Global Hunger Crisis Intensified By Coronavirus Pandemic | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Global Hunger Crisis Intensified By Coronavirus Pandemic | MTP Daily | MSNBC


World Food Program USA President Barron Segar discusses their effort to quell the global hunger crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Global Hunger Crisis Intensified By Coronavirus Pandemic | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Food insecurity is an ongoing threat. Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have helped 4 families put food on their tables, because they literally had nothing to eat.

    1. Thank you for sharing your efforts. Some may sadly, cynically, attack you as boasting or self appointing yourself as some hero, but I do the same thing all the time as well, share my efforts to improve the world, because sociological data shows that the more people see or read about other people helping others, the more inclined they are to do so as well, and that is the most important thing here, not our “online rep”.

    1. Clinton Hillary, Pelosi admitted she won’t let a stimulus Bill pass until Dementia Joe Kid Touch can take credit for it!!

    2. @Frail Bones Biden uh huh. That’s why Moscow Mitch is sitting on a bunch of bills already passed by the House…

    1. Joe will have exactly as much power as the big T, actually a bit more probably since he is part of the ruling class and will not face such resistance. He will thus have as much or as little dictatorial power as Trump has. He’s already said he’ll reverse most of Trump’s executive orders right away, and he’s setting up his allies with Cabinet positions, unlike Trump who took months to fill them, so he will be ready to roll day 1.

    2. @Raul Endymion I’d take an oppressive oligarchy over Trump’s moronic and hate/virus spreading dictatorship any day of the week

    1. They’ll be like:


    2. @march51990 Wow you are stupid. You do know that people lost their jobs in the pandemic, right? Or the fact that price of monthly gas is not where as much as a food budget? Let alone the fact that most jobs require a vehicle to get to.

  2. Fun fact: Kentucky has a poverty level of 16.9%, which is 5th highest in the country.
    Nice job governing there, Mitch!

  3. It’s amazing that ppl are surprised that a pandemic would result in cascading catastrophic incidents of equal or even larger consequences on humans.

    1. Whats surprising is that the media barely covers anything to do with job losses food shortages or homelessness in America.

  4. Yet Mitch is worried about corporation liabilities pass monthly disaster relief and UI benefits for all 50 states. We have money for the rich and for war but none for hunger

    1. in the last stimulus package billions of dollars went to mega churches, joel olsteen’s church got millions of dollars in relief package and many other churches..
      but they’re crying about$1,200 for the Americans they represent..
      this is Horrific

  5. Much progress has been made too in recent decades; now we are regressing and it will take years and years to regain the level we were at.

  6. Mitch mcconnell just won reelection in November. Kentucky wanted him to stay in power and they apparently like what he’s doing for them or not doing for them lol

  7. I really believe that no one in Washington care about the Americans people’s. It should not have taken this long for them to get another stimulus package too the Americans people’s. Both The Dem. And The Republican have failed us.

  8. We told you the lockdowns were going to cause more harm and death than the virus. But you didn’t listen to us.

  9. Reducing financial barriers is one critical element, as research shows that even small co-payments can deter people from seeking needed care.

    Some advocates express dismay that Americans essentially could end up paying for a vaccine multiple times: with billions in taxpayers’ funds to purchase the doses of any vaccine, on top of billions of public tax dollars for research and development and manufacturing, then once again at the pharmacy when they receive a shot.

    people are starving and deciding which bills are critical to pay as essential.

    Walgreens wants to charge “administration fees”…$16 for the first and $20+ for the second shots

    Free isnt free if there are hidden costs. we already paid for this fuxing vaccine from taxpayer money. these fees hurt many families and its the reason this pandemic will persist well past the second quarter. administration fees exclude the most vulnerable on fixed incomes. worst the Cares Act created a limited fund for pharma to be reimbursed for administration fees. Trumps agreement with big phrama as part of the Warp Speed abuses this Cares Act taxpayer money without purposely restricting big pharma from charging administration fees..helping corporations and not the people who needed his help. this one of many reasons Trump will be seen as the worst president in american history.

  10. With the amount of billionaires in your country are you seriously saying they can’t step up and help out smfh.. Your country has been a real eye opener with social media and your news.. Wake up America and help each other. No-one should be going hungry in 2020..!!

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