1. Not the German government is criticized, the German Alt-Right Party called AfD ( Alternative für Deutschland ) is. The AfD party was heavily spreading anti-immigrant bias on German websites and message boards for years. The gunman got radicalised by the AfD on those platforms and killed 11 young adults.

    1. @spaceace5621 WRONG assbag. All mass shooters have been right-wing.

      What self-respecting lefty would even want to own guns? Lol. 🤣🤣🤣🖕

    2. @Aldrich Uyliong looks like you need to do ALOT of research “assbag”. most mass shooters are not long or even short term gun owners. Most either buy the firearm right before the act or obtain the firearm from someone else. Newtown shooter stole his from a family member, Vegas shooter bought about a week before, same for batman shooter, Orlando shooter, I could go on. Thanks for showing your ignorance

    3. @spaceace5621 Thank you for your ignorance too. So how does that little tidbit implicate leftists of mass shootings? Only the right loves or wants to purchase guns.

      Mass shooters are all incels and right-wingers just like you. 🤣🤣🤣🖕

    4. @Aldrich Uyliong I’m Gen-X, We’re the kids from your parents first marriages, dumb Millennial…

    1. @Jed Eckart You’ve never heard “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”? Extremism is often a GREAT thing.

    2. @subtlesigns 😂😂😂🤣🤣 at 24 weeks it’s a baby, but yet in my state of Massachusetts its legal to abort. Now when you say abortion at 4-12 perfectly fine. I have a question for you, when I go to all the white areas in Boston there are many infertility clinics. Tell me why there’s nothing but abortion clinics in my neighborhood? Riddle me that batman?

    1. @ARJUN BROOKLYN All the major crimes of the KKK were committed when the Democrats still supported them & whe the Klan were still Alt/Left wing all the way to where the Democrats & the KKK supposedly “parted ways”. An the Klan Member from Nazifa Klantifa shoot out in Dayton Ohio, Portland, & in Tacoma Washington. But U wouldn’t know that that, bc’s U watch Fake News cnn.

    2. @E.V. Gaming
      The KKK currently supports the racist, impeached, drug addicted, constantly butthurting Twitterer-in-chief.
      *”Fox’n Friends”* is not a reliable new site.


  2. Did your commentator just describe Muslim immigration as and I quote “Muslim Onslaught” Gee I wonder why people are acting out.

    1. I saw this post before finishing the video, so watched carefully for the referenced quote. In context, it seems pretty clear that she’s intending it as a reference to how members of the far-right group she cites view (and refer to) current cultural demographic shifts. That said, it certainly would have been ideal if she made that a wee bit clearer.

  3. Try finding a decent apartment here in DE without a German sounding last name to get you in the door, then white once they see you. This is not a new problem and has always been here. The more south you go, the worse it gets till you hit Bavaria, where this mind set is the standard. Heart, prayers, thoughts are with the victims. 🙁

  4. 1:15 is just factually wrong. The right-wing AfD is not the second largest party in the german Bundestag. They are the thrid largest with only 12,6 % of the vote. (And are thus comparable in size with the other three smaller parties in parliament.)

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