigel Foggin you literally just agreed with me. YES, American police need a lot more training. There needs to be reforms. I’m not one of those liberals painting Floyd as a saint, he was anything but. That being said, the actions of the officers was unacceptable. Yeah Floyd was a big guy, so what? He was handcuffed and wasn’t even moving, and yet the officer continued to kneel on his neck. Even if an OD killed Floyd, the officers were still in the wrong. Once Floyd went limp, Chauvin should have gotten off and put Floyd in the car, but no he continued to kneel on him instead of getting him medical attention.

    3. @Shaun P he knelt on him while he was unconscious for about 3 or 4 minutes after Floyd went unconscious,yes he was probably a bit wrong,he made a mistake,the man’s life’s ruined and he is looking at a long jail sentence….I think it’s wrong because the whole thing has been used as a political weapon…..if they thought he had taken drugs,methamphetamine makers people very unpredictable,but who knows,we were not there…chauvin kneeling an him know way killed him

    4. @nigel Foggin I’m glad his life is ruined. Police are supposed to be the bigger men, they are supposed to protect and serve. I hope he gets the max sentence to serve as an example to other officers. This was not some “little mistake”. 3-4 minutes is a long time for someone to be kneeling on another persons neck, it is an abuse of power. I understand your point about this being used in political ways, but that does not change the fact that Chauvin clearly abused his power as a police officer. Hopefully him rotting in jail will remind other police officers to actually uphold their oath, instead of going on power trips and ruining the lives of civilians.

    5. @Shaun P I have to disagree with you,the guy made a mistake but George Floyd would have died anyway…the fact he knew he had taken way to much was why he was panicking he knew he was gonna die….I still don’t think this mistake should cost the man his life….

  7. So the body can footage of one of the officers near his feet showed that chauvins shin was at an upward angle resting across his shoulder blade more than his neck. Which makes sense given posture, physics, and mr Floyd was a big muscular guy. This little recreation is ridiculous look how long his neck is. If someone kneed on your neck in the manner shown here I feel it would actually break. A large part of chauvins weight seemed to be on his shoulder. Look at the recreation and compare it to the video. The angles are different and chauvins knee is coming from behind his shoulder not 12 inches in front of it.

    This has really changed my opinion on the matter. It’s crazy how the media chooses which bits and pieces to share.

    1. Kneeling on the back of his neck it would of been better. Being on his back kept George Floyd from breathing even more. Learn your anatomy.

  8. Ok the 2nd part about being on the ground is bullcrap. Watch the body cam footage. Mr Floyd fought and wiggled his way out of the backseat screaming he was claustrophobic and that he would lay down on the ground but he didn’t want to sit in the backseat. So the cops kept him down on the ground waiting for the ambulance. Where else could they have put him? They tried to put him in the car he refused to go. Chauvin was still in the wrong but let’s call the truth the truth here…

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