GOP Bill Could Give Arizona Legislature Power To Overturn Election Results | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

GOP Bill Could Give Arizona Legislature Power To Overturn Election Results | The Last Word | MSNBC


Arizona’s legislature is considering 19 bills that would restrict voting rights – more than any other state. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the latest Republican efforts to prevent people from voting. Aired on 02/27/2021.
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GOP Bill Could Give Arizona Legislature Power To Overturn Election Results | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Just what the US needs. Bring the Orange Cheeto back to finish the job. The USA will be a full-on banana republic.

    1. You need to upgrade your view of banana republics based on the horror of the technology.
      If you can see Texas oil men as being responsible for the Kennedy assassination so they
      could take over the White House that’s the first step. If you can blame them for the 9/11
      disaster to justify attacking Iraq for that oil, and creating a new over-riding layer of military
      called Homeland Security to take over the armed forces to be their personal weapons,
      you will see you need a new term to describe this higher level of an empire falling down.
      Not a first world, not a second world, not a third world, but a fourth world republic,
      with stash and trash and gash and cash with high tech all around. It’s a horrible sight to see.

    2. @The Alpengeist Republicans. They think stopping the sale of arms to people who murder reporters is a bad thing.

    1. @Robert Arthurs :This is about Republicans wanting to over turn election results they don’t like and you know it fascist.

    2. @The Alpengeist my guess is that once this law is passed it will immediately be challenged and probably head to some court and be overturned.

    3. It won’t need to be overturned. Apparently, they are just trying to be appeasing to the Trumpsters. It’s a gimmee.

    4. @The Alpengeist “Morons are only able to respond with “blah blah blah” they do not possess the brain capacity to debate intelligently, it is sad really such stupid people exist.”
      OOF! Quoting for hypocrisy.
      Are you ACTUALLY so stupid that you don’t realize you said NOTHING remotely substantive? What you said was equivalent in weight to “blah blah blah”. There was nothing concrete in your statement. It was blatantly obvious mudslinging.

      ‘Dems bad, the laws they’re trying to push- bad.’ is essentially what you said. Do you truly believe that has any value? Jesus Christ, and then trying to mock other people’s intelligence. Well, at the very least you’ve served as a useful example of the rampant projection….

    5. @The Alpengeist You mean where every legal vote is counted? Ya, that’s so criminal of the dems to not chant “Stop the Count” like republicans did outside of vote counting centers in Arizona…

    1. @Nancy Ross I thought I’d let you know about that since MSNBC didn’t want to bring that up,? In their important news lineup they the corporate controlled media can’t make Joe Biden look bad

    2. @Nancy Ross apparently Joe Biden can drop bombs on Syria but not drop the American people a $2,000 stimulus check

    3. Ha!! Republicans dont accept vote counting. They call it fake and start crying foul. The United States is dead and gone.

    1. It’d be awesome to be included in the election evaluation rather than told what the outcome was by “the winning side ” I’m sorry let’s be democratic about it, I’ll do a coin toss and get back to you on who got head !


    1. @Lorraine EasyDoesIt I just thought I would let you know about that because MSNBC didn’t want to bring that up in their news lineup? You know because the corporate controlled media at all costs cannot run a story that could possibly make Joe Biden look bad?

    2. @Richard Barry like when drumpf bombed Syria after informing Putin about his intention??? Bombing an airport stacked with old non-functioning Syrian planes????

    3. You seem to have the wrongly impression that GOP cares even a iota about people suffering.
      They very much care about staying in power.. for what I dunno, I guess make sure they stay in power? They keep saying they want small government, but they also want to make sure they stay the government.. *shrug*

    1. @Richard Barry no because he tried to get the 2000$ stimulus check passed but republicans in the senate refused and said the maximum amount that will be allowed is 1400$. Biden had no control over it

    2. @Richard Barry So its OK for Iranian militia’s to send rockets into U.S. infrastructer buildings that left one American dead?

  3. Does it mean those that are re stricked from voting does not pay taxes, light bills and have free housing? In return.

    1. It’s called dictatorship. If something will not go my way then it’s wrong and I will change it. That is opposite of democracy. Problem is that Republican party is living in the buble of disinformation what deliberetly spreading its own people in persue of money and power. If you split party it will became more acceptable of your ideas and radical thinking. Especialy after so many senators are leaving because they do not want to deal with this lunacy, unfortunetly they are doing it in time when they should stay and fight for democracy.

    1. Technically he actually can though it’s unlikely. Eugene Debs A century ago ran for president in jail. Didn’t win but he was a third-party candidate but still it has been done before.

    2. @Joes Corner they are building rock solid cases against him. They also need to build the cases against his comrades. The money laundering and racketeering is going to put them all away for a long time, stump himself probably won’t see the inside of prison, he will die before sentencing. This is going to take a very long time, but it will keep him out of the wh hopefully

    1. There should never be that Republican party can stop anyone else from voting except white people just because Trump wanted to stay in power he is not a God , God should strike them all down for trying to make a man an God he is not

    2. LOL ….. the only thing that the corrupt republicans will ever accept is ballots that only have republicans on them. Even then the morons will be claiming that republican A stole the election from republican B

  4. The United States is no longer any kind of democracy when this garbage is even entertained. You are no longer on the side of the free world. Goodbye

    1. The USA has never been a democracy. Electoral college, voter suppression, gerrymandering. But I do agree it is a very dangerous addition to anti democratic practices.

  5. That is the next most serious move against democracy since the republican party embraced trump after the insurrection

  6. She’s absolutely right . It’s about setting a precedent for having access to the ballots in future elections . B.S.

  7. The scary thing is, many Trump supporters would welcome their civil right being taken away, just to honor their fake golden statue and his offspring.

    1. They should spend some time in prison then. It might give them some perspective… Plus you know free mental healthcare.

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