GOP lawmaker says she misspoke after thanking Trump for ‘victory for White life’

During former President Trump's rally in Mendon, Illinois, Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) thanked Trump for the "victory for White life" after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Her campaign says the lawmaker "very clearly meant to say 'victory for Right to Life,'" and called the incident a "mishap" as she read her speech. #CNN #News


  1. She did NOT misspeak, she told the truth. When they tell you who they are, believe them.

    1. @Robert Levin I agree! Technically, they are not synonyms but rather malapropisms. But yeah, your assessment is correct.😀

    2. @Dinerokid 1603: No! You’re wrong. My son and I have analyzed the speech and video. We are experts in related fields. We have determined that her speech was a contemporaneous effort with written notes that probably had not been studied sufficiently ahead of time. Anyway, when listening to the speech pattern on studio monitors with Avid Pro Tools software, there is a pattern of Hesitant Dysfluency and the emergence of malapropism when she says “white life” as opposed to “right to life”. It fits the hesitancy gap in fractions of a second using the time ruler in the software. My son is a liberal and I’m conservative. Wanna challenge us?

    3. @Analyticalthinker congratulations on your personal anecdotal experience. I work in social services and see it more often than I care to, and in more than just one family.

  2. She was reading. And she didn’t say anything that every person who attends his rallies aren’t thinking.

    1. @Tom George white was the pronoun. Why would an educated person say “life life” ??
      Fish gotta swim
      Birds gotta fly,
      Liars gotta lie !!

    2. @Gonkarsha: No, she made an error!! My son and I analyzed the video and the audio thru studio equipment using Avid Pro Tools. She was not reading her notes directly but rather glancing at them periodically as she was attempting to speak contemporaneously. This resulted in hesitations in her speech that we measured in fractions of a second and it showed a pattern of “hesitation Dysfluency”. It is unintentional and characteristic of speakers who are nervous and/or fatigued. Remember, Trump was standing behind her! So, “white life” which had almost a 3 second hesitation between the 2 words and “right to life” are malapropisms. They happen when one is NOT directly reading the text and trying to speak confluently. Don’t mess with experts, Bucko!

  3. Regardless of her intent, the crowd cheered. Trump smiled and nodded, approvingly. That’s concerning.

    1. The crowd cheered when she misspoke “victory for White Life.”

      But now that she’s offered a clarification/correction that it was unintended…the crowd is rallying to throw her out of office as a traitorous RINO.

      THAT is what is concerning.

  4. She knows exactly what she said. They all know and love what she said. She made no attempts to stop and apologize and say omg I’m sorry. She said what she said.

    1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what she said. She wants to save the next generation white babies.

    2. @John Smith Amen! I saw a bunch of folk standing on the side of the freeway kissing this huge, nasty looking wooden cross! I was like ‘Eeewwww! Daz nasty!’

      Like, don’t dey get splinters stuck in dey lips?

  5. When you misspeak, you correct yourself. She did neither. She said out loud exactly what she was thinking. It was enforced by Trump in the back of her smiling and the crowd cheering. I hope those black and Hispanic people who support Trump are listening carefully to what’s really being said and watching what is being done.

    1. @Adam Mcgrath is there anything in my post that said that she was not allowed to say what she said?

  6. Three of them didn’t have a change of heart in the last 3 years. They came in with the same cold heart they have now.

    1. “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids.”—-Biden 2019
      Did he misspeak or did he say what he meant?

  7. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. She knew full well what she was saying

    1. The reason for my comment, was simply this. Whether we understand it or even believe it when you start with truth ( in this case it was a biblical or spiritual truth) it will never change! Sadly most people take that bit of wisdom with the grain of salt and they open themselves up to all sorts of conspiracy theories lies deceptions, and man Puffs himself up, it’s called pride! Here’s my point when we listen to people speak if and this is a big if the god-given gift to which he gives all men simply called our conscience, it’s that little voice if you will on the inside of every man, it’s not a feeling it’s not an emotion (which many embrace) and often more times than not we cannot see what our conscience is telling us, but the basis of this principle is fath, if we somehow learn to follow our conscience, mankind will learn he is not the captain of his ship (his life) , which brings the heart to be cautious of what it says cautious with this actions

    2. The hilarious thing is that many of us who know these verses well are watching in horror, and wondering how these people call themselves Christian. Mind you, growing up amongst evangelicals, it’s a familiar feeling.

    1. @redwingdog22 Wait, huh?
      All I said was that white supremacy is still a problem in the world and that’s why her words are inflammatory to many people (even if unintentional). What’re you even getting at?
      I haven’t said anything about any other events or abortion. You’re a bit too entrenched in culture war topics and unnecessarily defensive.

  8. It was no slip of the tongue. She looked down at her notes when she said “Victory for white life.” And Trump nodded in agreement.

    1. @Ed Except once that life is born, then the state and so-called pro-life adherents could care less.

  9. She could of corrected herself in the moment, she meant to say “white life”. I love The moment the black people in the audience realize that they were Not actually invited to that party🤣.

    1. The supposed GOP “Party of the Big Tent” must have a back porch entrance, a place to eat in the kitchen, and separate drinking fountains.

  10. She felt emboldened to say it. Her campaign office statement is as ridiculous as a judge saying “the jury will disregard the testimony they just heard”.
    You cannot unhear it.

    1. “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids.”—-Biden 2019
      “You ain’t black.”—-Biden 2020
      I can’t unhear it.

  11. She…did not…misspeak. The entire movement thinks that way. They know it. Everyone else knows it. Why lie now?

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