Georgia primary: Kemp beats Perdue, will face Stacy Abrams in the fall | USA TODAY

The results of Georgia's primary election showed Brian Kemp beating Trump-backed David Perdue.

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The headline of the night goes to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, who was likely Trump's biggest target of the primary season thus far. Kemp fended off a challenge by former Sen. David Perdue, crushing the Trump-backed candidate by a roughly 3-1 margin.

The win is likely to be cast as a major rebuke of the former president, who had made Kemp one of his top campaign targets because the governor refused to help him reverse the 2020 election results. Kemp supporters expressed an eagerness to unite behind the incumbent in the fall against Democrat Stacey Abrams. "Great news," Blake Gober, a Republican consultant, said in a tweet Tuesday. "Let's beat Stacey Abrams (again)!"

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  1. I guess Purdue s racist dog whistles are not good in a state with a huge black population 💡

    1. Stacey said Georgia was “worst state in the country to live”

      And you said Georgia has a “huge black population”

      Are you putting 2 and 2 together?

  2. I hate our state and the people in it.. vote for me
    I’m Stacy Abrams and I approve this message.. (wtf.. lol)

    1. @fallen alpha You DIDN’T say what she said, or make the point.. That’s the point.. LOL (that’s twice now you’ve posted and can’t even make your case).
      A little advice, never go into marketing-sales-advertising.

    2. @Debbie Rolf I already said she used statistics on joblessness, and incarceration in Georgia.

      That’s TWICE now you failed to follow that and disprove my point. Again, you can’t follow that fact, don’t get into politics. Everyone but you has heard her explain the statistics and it makes you look ignorant.

    3. @fallen alpha “Right, How dare she use statistics to prove a point”.. (that’s you only post in my thread until your last reply).. Nice try NOW trying to throw in more (which still says NOTHING and erroneous).. I’m thinking YOU have no idea what she said, only that she said something.. LOL
      That’s the problem with parroting what OTHERS say, not having done YOUR OWN homework or have knowledge on a subject, is you get lost and panicked when someone challenges you to explain yourself…. “she said statistics”..(which you can’t defend or make the case of WHAT those “statistics” are)..
      Last thing, even if you could, there’s always the old Disraeli adage:
      “There’s liars, there’s damned liars…. THEN, there’s statistics”
      Get smarter.

  3. We have a militia. It is the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The 50 Republican Senators has stopped ALL progress for this Nation.

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