GOP Efforts To Punish Liz Cheney Means Parroting the ‘Big Lie’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

GOP Efforts To Punish Liz Cheney Means Parroting the ‘Big Lie’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Here’s what Joy thinks of GOP efforts to push out Congresswoman Liz Cheney from leadership: “What we have learned in the nearly 6 months since Donald Trump stopped being president is that to be a Republican today means parroting ‘the big lie,’ even if you know it isn’t true.”
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  1. Kevin McCarthy has crawled up there so far, the only thing visible from Trump’s rear if any are his shoe laces..

    1. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! if you’re competing in a stupid contest ……you easily win the grand prize…….dummy.

  2. “she has real problems” is that the same kind of problems Marie Yovanovitch was going to have? these deplorables never learn

  3. Notice her description of Donald Trump .
    “Florida retiree . ”
    ” Palm Beach Norma Desmond.” Ouch .

    1. Its deep ! Their like a cult , they lie to cover up their big lieing scandals no matter if they know its a lie .

  4. Caught your clapback of “Tuckums” and just loved it. You rock, Harvard Lady. Big time!

    1. Look she’s not a hero, she’s a corrupt person that wanted to be famous and spread all the hates that will cause more divided than ever

  5. Palm Beach Norma Desmond! Yessss! That should mean something to those of us who have mileage on our odometers.

    1. She’s not a hero, she’s a corrupt person that wanted to be famous and spread more hates that will divide the country’s. Think about it. There no such things as good person, only chaos

  6. Kevin needs to get his overlords approval so the cult yokals will vote for him!

  7. Fantastic truths about the indignities and dishonor of the Repugnant party who continue to refuse to actually represent those that elected them!

  8. Posted this for a while. The republicans don’t have a platform. The grotesque appears to the savior of the money making machine. Good luck on that one.

  9. Just look into Joy’s eyes. Look at the fear and sadness. She knows it’s all coming to an end soon.

    The people no longer believe the MSM’s lies.

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