GOP 2024 hopefuls divided over US role in Ukraine war

The Republican rift over the United States’ support for Ukraine was on vivid display this week, as 2024 presidential hopefuls staked out opposing positions on whether President Joe Biden’s administration has done too much or too little to help the country a year into Russia’s invasion. #CNN #News


  1. In my unimportant opinion , we should make sure Ukraine is able to regain all of its territory on its own and then secure itself by joining NATO and ending this terrible war

    1. @Francis Yockey also the the narrative that the places controlled by Russia , want to be Russia, IS WRONG and inaccurate.. while there is locations that have a large majority or Russians, it is the result of Russia’s political stunt to move its own people into the countries that enters into the Warsaw pact. After the fall of the Soviet Union. In 1991 the Warsaw pact was dissolved with most of its members leaving to join NATO, ever since Russia has tried to force as many countries and regions into agreeing to join back into Russia. Russia rigged several political elections to bring his own people into control against the will or knowledge of the town’s people. Ukraine was one of few that were able to make changes after Zelensky took office and made major changes and ousted Putin men in his government. Russia in 2014 had little control of Ukraine and decided to attack and move in. Now here we are after he has developed no control in Ukraine and Zelensky is still proving why his country should be like any other European country and be free from the old soviet state of terror

    2. @Francis Yockey It is Russia that in such a case condemns the world to nuclear destruction. Not the US. The US and some allies will responds to a russian use of a nuclear weapon with a massive strike against russian military priority targets. If it’s was a strike against a NATO nation, the responding strike will be nuclear. If it is against a nation like Ukraine, the response will be at least conventional. Simply because Russia has then violated the terror balance doctrine.
      If putin uses a nuke, and now before that has played some kind of poker game threatening to use one here or there, the US, as the algorithms dictate, simply must take action to do their best to prevent a second use. Especially since putin indirectly has threatened a use against NATO. And a bunch of russian “influencers” calling for nuking London, Berlin, etc.

      Putin is the irresponsible one who thinks he can bluff his way with the threat of using weapons. The western doctrine (and the Chinese, and the former Soviet one too) is to never ever bluff when it comes to the use of nuclear weapons. It’s Terror Balance 101. Only the imbecile Trump (although indirectly and vaguely) has brought up “the nuke subject” in regards to Iran. But the protocol is clear (and was clear for the USSR too). It is well know that when a nuke is used by or against a military superpower, the world will end. Therefore it is the nation who uses it first who triggers the doomsday machine.
      So I’m afraid that you are the naive one if you don’t understand this simple principle that kept us from armageddon during the cold war. If the USSR at that time had nuked Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, or any other semi-allied neutral nation, the result would also have been mutual destruction.

      And although putin seems to enjoy playing bluffing games, he as a former KGB agent is well versed in Terror Balance 101. And therefore he won’t use them. Other than perhaps he, as a malignant narcissist, is convinced he will go to the gallows. Malignant narcissist have a tendency of wanting to burn the whole world down when they go. Fortunately he has kids and grandkids. That’s something that’ll likely will sway him from world destruction. I.e. launching any kind of nuclear device against any nation.

    3. @Hakkebrakke you are talking rubbish, Russia isn’t fighting a war on Americas border, it is fighting America on its own doorstep, and as Russian doctrine dictates, the use of nukes to defend Russia(and crimea is part of Russia) is well established. And for all your talk of algorithms, it is meaningless, America would strike in Ukraine and strongly condem at most. There is literally zero chance of America trading all of its major cities to try make a point about the use of tactical warheads used in defence of Russia.

    4. @Francis Yockey The US would probably not nuke Russia in return for Russia nuking Ukraine, but we would most definitely respond proportionately. E.g., we might sink what remains of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Or we might destroy some Russian air bases near the Ukrainian border. Putin knows this, which is why he will not use nukes in Ukraine.

    5. @Francis Yockey In the democratic world we don’t bother about russian trolls. Because we have facts. And it’s because we have facts,
      —while the nationalist-narcissist russia believes in its own propaganda—that russia will sooner or later come out as the looset. I mean just the absurdity that an obvious kleptocracy with an economy smaller than many American states could ever outperform the US and Aurorean allies. Only the European allies have together defense spendings that are higher that Chinas and Russias combined. Then add the Americans, that are even larger than that. (You can find the factual information easily).

      And take as an example of the corruption: The cheap unmaintained Chinese tires on the logistical support vehicles. Those who were supposed to reach Kiev “in three days”. They were supposed to be of better (western) quality and maintained. But someone decided to get cheaper tires and not bothering about maintenance (they have to be regularly inflated/deflated and rotated) and put the difference in their own pocket. This is a fact you can easily find is true, because the problems this created was one of the major reasons so many either got stuck or taken out. Ans why russian supportive forces and material couldn’t meet up with the air-launched russian special forces who had actually achieved their objectives. In turn resulting in a large amount of russias elite forces either being eliminated or becoming prisoners of war.
      But you go ahead and get them cheaper Chinese tires for the old support vehicles that remains. Since russia doesn’t have any means to produce it’s own. I And the western nations won’t sell you any. Neither will they allow you to import rubber. Because the nations that produce rubber are semi-allied to the US and adhere to sanctions.

      But enough about rubber…

      There is no way in h€ll that the US, the UK, and likely France too would sit and wait and see if russia would use a second nuclear device… or perhaps a third… or a fourth… Because if the US doesn’t act after the first because they have fears for their own citizens, then why wouldn’t russia use more?! Or sit and wait to see if “little rocket man” thinks he then can use nukes against South Korea because he thinks that Biden wouldn’t risk WWIII by intervening.
      And China would think they could use some too in their ambitions to take Taiwan, because the US wouldn’t risk retaliating. And Iran would obviously get some nukes since they would understand that the US wouldn’t do much about it or help protect Israel and Saudi-Arabia because the American generals have fears.
      Njet comrade! Obviously you didn’t serve during the cold war as some of us did! After the first nuclear device is used, there will be a massive response to sway or prevent both whomever launched it, and all other hostile nations that have nukes, from using more. Now waiting to see if there is more coming. That’s just how it is: So the first user will automatically cause armageddon. Obviously Russia would do the same if the US launched a nuke on Belarus or some even less allied putin-friendly former USSR nation. Putin and his generals wouldn’t sit around and wait for a,second strike from the US. And China would also respond in a similar way if the US launched a preemptive nuclear strike on North Korea. The communist elite also not sitting around waiting for more strikes.
      This is a well prepared response routine. It is constantly drilled. No “waits” or “buts”. No “what about armageddon”. Terror Balance basics.

      Russia, including Putin, has many times signed international agreements that directly or indirectly states that Crimea belongs to Ukraine. No buts or ifs in those. And you can find them if you can google. And all UN nations but North Korea, and perhaps one or two other third wold nations, agree. What putin and russian trolls now say has no bearing whatsoever on the issue. All your arguments are for nothing. It’s as little worth as if I would say Mongolia belongs to me. If Putin say it’s his and will use nukes to protect it, well… then he’s simply the same old bad guy as we know he is. And we can’t let him bully people/nations around.

  2. What else is new?! If they are following Fox News as there advisers, then don’t expect much, GOP are mental!

  3. I find it funny the people who scream about fighting an oppressive and tyrannical government, Are bitching about fighting one.

    1. There were plenty of isolationists here in the US during both World Wars. There’s always a contingent that wants to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that we can ignore threats from across the water while they spiral out of control.

    1. Russia only ceased to be America’s primary enemy from 1991 to 2007, when Putin launched the Second Cold War. So, you don’t have to be that old. (I am a former professional Cold Warrior, so I remember it better than most.)

    2. Russia has been America’s enemy as long as Putin has been in charge. He’s a bitter little man who blames the West for the dissolution of the USSR (not taking any consideration that it was the members of the USSR that didn’t want to be part of it).

  4. Even mitchy supports the war, wants to send more stuff to ukraine. I think the people are conflicted if they like a war criminal or want to defend democracy in ukraine.

  5. GOPers, In 1992, Ukraine signed the Lisbon Protocol and it joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as a non-nuclear weapon state in 1994. The President George H. W. Bush , a republican, provided security assurances along with Russia if they would give up nuclear weapons. Now unless you want to disregard the position taken by one of you fellow republcans and be an oath breaker do not provide aid to Ukraine.

  6. They teach us history so we can learn from it but still there are many who are blind to the lessons. God bless Ukraine.

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    1. Crazy how well the establishment has manipulated the left into being the pro war military industrial complex party

  8. Great panel. CNN seems to be getting the message that the face of America is changing. The Washington correspondent of the Atlanta paper is my favourite on this panel.
    Let’s pray that the GOP begets something better than a trumpist.

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