Georgia Turns Trump’s Big Lie Into Law | All In | MSNBC

“It's impossible to ignore the breathtaking cynicism at play here,” says Chris Hayes on Georgia’s new sweeping anti-voter law. “Republicans in the state—trying to make it so less people can vote, so just the people they want to vote can vote.” Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Georgia Turns Trump’s Big Lie Into Law | All In | MSNBC


    1. What people should do is get a class action law suit over republicans taking away their right to Democracy and the right to vote. Stop their salary , after all why would we want to pay some one that is screwing us over , and over , again and again.?

    2. @Schallb You sure hit the head on the nail…. Gee whiz….. these Republicans need to finally, once and for all be booted out of there positions cause there OBVIOUSELY not putting all of these new voting rules out for fun! They don’t give a sh@: about anyone but themselves and their freakin all encompassing “POWER”. We don’t pay them to get RICH & FAMOUS. We pay them to make life better for All Americans. And OMG Have they ever FAILED ALL OF US!!!!

    3. @Paola Z O-L Not so. The proverbial worm is turning. The outrage is palpable. This bill is so anti democratic that even an unbalanced Supreme Court will have to shoot it down in it,s entirety. Imagine the stupidity in refusing voters water and food in long lineups. It,s mind boggling.

    4. Crooked democrats having a cow! China Joe is pushing for fed control of elections, but Constitutionally it is specifically delegated to the states. Even more specifically, the State legislature, NOT the partisan election commission, they can’t even follow their own rules.
      When illegal kids cross the border, they have to show more ID than a voter. Requiring identification isn’t voter suppression, its election integrity, something democrats despise.

    5. She is an insurrectionist who hopefully will be going to jail. We’ve been told by the media how evil these people are so it must be true.

    1. @Serendipity Shop I understand in a negated to include that signature on the envelope in the interest of brevity. The new requirement is however to please a drivers license number or a Social Security number in addition to the signature on the outside of the envelope. Thank you for calling attention to that.

    2. @T. R. Campbell I’d have no problem with requiring a SSN & signature. It’s the other bells & whistles demanded that make it hard, like demanding a notary signature or copy of driver’s license. And who wants to be mailing the latter around with so much identity theft these days?

    3. @Serendipity Shop Notary signatures are easy to get and they are often free at any bank or car dealership. All of our records are electronically stored out there for anybody to hack. This information on the ballot and putting it in the mail I think you are the least of our worries. The bottom line is this will benefit Democrats because it will keep Republicans from sending in the thousands of ballots that are fraudulent.

    4. @T. R. Campbell You’re not making any sense. There is NO documented case in the past 40-50 years of Dems sending in batches of ballots that are fraudulent, and very few of Republicans doing so–the one case I can recall was a Republican operative in NC. HR1/S1 should make it easier for everyone to vote, with consistent standards, consistent amounts of early voting and access hours, straightforwardly drawn district maps that don’t look like a crooked rubber ducky to cherry-pick voters, and less dark money. Then it’s up to the parties to sell their actual plans and performance.

    5. @Serendipity Shop Reading is fundamental. I never said that we mailed in thousands of fraudulent ballots. I never said that, reread my post. I said I was surprised that the Republicans during the Georgia runoff election didn’t find thousands of ballots in a dark corner of a post office or in a key present dumpster.
      I don’t know where you got that idea from. My entire point about the Georgia election law was that it is going to be good for us because it will prevent the Republicans from committing voter fraud.

  1. What they don’t know is that us Blacks will become more creative and more determined to vote. Facts

    1. @Daisy Underwood
      I wasnt always this comfortable, but I worked for it. The hard way.
      Put 2 kids through college with no debt, no college loan. If the Democrats want to forgive college loans, I want some of my money back. How is that not equal?

      45 million people of Central and South America want to come here. That’s more than the population of California, 100,000 last month. How many have been waiting years to immigrate legally? But you want illegals that show up to take priority? Where’s your compassion directed?
      These are two examples of backward reasoning by the left. Knee-jerk do-gooder feelings, but never examined or logically considering the consequences of their action, then pretending it’s a big surprise.

    2. @Jerry P Than why they need to pass a law like that. Didn’t see any people of standing around the Governor as he sign that stupid bill.

    1. awsome03000
      The Federal Government can make it a Federal Holiday but the States can ignore it. So basically you are giving the Federal Employees another
      paid holiday added to the many they get now at tax payer’s expense. As for Jim Crow, that is a Democrat thing not Republican,

    2. @Alex Hamilton Forgive me if I,m wrong, but I think Jim Crow was something that happened in southern states and was,nt a partisan practice.

    3. @Alex Hamilton Making Election Day a Federal holiday sounds like a good idea.

      The old Jim Crow was Democrat. The new Jim Crow is Republican. The racists just switched parties over the years.

  2. This ain’t gone do nothing make us turn up even more on these folk. Our numbers gone be more 2022 & 2024

    1. @Redskin Ridah it’s worked wonders for you Republicans because it’s the Democrats that bail out your Republican cities year after year after year‼️🤡
      Without us you Republicans wouldn’t have anybody to screw over and steal from‼️‼️💸💸

    2. I don’t know…Biden’s come out to say the reason for the racial disparities in the covid vaccine program can be attributed to minorities, living in rural America (specifically Hispanics & Afro Americans) who don’t know how to go online! (Racist fink).

    3. @Redskin Ridah Have you seen Seattle now that city leaders have all but nullified their criminal code…omg, the city’s descended into a lawless hellhole!!

  3. Total police state. Who ever thought George Orwell would be so spot on: *”If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”*

  4. They counted the votes THREE times and had multiple court cases. NOTHING of any significance was found. We all know what this is really about…. Georgia turning Blue.

    1. What they did was this:
      The audit reviewed 15,118 absentee ballot envelopes, pulled from 30 randomly selected boxes, out of over 150,431 total absentee ballots returned in Cobb County.
      That would be 1%, hardly real signature verification by any measure.

  5. Kemp is planning to run for a second term and if he does, let’s remember this act of voter suppression at the polls on that day!

    1. @S. R.T. the democrats started the KKK and with Biden calling us N-gers in 1986! We know now who the Real Racist are! Democrats pretend to care! Trump did more for Blacks than any president since Lincoln! Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell and many blacks KNOW and admit it

    2. Because proof of citizenship is bad and not allowing bribes for votes is also a bad idea . You people are stupid!

  6. Hey, eeennnh, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Doc. 🐰🥕
    P.S. excellent demonstration of Racism and eviction of a sane person trying stop/question bullsh-.

  7. They’re frightened, this is what little children do when they don’t get their own way! Absolutely disgusting! What does this say to the rest of the world?

    1. Irene Pygall
      I would never compare criminal behavior with the behavior of little children, because it somehow makes their criminal behavior appears less criminal. Racism in America has destroyed so many lives and these people have inherited the racist mindset of their ancestors, going back hundreds of years when enslaved black families were broken up and sold, and blacks were brutally beaten, lynched, etc. There is no relationship between a little child’s behavior and those evils.

    2. This is exactly what young children do when they can’t win a game being played at their house. They change the rules, over and over again, until the rules are so bad, they cannot lose, except by trying! It’s so infantile. But, minorities know how to defeat these measures. They just re-adjust their schedules and keep on coming, no matter what. If one knows the game he/she can play any way, any tme, as long as needed!

    3. Wanting the cheater voting to end is A Great thing for All! Glad he signed this righteous bill! It will stop Some cheaters! Finally, we all Know the democrats cheated to win. Many even admitted their cheating! Time to STOP all Cheating! Amen

  8. Michael Steele said it best;
    “This stunt will triple the Black vote turnout in the midterms.”
    Most importantly it will secure a full term for Senator Warnock. If the Democrats can put forth a strong gubernatorial candidate, they can take that seat as well.

    1. Agreed. There is a lot of righteous outrage brewing. Republicans are self destructing in record time.

  9. If I have to stand in line for 48 hours without food or water I will be voting and voting Democrat 💙

    1. I wonder if someone couldn’t set up a volunteer station just down the road where someone heading to vote could get a snack and a bottle of water, prior to standing in line…?

      I mean, they’re not “in line” yet. They’re just someone grabbing a free sack lunch.

    2. Or, or I’m just spit balling here. Maybe bring a snack from home? I know it’s crazy but it could work. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Redskin Ridah No, DEMOCRATS dont think ahead, they expect EVERYTHING be provided, FREE OF CHARGE.

    4. That’s why you have to wait because the dem dummies run your polling stations. But now they have made it harder to cheat

  10. Georgia, you found your voice. Don’t let these voter suppression laws get you down. Vote. Vote Democratic all the way and get things changed to help all the people not just rich, power hungry Republicans who don’t know the meaning of shame and will do anything to extend their power.

  11. They treated the insurrectionist criminals at the state capitol with more respect than a state legislator?? Wow, this country is really showing it’s true colors.

    1. Oh you thought black people were all screaming victim? Choosing between work and voting? Closing before I get off work. Oh yea im screaming victim.

    2. This is the democracy the U.S. wants to export. Can’t turn around and be upset with anyone abroad for aiming to limit votes.

    3. The state legislator was an insurrectionist… so she got treated like one of them, arrested and hopefully charged.

    4. Isn’t it obvious? She was arrested for being BLACK. If that was VP Harris, they would arrest her too. Now it was a white Capitol insurrectionist traitor, those cops would open the door and let him in.

  12. It doesn’t matter what they do The good people of Georgia are still gonna go out there and vote I’m pretty sure theyll bring their own water🙂

  13. The good thing about this is that Georgia is now bluer than red and he and his co-conspirators will be gone soon! Stacey Abrams will take care of that!

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