George Takei On Violence Against Asian Americans During COVID | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

George Takei On Violence Against Asian Americans During COVID | The Last Word | MSNBC


The U.S. has experienced a spike in violent attacks against Asian Americans since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. “Throughout American history there’s been a steady undercurrent of Asian hate crimes throughout,” actor and activist George Takei tells Lawrence O’Donnell. “But when there are events of xenophobic hysteria then it swells up and we are going through that right now.” Aired on 02/17/2021.
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George Takei On Violence Against Asian Americans During COVID | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @JJ Rousseaux… black and white is racism….
      Camptown races five miles long
      oh ju dah day

      you lack ‘complexion’ of history
      you lost the Race already
      i am first nation..
      ju wish you were though.. huh?.
      love bug

    2. @marty the bureau is interested in you boogaloo III% ers, oath keeper WS domestic terrorist types. Don’t attack federal buildings! Do they really allow you on social media during house arrest?

    3. @JJ Rousseaux Asian experience is privileged compared to the First Nations..
      Ju wish though..Space ferry boat rear admirable

  1. Thank you for speaking out about these crimes against the AA community, which were absolutely ignited by trump!! He has emboldened so many to do things completely inhumane and out of hatred and spite. I am a Christian and absolutely ashamed at those who call themselves followers of Christ yet don’t speak out against trump or his enabling cronies in the GOP. The complete opposite of what Jesus stands for!! Shame!

    1. Shame so called self proclaimed Christians & especially those false pretend & pretentious Evangelicals went full forward for and on behalf of the trump cult train…. wicked blasphemous frauds …. and worse

    2. @JJ Rousseaux Asian experience is privileged compared to the First Nations..
      Ju wish though..Space ferry boat rear admiral

    1. @Google User I guess it is reciprocal. The white community is always weaponized.

      But we do know a FACT. By 2050 “they” will be in the minority.

    2. ​@Mihai of Rockville I’m black.. You should follow Candace Owens.

      Not sure about those racist opinions you consider as fact but I can tell you that mankind will be a minority as a whole if we don’t stop glorifying abortion, racism, riots, violence, and death.

    3. @Google User Candace Owens didn’t graduate college. She is a grifter. Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, and Sam Harris are much better resources.

    4. @JT Couple sound familiar.. I’ll check em out! But hey don’t hate. Candace is great.

      College does not always hold that much weight especially for the field she’s in. Not many black people make it into college as a start anyways.

      Does mean she probably wont run in 2024 though. So.. Gabbard / Shapiro 2024! Unity!

    1. He’s currently mocking ppl who have died as a result of the storm passing through Texas because he hates Ted Cruz. Some “inspiration”.

    1. ​@Alex Amerling I am black.. According to Biden I’m not black enough tho. We are not diverse like the Hispanic community remember?

      whataboutism is when a we have a summer of violent riots with thousands of injury’s and countless deaths then you say what about the broken window at the capital?

      Real democrats have a voice of their own!

    2. Koreans and Korean-Americans also know how to deal with this stuff, though. Remember how they took up arms during the Rodney King riots in L.A. ? They were NOT going to let a bunch of thugs destroy their businesses.

    3. @J she should have complied…isn’t that what you conservatives always preach about when you arent attempting insurrections?

  2. This is outside my radar. I’m from the SE US, our racial issues are largely white/black/hispanic. Sorry to hear about these other issues being had.

    1. I’ve lived in the southeast US for my entire life, more than 40 years, in five states of the southeast, and yes, the problem Takei describes IS a problem here, along with other racial discrimination.

    2. I’ve spent most of my life in the SE US as well (I’m 37), and I have to agree with Stephen Cold Bear. I understand that the racism you mentioned is more visible, but there is definitely anti-asian sentiment here as well.

    3. @ErykaSoleilI’m not saying that it doesn’t exist at all but I’ve had close Asian friends and a girlfriend that I almost(and probably should have) married. I live in Memphis which isn’t the same as small town South, so I haven’t seen it as other Southerners have i guess.

  3. I loathed hearing trump say chinavirus. I knew this was a possibility. Words matter from leaders. Fortunately we have a kinder President now, Biden.

    1. Of course words matter. When Trump kept saying “china virus, kung flu” its the same as when Nazi’s started spreading anti-jewish propaganda.

  4. This is horrible these people didn’t bring this Other people traveling back and forth brought that stuff here The X president needs to shame of all the hate he has brought the world these old people no body should hurt anybody so sad !

  5. forgive each other for darkness beyond our education often wanting us against others.
    Mr.Takei, you inspire goodness, sir, and my sincerest thanks for that.
    evil is darkness, you bring the light within you.

  6. brilliantly said, ty both. you must remember, bullies’ favorite targets are someone obviously smaller or weaker, especially (against) the elderly.

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