Girl Guides Canada on reasoning for Brownies name change

Girl Guides Canada CEO Jill Zelmanovits says they've received word from both current and former member that the name Brownies 'caused harm.'

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  1. Change for the sake of changing is not necessarily for betterment, especially if you’re chasing political justification believing its the right thing to do.

    Seriously just research the meanings of Brownies and Embers. Actually the word Brownies is a much better representation of these young girls than Embers.

    1. That’s a weird take. The reason they were called Brownies was because the kids didn’t like the original name: “Rosebuds”. So the name has already changed before on recommendation of the children. It would make sense to do so again since the children are the ones requesting it.

      The meaning of “Brownies” is that it’s a made-up word by a female pro-military children’s author who defined Brownie as the opposite of a “lazy boggart”. A Brownie is this case is just a child who is generally helpful, it could apply to anyone.

      Embers however has strong connections to camping, youth, and growth. These are important elements of the program. Additionally, the younger branch is called “sparks” so it builds nicely into the theme (similar to how “Beavers” and “Cub Scouts” have the animal theme).

      But ultimately it’s up to the kids what they call themselves and they seem to strongly agree that Embers is a better name overall (and again, there is precedent for changing the name based on what the kids want). So really our opinions, as adults, is irrelevant.

  2. When you look for racism, you are sure to find it. Even in the most innocent of things.
    Just waiting on someone to find a racial connection to Embers now.

    1. @TheMcgojoh except the brownie name in this case refers to fairies that live in trees, not a racist term for someones skin colour. Nonsensical change and a waste of money.

    2. There’s a whole ward at each hospital taking care of young burn victims that might think this is a little off color

  3. _the name Brownies ’caused harm.’_

    Please explain how, and the exact nature of this supposed harm. Also, does this mean the name of the food item brownies must have its name changed too?

    1. @TheMcgojoh Should we stop eating cows too? Because in India cows are sacred, we don’t want to offend them do we?

  4. Well, my girls will never be allowed to join “Girl Guides” since you’re guiding in this direction.

  5. Oh my goodness, now we are going to have to change the name of one of my favourite cookies. However, I don’t think “embers” will go down too well, who wants to eat burnt chocolate?

  6. Insanity doesn’t have horns and a tail, it just shows up on your TV with a smile and preposterous propositions.

    1. yes.. those evil brownies slinging there cookie crack outside Canadian tires.. I am trying to quite my sugar addiction.. but those brownies give those puppy eyed look when I am trying to say no.. I am off the suger wagon..

  7. Proud to be a brownie when I was younger ^-^ wasn’t racist. We sold brownies to raise funds for camping trips.

  8. Wow, really~ Yup this world has gone wacko for sure! Changing the name of cookies cause it could offend someone!!!

  9. Tearing the fabric of Canadian Society apart from every angle now. I presume whomever had a hand in the change doesn’t even know the origin of the name. Shame on them.

  10. What was offensive about the Girl Guide’s section called Brownies.
    Can someone who was damaged or insulted please explain.

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