Georgia county's expulsion of Black population still felt today 1

Georgia county’s expulsion of Black population still felt today


Forsyth County, Georgia, was home to over a thousand Black residents in the early 20th century, including some who owned hundreds of acres of land. The death of a White teenager and the lynching of a Black man upended the community, causing ripple effects that people are still reckoning with today.
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  1. Joe Biden supports taking the high income baseball game out of 60% black Atlanta to 90% white Denver. lol

  2. African and Latino Americans will eventually take over all levers of power in the US.

    This thing happened in Afghanistan when Pashtuns lost their absolute power after the invasion of the Soviet Union.

    All they need is an external power to influence domestic change. China will be that external power.

  3. Fun fact: the Nazi’s studied US race (racist) law and policy when formulating their own race (racist) law and policy.

    That’s how racist the US is and always has been. (Good book on this: “Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law” by James Q. Whitman)

    And saying that is not “anti-American”; what is un-American is being willfully ignorant about our past, and not working to make our future better for EVERYONE.

    1. All cnn personnel and guests are serpents posing as human gutting humanity from the inside

    2. It’s not about pitting anybody against each other. It’s called race relations, it’s about education. You know the thing republicans are making laws so it can’t be taught in schools.

  4. What has change does this country still treat black people the same and this they’re talkin about a hundred years ago if someone can tell me how things got better please let me know because now I’m talkin to the younger generation about leaving this country

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