1. I actually watched this entire video. I feel that we are moving forward and its wonderful to see that we are taking big steps to greater things to making our island a better place. Jobs for the people, Its good to see that theses businesses are employing so many people. and that the villages are welcoming these investors. Stay positive – I’m coming with my plan soon, hehehehehe Go Dominica wooot woooot

  2. i am very proud that dominca is making some great inroads in tourism..its nice that now visitors dont have to settle for only roseau..its a great site to see these new hotels esp the several new hotels in portsmouth.its good that dominica has embraced tourism esp eco tourism..i want dom to have as much hotels as the rest of the windward islands..trust me the 1st island in the OECS or southern caribbaen which gets a 1000 room hotel will make history and be the talk of the region. stlucia watchout

  3. by the way i am a st lucian..but i dont push patriotism..for me the caribbean is all the same.. but we like to compete too much with each other and express unkind remarks about each others islands etc… what dominica needs is an INTL AIRPORT TERMINAL..trust me after that happens the rest of the caribbean will notice dominica once and for all..ONE CARIBBEAN to everyone

  4. I’m glad Dominica is i investing and moving forward economically BUT i prefer see it stay unspoilt than become a concrete jungle. NATURE ISLE

  5. I lived in Dominica for about a year. I had both good and bad experiences. What irritated me the most:  a Dominican friend graciously found me a better apartment for 600 EC, however, when the land lady saw that her friend was American, the price jumped to 600 USD. So, I would have to say Dominica would have a better chance getting ROSS grads to reinvest in the island if we were not exploited by the “locals.” If you visit the US, rent would be the same for you as it would be for anyone else living in that exact area.

  6. Some investment is great, too much and it is like every other island though. Keep the focus on being the Nature Island and Dominica will succeed 🙂

  7. Dominica needs an international airport also lots more roads so people can get a bath really we also need to keep the natural beauty of the country so eco-friendly is the thing we need to invest in and work closely with the government we’ve at an airport we are going nowhere please campaign for this International Airport to start today piss my Dominic and brothers and sisters most of us abroad we need to go back and build something in the country so the country can get foreign currency and everybody can do their own little bit to get the country great again have a good day all dominations and everyone in the world peace and love

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