Giuliani associate willing to testify Nunes went to Europe for Biden dirt

Giuliani associate willing to testify Nunes went to Europe for Biden dirt 1


Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, would tell Congress that the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee met with an ex-Ukraine official to try to get information on Joe Biden, his lawyer says. #CNN #News


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  1. Republicans like Nunes and Jim Jordan…just as much of a criminal as Trump.

  2. “I’m not answering any of your questions in this lifetime, or any other lifetime.”
    That shows you how vindictive and petty this guy is.

  3. Devil Nunes has been a shifty character for years. Are there any Repugs that aren’t corrupt?

    • @fallen alpha
      Bernie that choice. Vote.

    • @jeck jeck what is his plan for the free healthcare care again? We are an industrial nation struggling with that and education reform.

    • @jeck jeck How so…There may he a few. I wouldn’t even want to call the Bush big brother regime a Rep ideal. But Clints and Obums were in on it too.
      But where are your overwhelming R over D?
      I just hear that…way worse…totes…because because.
      Maybe I’m in a bubble. I consider myself in the center…even though the circle has become lop sided. I don’t tow to any party line. Wish there were several…more diverse ideas…than a fiffy fiffy.
      I know certain things were set up….RNC picks as well as DNC.
      But shear corruption and now just ignorantly towing the line?!? I don’t really see it. Not now. I used to trust no politicians. Now there are some. ..but, I look at when they are blatantly telling another story and see who has paperwork and not paperback. Who’s telling a story and who’s selling one.
      I don’t know if I see it more living more of my life in Democrat run states and cities. Had it in my city of Seattle years ago for the governor…same as usual with voter fraud. Start counting dead people, repeat votes and prisoners. There’s been many on tape talking about cheating or lying for greater good. Many either arrested or fired for voter fraud…especially in the old DNC stronghold of Broward County. Or supposedly bussing in voters to districts from out of state or even criminals…ex cons…to sway
      Then there’s pick and choose officials with their lobbyists. And there’s a lot to go around there. But many stick out. But jeez, the media is pretty much 90 percent Neo Liberal Dem…you’d expect when there’s the slightest dirt that it would be exposed. They
      you do it to each other before fully supporting that same person. Hillary started the birther effort. But most of what we hear are like the hearings. ..hearsay. Or the story doesn’t add up. And they go away…and not by death that happens with a lot from Clint and Barry.

    • @fallen alpha
      Go watch any of his videos:/ He details everything he will do. Current healthcare costs way more than M4A would, all credible studies agree.

    • @bakerfresh
      Bernie is integrity 101. While Bushes/Reps and Obamas/Dems were planning wars and making US pay for it, he was voting against it. For over 20 years, he has not changed his stand against war, or his calls for medicare for all, student debt forgiveness etc. What more do you want?

  4. Federal crimes are no joke, of course those guys are gonna start singing!

    • Please dont feed the trolls

    • @Gregory Rush ya i thought he was being sarcastic, but just trolling. Ignore them and they will f^€& off eventually

    • RayGun’s salt mine J.R.C: Your scale of challenged literacy certainly pegs you as a Moscow Mushroom Dennison Drumpf Diaper Juices guzzler. Get some help with that TDS BEFORE TRUMP YANKED… doesn’t seem like you’re going to be able to manage between your ears when shackles wrap Cadet Bone Spur’s cankles.

    • @j. blev You really are Brainwashed, So sad! And trump is a good president in your eyes? Maybe when this is all over and he eventually gets kicked out of the white White House, There will be free therapy for people like you!

    • Gregory Rush Bernie and Elizabeth will push for mental health services budgets no doubt, but here’s my concern:
      I have a now estranged Facebook Addict family member who revealed to me she does ‘partitioning’, where she had some 7-8 levels of groups of ‘friends’. So for example, she had one to appear as the ‘devoted mommy’, another as the ‘devoted wife’… why need to separate? Well that’s only the beginning… there’s another ‘professional saleswoman comes to your home’ partition…it is often shared with her ‘single & looking’ partition. You think it’s bad? Yes, it is!!!! It gets worse! She’s got 3-4 ‘Jesus loves me’ partitions she shares with the elderly (her ‘profession’ is church member recruiting, which includes Will Development Services to get lonely elders to donate estates to ‘Guns for Jesus’ type nonsense)…it goes on and on, and she can limit who sees what pages under her name. So here’s a married empty nester who has been at this lying game PARTITIONING PEOPLE and Friending/Unfriending since MySpace, and in person, she can LIE to anyone’s face zero pause no effort. My theory is this Facebook PARTITIONING EFFECT on the brain MIGHT BE PHYSIOLOGICAL, AND IRREVERSIBLE.
      Unless all such platforms are nuked from existence, many PROFESSIONAL LIARS AKA FACEBOOK USERS may well be lost causes we will need to place in work camps no internet to rehab, and those who fail certainly must be fully sterilized.

  5. Every time nunes speaks an angel loses its wings

    • The angel’s wings that are lost when Nunes speaks are actually pulled out by Nunes by hand. It’s the kind of thing he enjoys.

  6. Wow… they are so crooked they can’t even stand straight

  7. Garfield Farkle | November 23, 2019 at 5:49 PM | Reply

    Nunes smells like a dead flounder that’s been in the sun all day…

    • I always disliked the particular taste of the “flounder”; for me, just not palatable. I couldn’t even imagine how one smells “that’s been sitting in the sun all day”.

      But if it smells like Nunes, I think I’d rather eat one, despite not fancying the taste.

      But hey, on a brighter note, the flounder’s very close cousin, the halibut, I find it to be scrumptious.

    • Vincent L Jordan | November 23, 2019 at 10:22 PM | Reply

      Nunes is a POS. I hope he goes to jail and get his punishment.

  8. WH Docs are Public. Resignations are Due.

  9. And the dirt was a big stinking pile.

  10. nunes is a traitor… he sold his country a long time ago…
    Lock this traitor up!!!!!

  11. This message is for the Republican Party: Вы предатели этой страны. Вам пора или переехать в Россию, или признать, что вы предали нашу страну, и вы хотели бы изменить себя.

  12. This administration has been nothing but Garbage, they are experts at dirt collecting.

  13. If he knew and lied the whole time he needs to be removed and charged.

    • Skoora GOP suckling Tea Baggot Nazikkk Zionist lunatics under Obama to foment HATE VOTES was truly a crime… Lincoln was nowhere in their agenda and I wondered why nobody within could grow a ball sack. I know now sex trafficking blackmail extortion is the big tool noodling their greedy grubby filthy minds and greasy mitts, but even being given pork to skim, you’d think at least a few would start knocking other criminals in Congress in the head with a hammer, I mean TREASON is not something normal humans can live carrying around. So if I was drugged then filmed doing kinky Robert Kraft sex, I’d settle up swinging a hammer at every NRA sycophant Trump Trash TRAITOR in my airspace… I’m sure I could get 5 or 10 before their holsters are free from their buffet bellies, as I’d go after the more spry members first. A hammer to any chunky cranium parts above the ears, neck, eyebrows is a huge swinging target worth high points. I mean if they can play ‘points games’ with wildlife, caged children, first mass shooter video games… I’m gonna get into the spirit of playing the games they started. That’s the trouble here, that until Progressives gave some red blood cells to DNC, DNC was becoming a complete doormat and it’s filthy as hell from 50+ years of dirty Bone Spurs all over it (Goldwater’s Zionists kicking Carter so easily…Was that where Russia’s hands first smudged our ballots?).

    • @Spring Bloom ” The ‘whistleblower is absolutely relevant,”
      umm, no, it’s NOT.
      if you want to question anyone, question the IG who held off on reporting to Congres- an illegal act- before finally reporting to Congress.
      he’s the one who made the determination there was enough there to report.
      keep in mind that a huge number of folks in the administration saw what was going on and felt it was so shady they ran from it and straight to their lawyers.

      “investigation of the Bidens is legitimate”
      it’s not. there is zero evidence either did anything illegal or even wrong.And the administration didn’t care about an investigation, they were negotiating a public announcement of an investigation on American TV. they cared more about the announcement than an actual investigation.

    • olobar5 We don’t care why Hunter Biden used his daddy’s name to get overpaid to report US TAXPAYERS MONEY going to Ukraine are going to Russian loyalists or Ukraine Democratic process… it’s irrelevant. Why isn’t Trump concerned about Trump Jr’s access to Modi at the same level of ‘corruption fighting’? Wtf planet you on Moscow Mushroom Dennison SUCKER?

    • @d bc

      You have poor reading comprehension, or low integrity. I’m leaning toward the latter.

    • @christopher weise Adam Schiff needs to send a subpoena to Devin Nunes to get in the hot seat and be grilled about this whole situation seeing as how he has been placed in the middle

  14. Nunes has the look of a guy that knows he’s going to jail!

  15. His residing over the hearings was supposed to be his cover up. Smh. Get them outta there.

  16. He looked like a guy who was about to crap his pants

  17. “Now we know that every fantasy about how corrupt this administration was is actually true.”
    Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Legal Analyst Nov. 20, 2019

  18. The two faced, traitor, he should have done the honourable thing and recused himself.

  19. Now let’s find out what Jim Jordan is hiding.

    • @Barbara Roberts oh boy we got a comedian and a meth specialist here. Move over Kevin Hart this is pure gold or like Barbara would say gold like jim jordans teeth

    • zer0c00l it’s Gym Jordan. Get it right

    • @Barbara Roberts for total immunity yea ok. yes good reporting cnn. We got another i heard from a guy who heard from a guy that heard from a guy story here

    • Gym Jordan

    • @ichyvon No “hearsay” is trump’s job he is so good at it. “I heard this, somebody told me, people are saying, everyone is saying, I heard someone say, so many are saying”…he never says “who what or where or a name”…go figure…🙄

  20. Nunes is not a Patriot, he’s helping the guy he’s investigating !!!

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