Georgia GOP Taking Steps To Takeover Elections In Atlanta 1

Georgia GOP Taking Steps To Takeover Elections In Atlanta


According to reports, Georgia Republicans are using a provision of the newly passed restrictive voting law to wrestle away control of elections in Fulton county which includes most of heavily Democratic Atlanta. We discuss with Victoria DeFrancesco Soto and Bill Kristol. 
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  1. For the benefit of all the trolls who endlessly accuse Democrats of not wanting ID to vote, this video tells the biggest reason why the GOP voter suppression laws are so horrendous.

    1. @J L k Kauffman What? You mean it’s a also a felony in Delaware to hand a bottle of water to someone else in that line?

    2. @N 827 old joke. you do know that none of the audits are legally binding right? so far they haven’t found much anyway.

    3. I don’t think any Democrats are against ID to vote, people are twisting what was said to undermine Dems logic. Dems are not against ID to vote they are against only accepting one type of ID. Some bills restrict the types of ID that can be used for example some people do not own a vehicle so they do not have a Driver’s License so they do not have a state ID in many cases either, lets face it if you don’t drive why would you want to go to the DMV and waste a day to get one? Some of these voting bills are trying to make it so you can’t use a birth certificate as ID since they do not have your photo on it. And for the record a photo ID no more helps ID you than a birth certificate does… when my daughter was 16 she took my ID and bought liquor with it…with no problem at all… more than once.

    1. @thegreen iguana whatever you say child. One day you are going to need to grow up and leave your fantasies behind

    2. @Smoke N Mirrors darena12 is fine..
      I have a rotten soul.
      Ashli Babbitt is finally getting to talk to the manager.
      I may have fathered half those girls Matt Gaetz is sleazing around with.
      I’m a veteran and I haven’t had a sense of humor since 2002.

    1. @Music G – Texas would of went blue if Paxton didn’t win lawsuits regarding mail in ballots. He actually sounded so proud of himself.


    3. @Austin 7thGen Texan Paxton has been under indictment since 2015. Not holding my breath, lol.

  2. I have to give repubs credit. They got everybody to look one way while they were doing something else the other way. Ive been complaining about this part of the bill the whole time. Them talking about the I.D. portion of the bill was genius. It got everybody talking about that. But heres the short sightedness of it. Say hypothetically they play fair. Now this law is on the books. Dems can do the same. Next go around. This is gonna be a wild ride for the next 20yrs

    1. @Paul Knowsit The Radical Racist Right: Don’t support Biden vaccines!
      The Radical Racist Right: Support Biden’s Vaccines as soon as possible!

  3. Biden could stop this with a wave of his pen trumps lawyer in the Impeachment trial proved a president has the power to do anything they want to .

    1. I doubt it..I really doubt it. Everyone thinks President could do a lot, but I don’t think so..It’ takes everyone to vote things into law..It’s not just about Presidents being able to do what ever they want..I do hope the republicans lose in these elections. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’m well over 50..This is pure evil ….

  4. It’s time we all stand up for our democracy! Male sure you don’t vote for ANY Republicans period.

  5. And NO NO NO – 2 ANY “Narrowing” of Federal Voting Legislation! People like manchin & sinema (the new mcBLOCKall-Demokrats), & it appears now, perhaps EVEN President Biden, will just think that’s “certainly good enuf” so as to avoid even an “carve-out” of this archaic and barbaric – FILIBUSTER! Where the Minority just kontinues to RULE over the MAJORITY!!!

  6. The more control a governing party has over elections, both in organisation of the actual elections but also in regulating who can vote, the more it sounds like the fox is in charge of the hen house.

  7. these marches need to organize “million men/women march” to every legislative body in every affected state.

  8. Putin’$$$ biggie mistake underestimating his enemy ; True American’s.
    God will answer to America’s Traitors

    1. @MyndGod AndPsyche how many red voting district have lines so long people are sent home without being able to vote ? 5 ,6, or even 8 hours in line arsehole? How many ?

  9. The rise of Fascism from the GOP. Get on to Congress, people! Call Joe and write to him! Now! ALL OF YOU!!!

  10. The genie is out of the bottle. The permanent GOP minority will challenge / overturn ANY democratic electoral victory. This is the new norm until we expunge the Confederacy remnants from US soil.

  11. We need for congress to act… lol that’s rich 🤣😂😅 house and senate are a joke
    They only step in when it benefits them

  12. The GOP are continuing Trump’s coup by putting into place these new restrictive voting laws, this is the very reason that the For The People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act must be put in place to protect ALL VOTES.

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