Goldman: Democrats Made ‘Devastating Legal Argument That Can Not Be Refuted’ | MSNBC

Goldman: Democrats Made 'Devastating Legal Argument That Can Not Be Refuted' | MSNBC 1


  1. OMG these republican senator looked away to the evidence of the police being tortured??? OMG these people are EVIL.

    1. @frog mann Wait, if the right is so pro-law and order, why were they hurting officers on the 6th? Throwing fire extinguishers at their heads, trying to intimidate them, and killing 1. I guess you’re only the party of law and order when it’s used against BLM huh?

    2. @Forever Remain Nameless they all look away. how many murders, assaults, rapes, and other crimes happen every day in DC and all their cities. yet you can blame one party? you are part of the problem.

    3. I don’t like the term Evil it holds too much power. They are scared, they don’t understand and they were our vulnerable countrymen. We still have to live with so how do we help them , I don’t care about these senators they are bought I’m more worried about these individuals who were this easy to tell bold lies to. We have to help them find the road. They are deep in the woods of conspiracy

    4. @Brittney Kashiwa They are lost causes. It’s their children I fear for. Alot of lil MAGAts running around spouting those QAnon lies. Those are the ones we need to help.

  2. Watching the defense lawyer ramble like the class dunce trying to fill up their 20 minutes book report then they didn’t read the book, makes a lot of sense given the Stable Genius who picked him! 😅😂🤣

  3. Trump’s defense lawyer seems to have lost his way; could someone help him find his way back to the impeachment trial? He does not know what the heck is talking about.

    1. @Borvo Oh, I know exactly what they are thinking. They are thinking the US has handed the reins of power to absolutely idiotic dirt-bags, shills for the oligarchy.

  4. republicans have no spine, they will shield trump some how. I hope this does not go unpunished. Would be an open door for more attacks.

    1. I hear you… No God no justice. Look at FBI LAWYER CLINESMITH. Admitted falsifying and altering emails which led to years of false allegations of Russia Russia Russia collusion and impeachment. He gets probation when he should be thrown in jail.

    2. @Mark So it was all okay to you, huh? 65 police officers injured. For example, one lost an eye, I’m told. 3 officers dead, 2 by suicide. Speaking of sides, I really question what side you are really on?

    1. @blake jones because their the party of decency and actually care for the common folk and democrats don’t like seditious traitors…unlike DIAPERDON and the new REICH WING QUANON OPPRESSION PARTY……to the violent magamob…..we love you and your very special …..keep melting whiny snowflake

    2. @François M. which republican stopped you from voting….none you say, i thought so……lol.

      why are you banging on about Fox for. i never said they were the beacon of truth either. all in all you sound pretty confused – i hope you are OK.

  5. Castor also rightfully referred to DJT as “Former President.” VERY CORRECT. DJT may be sh_tting his pants though : )

    1. @Crimdor Criminal investigation is current ongoing. Stay tuned for more information from the D.C. AG and the DOJ.

    2. @Crimdor Wrong!! Double jeopardy only applies to criminal charges that have been adjudicated. Senate “trial” is merely a political trial. Different rules set by the Senate and not by law. He can still be brought up on criminal charges.

  6. If the USA does not fight for their democracy and constituition now. Why do you have soldiers all over the world giving the ultimate sacrifce for this same democracy and constituition.

    1. Power and global influence.
      The US simply suits itself when it comes to spreading ‘democracy’.
      Such pretenses are solely used to ensure its ongoing status as the world’s predominant global capital force. It likes to drum up the values of democracy and human rights, but should its own economic and geopolitical interests become endangered, or are of no consequence, then it all too readily sidelines or reduces its democratic footprint. Case in point: The propping up of nationalistic dictators during the cold War to stop Communism regardless of its contentious varied existence.

  7. just “Democrats made a Devastating legal argument”…..?
    No, We all saw it.This isn’t about Party …this is about What we all saw vs .The Liars and Enemies of the Law and Constitution who Deny what Took place.

    1. @Ross Cridland nicw try snowflake. You’re the one saying that all the riots and deaths that the dems called for are ok

    2. @Ross Cridland The majority of people are not okay with what happened at the Capitol, even most republicans. You’re applying a minority opinion to the majority. I could easily say BLM and Antifa represent the democrats, which is false as they only represent far-left ones like AOC, Omar and Pelosi.

    3. @Joseph Cremeans that is not what I said clown. My point was that people seem happy to deflect from that days events with whataboutisms. The sooner both sides concede that there are issues on both sides the better. Just look at what is happening here, open your eyes and your minds.

    4. @Lisette look at who called for the rally, stirred everybody up with blatant lies and propaganda and told them to march down to the Capitol Building. I didn’t see too many BLM flags in that mob. Please show me where I’m wrong. I do not agree with what happened during the BLM protests either, innocent people lost their businesses and many others affected also.

  8. The same people who talk about supporting the police are fighting the police. So as usual they only obey laws when they find it convenient.

    1. They have no real principles or ideals except power. Every “belief” they espouse can change in a heartbeat with a shift in the political situation.

    2. All 12 people? Why can’t you see how ridiculous you democrats look?
      Are you even aware that the Democrats supported both politically and financially the rioters for the last 8 months?
      These people even said that, “we will get what we want or we will burn down the country”
      That’s sedition and democrat congress members supported that sedition. Each riot was an act of insurrection since their goal was to subvert the government

    3. @Ron SwansonAlso this isn’t your first coup attempt. You did one in Michigan last summer and then again for the country. Focus on your own party.

  9. any argument can be refuted if you’re corrupt enough to feign ignorance even in the face of violence >.>
    lookin’ at you, GOP

    1. Any argument can be refuted if you’re corrupt enough to use mobs against your opposition >.>
      lookin’ at you, Democrats.

    1. ​@Jan 20th is USA New Independence Day It is purely political. There are no standards for evidence or burden of proof. Senators are NOT compelled to make their decisions strictly on the evidence presented, as would a jury in court proceedings. Rather, the outcome depends on whether the party that implements the proceedings can carry enough votes in the Senate to convict. The one and only remedy they have, unlike courts of law, is the ouster of an elected official from office… they lack any authority to impose remedies that impact on personal freedoms or personal property. It is a purely political process to oust an elected official from office.

    1. @Gina Mazyck Oops! George Papadopoulos, was 45’s campaign aid who got drunk & bragged about possible access to emails hacked by Russia. George Stephanopoulos is the ABC host who 45 told he’d use foreign dirt on an opponent, before considering whether to report it to the FBI😉

    2. We American people must not let treason go unpunished. This is the most fragile moment in our history of democracy. And yes, it will open the door to fascism. It already has!!

  10. remember when he said he could shoot a person on 5th avenue and get away with it…..this is his hubris and arrogance

    1. @Ron Swanson no it’s not , you will find in not too long after Trump is done with this trial he has 67 indictments in SDNY then Geogia for trying to cheat in an election and this list goes on.

    1. @blake jones just as id expect, a personal insult. And therefore whatever argument you have is null. Wow dude. If america was so great, maybe we wouldnt have national racial protests, idiots believing conspiracy theories over the election, and people storming the capital. That would be a real big clue that our country has some serious problems.

    2. ​@xxjosh166xx not and insult rather a fact. the country will be better off with self loathing citizens in it.

    3. @blake jones so… The ole ” if we dont admit anythings wrong, then nothings wrong and everything is sure to get better” tactic. Seems legit.

      The point i was making is that canada is, in fact, doing better then we are as a country right now.

  11. Without a trump conviction
    by the Senate the next insurection
    is set in place. Americans will completely loose trust in our leaders.

    1. @Cynthia Estrada cynthia those evil ones will never change its in their DNA 400 YEARS OF THEIR EVILNESS IS GOING TO COME BACK AROUND KARMA BABY CHECK COMING DUE CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST

    2. @Mark 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 gee you must have some extreme fighting tactics when you break into homes! Were you at the Capitol were you? Do I need to report you?
      Why did 5 people die in a not so bad attack? Taken out of context, only for you traitor!

    3. @Cory Allen Typical, predictable Reich wing deflection, projection, hypocrisy and willful ignorance straight from the fuhrer’s handbook. You are not fooling anybody but yourself.
      TODAY at this very moment in time the KKK and neo-Nazis are totally and completely 100% Republican. Try to keep up. Oh and the KKK was started by six ex-Confederate soldiers. Confederates are and always have been right wing. And Byrd denounced the KKK and spent the rest of his life championing civil rights causes. Obviously you don’t know WTF you are talking about.
      The Republican party is an ANTI-America CULT.

    4. @Claude Williams Thank you Claude. KKK and white supremists switched to Republicon party after Democratic president LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act. Many folks don’t realize this. Keep them informed.

  12. There is no “bipartisanship”, that’s a word you can use when two parties are working towards a common goal. The Republican Party is no longer an American political party, it has been hijacked by Right Wing Extremists who no longer abide by American laws – and the grownups need to realize this as soon as possible.

    1. Right! Only accountability can achieve real unity. Americans of integrity understand allegiance to one man is anti-American. Those Trumpists were willing to stand with neo-Nazis & wannabe Confederates. That’s the opposite of patriotism & we have no interest in uniting with it.

    2. @Lisette if you cannot see the difference in marching against racism, where a minority of protesters were looting, vandalizing yes and killing. Compared to protesters storming the capitol on electoral count day, because the sitting president doesn’t like losing. And yes, looting, vandalizing, and killing. Then I really don’t know what planet you are from.

    3. BOOM! The Republican Party is NO LONGER an American political party. They are not! They are no longer fit to even hold any positions of governance since they rule only for themselves and NOT for the entire United States.

  13. democrats? anybody with a sense of correctness could see it the way it is “INSURRECTION BY A PRESIDENT, WANTING TO STAY IN POWER FOREVER”

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