Girls surprised to see Black Ariel in Disney trailer | USA TODAY


  1. ” 10 year old CEO of Black doll company ” on fox 5 news channel … from 7 months ago said they were giving away thousands of dolls from their company on that video . Please watch .

    1. Nah that would be dumb. Tiana represents not just being the first black princess of disney but also the black cuture of southern usa is represented. Even our slang, food and music is there, it would be dumb for an Asian to try and represent that

  2. absolutely gross “parental” behavior. setting their kids up with “reactions” so the parents can virtue signal and ruin those same kid’s futures, and the kids have no clue and think they’re having fun. these so-called “parents” know better and are total slime for exploiting their own children like that, or any child for that matter. kids never gave a thought to what their favorite disney characters looked like until right now when you tell them to, making them less color blind THAN EVER BEFORE. GREAT JOB, YOU SUPPOSED “ANTI-RACISTS”!

  3. Disney saw my little mermaid and said “this isn’t woke enough change her skin color” Disney is such a shameless company

  4. I have a lot to say but simply this fixation on race is disgusting. Historical injustice goes back to beginning of time and has affected everyone that has ever lived and will live. to force everyone to fixate on history and how to make it equal is evil.

  5. The part where King Triton shouted to Ariel: “Get to the choppaaa” brought tears to my eyes, best adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen ever. So brave and beautiful.

  6. Can’t wait for Ryan gosling to play the man who stood against a nation ,he had a dream playing as Martin Luther King

  7. The part where Ariel says “I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure” made me tear up. This is going to be the best adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s classic. So stunning…so brave!

  8. I don’t have a Problem with taking a fictional Character and placing them in any form Black White Hispanic don’t care but when they took a Historical Character as Ann Boleyne and thought that it would make the role more believable if she was black is BS…..What is worse is what if Hollywood decided to make a movie about Rosa Parks and asked Reba McEntire to play the role “HOW MUCH OF AMERICA WOULD STILL BE STANDING”……

  9. Ariel’s only characteristic that is important to the movie is that she is a mermaid. Any race could have played her and it would not change the spirit of the film. Race changing is only a problem when the character’s race is an essential part of the movie and the character’s story. For example, Mulan, where the movie would not make sense if the character was anything besides Chinese.

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