Germany sending Leopard 2 battle tanks could end the war in Ukraine: analyst

Military expert Ihor Kozak addresses how the Leopard 2 battle tanks could give Ukraine the ability to 'finish this war in victory'.

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    1. Tanks work together with other weapons. If the Ukrainians use them like intended, with Marder/Infantry, Gepard anti AA and reconnaissance troops, they will do great. Russia sends in tanks without infantry or air superiority.

    2. @Huel Babintosh Javelins helped so much, they lost Mariuopol, Soledar, Bachmut,……….! Gone baby gone. Get use to it, it will be worse, MUCH worse!

    3. The western countries are clearing out their old weapons stock so they can buy new. It’s like a crappy used car you give away – who cares if it actually works?

    1. Russia won’t dare fire nukes, NATO has already warned them.
      Russia is in no state to fight NATO off and there’s the chance someone will fire nukes back at them.
      Russia can’t attack everyone but everyone can attack Russia.

  1. Sadly It’s not true. The tanks are for 2 battalions and the can take care of a Frontline of 10 km.. How should that change anything?

    1. In democratic society the true is different, becouse of the diversity of personalities made by the capitalistic idee and itself by the human’s nature. Unfortunately they can not exist whiteout to dream, specially American’s Dream!

    2. It’s not only Germany providing Leopards, but several other countries, so expect at least 100 to several 100 tanks now being delivered to Ukraine.

    3. If they build a spearhead a 10km breakthrough could collapse the frontline.
      Also more countries will deliver Leos not just Germany and Poland. There are a a few thousand German made tanks all across Europe.

    4. 14 Himars rocket launcher systems completely blunted Russia’s ability to throw its weight around with artillery.

  2. It’s could also lead to the Russians attacking Poland.
    Anyone who’s in favor of sending money or military equipment to unkaine needs to do some research into the nuclear disarmament agreement between nato and the soviet union.

  3. So called analyst , Ukraine lost 2000+ tanks and tanks are not main thing in war because every tank is destroyable. It will help them ofcourse but to say thats ALL that you need for win is really pathetic statement.

    1. Ukraine never had 2,000 heavy battle tanks so try again. Latest numbers (with photo/video evidence) are now 1634 Russian Tanks lost so far, of which destroyed: 960, damaged: 75, abandoned: 59, captured: 540 by the Ukrainians.

      Ukrainian Tanks (with photo/video evidence) 450 lost so far, of which destroyed: 266, damaged: 24, abandoned: 16, captured: 144 by the Russians. It’s worth noticing that Ukraine have actually captured 90 more Russian Tanks than they have lost themselves so far.

    2. where you come up with 2000+ Ukrainian tanks, Ukraine never had that many tanks, Russia so far has lost about 3x more tanks than Ukraine

    1. It is unlikely that Ukraine will use Leopards in open offensive. Russian T-90 is equipped with Refleks-M anti-tank missile systems. Armor penetration 900 mm, firing range 5000 m.

    2. @sudfac Yeah, those wonder-weapon T-90 made it all the way to Kiev. On a flatbed truck and are now on display in front of the museum.

    3. @sudfac Well, let’s reverse your argument: do you think Putin will be able to enter Kiev in a T-90? Even pushing a 20 meters long table ahead of it? 🙂

  4. LOL. Please explain, expert analyst, how long these tanks will last if the Ukrainians can’t provide them with friendly air cover.

    1. It’s all about getting rid of old stock to help the weapons industry. Who cares about how they will work in battle.

  5. Sure. But opens it in all Europe. They should sit into the tanks and move in a normal people´s house…as guests…

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