GOP, Dems get into yelling match after witnesses leave House hearing | USA TODAY

A House hearing about two states' lawsuits accusing the government of pressuring social media platforms to suppress posts on COVID-19 turned into a yelling match.

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A fiery House hearing Thursday sounded like a Monty Python skit. Republicans claimed censorship of social media posts – even though the government doesn’t control the companies. Democrats sought to strike the testimony from two witnesses entirely.

The fireworks erupted at the hearing of the Judiciary subcommittee named “weaponization of the federal government.” The episode illustrated growing partisan tensions as House Republicans pursue widespread investigations of the Democratic Biden administration.

The hearing was about a lawsuit Missouri and Louisiana filed accusing the White House and FBI of pressuring Facebook and Twitter to suppress posts about the origins of COVID-19 and the efficacy of lockdowns and wearing masks.

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  1. Transparency at its finest! My hero Jim Jordan! Hugs and kisses to that fine, handsome man. Subpoenas ain’t got nothing on him!

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