Good Samaritans rush to help an officer attacked during a traffic stop | USA TODAY


  1. The messed up thing is, If the people who came to protect her were black, she would’ve been confused. Mighta turned on them and when back up came, they would’ve attacked the Good Samaritans. It has happened before

  2. Where are the other Cops?!! And female fighting with Men?!! Come on!! It’s dangerous for her! I respect her though

  3. We need better cops who can do their job. Why did you let him exit the vehicle and why didn’t you have your tazer at the ready when you noticed he wasn’t complying with your commands?

    1. Great points👍🏻
      Besides, she’s a girl.
      I’ve known Way more than one girl MP who Regularly use the fact that their a girl to their advantage.
      That guy more than likely would have complied to a softer touch

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