George W. Bush says Iraq invasion ‘unjustified’ speaking on Ukraine | USA TODAY

Former president George W. Bush was heavily criticized for overseeing the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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    1. He who invaded Iraq, he will be haunted by Iraq for the rest of his life. At last…. He admitted it. 😀😃😄

  1. The truth didn’t come out his mouth 👄 mistakenly but he had intention long time to admit brutal and unjustified war in Iraq 🇮🇶

    1. Amazing that you think that since he is considered the great white hope in Africa for his single handily reducing deaths to AIDS in all of Africa

  2. U did the same thing and should be held accountable for what u did in Iraq even if u 75 just ask all the Iraqi people and all the war veterans who lost family and friends i hope one day u can man Up .

    1. I’m be twisted on wether to believe people like him genuinely have empathy or the power high of flexing their imperialist muscles is enough for them.

    2. @Moh ALG He did. Given how much he aged in his presidency, I refuse to believe he doesn’t feel guilt for his fuckup.

  3. The world really has a short memory Americans forgot they invaded Iraq and now criticizing Russia for doing the same thing the Americans did

    1. The “… Iraq too.” before the smile and shrugging is ACTUALLY what says it all. He literally says and admits it.

  4. Well at least there’s one thing democrats and republicans can agree on, neither one of us like George Bush! Progress

  5. Don’t forget that he began the massive Q.E. bank bailout by the Federal Reserve in 2008 that cost us $700B. It’s was supposed to go for mortgage relief, but it was a bank and wall street bailout for his financial friends. In Iraq, when asked if he felt remorse for 4,000 US soldiers that died in Irag, he said “they volunteered to sign up for it”. That’s on his head too.

  6. Vet: “You’re responsible for the deaths of millions!”

    George Bush: “Skull and bones….. I mean sticks and stones!”

  7. In 2013 I was 10 years old. I remember those days. I am really unable to describe what happened because of the ugliness of the war. But my heart is still broken because of what this person did to my country

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