GOP lawmaker: Speaker kicking people off committees the ‘new normal’

Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD) tells CNN's Kaitlan Collins that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) should be careful removing certain Democrats from committee assignments as the 118th Congress takes shape. #CNN #News


    1. @Ed Wo “Those were new IRS workers, who will be auditing YOU and ME, the little guy.”nope. the 87,000 are mostly replacement workers to replace folks about to retire.
      and also office staffers and IT guys.

      plus the bil had specific provisions to audit more rich folks.

    2. @Brian Lawrence “who decides what’s fair?”
      i do.
      or, if you don’t like leaving it all up to me, might as well do it by consensus of the US.

      do rich ppl and corporations pay their ‘fair share’?
      well, they pay a LOT less than the % of the money they make.

      flat taxes would make that massively worse.

    3. @Brian Lawrence “That’s fair, not the top 1% pay 60% of the taxes.”
      the top 1% controls a lot more than the 60% of the nation’s wealth. seems you’re advocating for a massive upwards transfer of wealth.
      at a time when the transfer of wealth upwards has been increasing.

      you know what happens when the rich control too much of a nation’s wealth?
      remember Marie Antoinette? the czars?
      or, in america, the great depression and FDR almost turning the country socialist?

    1. I don’t think that Rep. Dusty Johnson is being honest. McCarthy promised the extremists positions on certain committees.

  1. Funny how we only “need to have these conversations” about spending when a democrat is president. 🙄

    1. @Putt putt “the job numbers are a lagging indicator ”
      what’s a leading indicator then?
      all indicators i’ve seen say we are not in a recession.

    2. @first “gop inbred hillbillies” last The border was secure under Trump. But Biden invited illegals to surge across. Don’t try to blame Republicans for Democrats’ policy.

    3. @World View most of it was bipartisan covid spending and some of that was unnecessary covid spending Democrats insisted on extending

    4. @Robert Johnson that is not where most of trumps spending came from. I don’t consider the stimulus’s trump signed as a knock on him as a president, and same with the dems, they both helped the country and the economy and were necessary. But even without the stimulus which accounted for about 3.8t total of the total enacted legislation and spending of about 7.8t, for a one term president his spending was still VERY high, even subtracting the stimulus packages. Obama was a 2 term president who himself inherited from bush the worst economic crisis of our generation and his spending over those 8 years was 6.9 trillion and if we subtract the spending Obama inherited from the start of his presidency as he was given the choice to either bailout the banks or risk a potential entire economic collapse it’s still far lower then trumps even though trump was a one term president. But the biggest difference is, trump inherited a growing economy, and Obama didn’t and sure Covid wasn’t a problem of trumps doing even if he definitely didn’t take the right steps to really handle that crisis, for the most part , you can’t just chalk up trumps spending to the same types of reasons Obama had, given the crisis he inherited or even biden for that matter who himself inherited an economy from trump that had a net job loss.

  2. The very moment Rep. Johnson said @ the 2 minute mark…”Lets be clear, Kevin McCarthy has not promised any specific person any specific spot on any Committee”…I put my Bullchit Protection On because it started to Fly!

    1. Then you are misunderstanding. There may be 9 GOP spots on the House Rules committee. Yes, McCarthy specifically promised three specific folks, three spots on that specific committee, but he did NOT promise them WHICH spot they each were getting. One might sit in the second chair from the left, one might get assigned the fourth chair from the right . . . .

    2. From what I understand, he promised Green committees months ago when she was threatening him with her support. He knew that meant much of the Q crazy supporters so he promised her then.

    3. @The Stuport Perhaps you missed my attempt at subtle humor. That’s ok, my kids don’t get my dad jokes, either.

    4. @Sandra Stone came here to say exactly that. MTG was openly saying she was demanding powerful positions from McCarthy and he’d regret it if she didn’t get what she wanted.

  3. House Republicans: “here’s our first bill to rescind funding for the IRS and add 100 billion to the deficit”
    Senate Democrats: “thank you, we will put this in the trash”

    1. Ah, yes. Rescinding an $80 billion investment over ten years that would have brought in over $180 billion in funds. So their preference is we spend less and bring in nothing. Starving the government of pay-fors while driving up the spending sounds exactly like how Republicans have run things when in charge over the last few decades. Tell us, who was the last President to balance the budget or to leave a surplus? How about the last Republican President to do so? How long has it been?

    2. Bootlicking Republicans all of the sudden want to defund the IRS? Lick that boot until it comes for you. Oh no but what are you going to do with your precious blue line flags now? Lol. IRS and cops are just puppets for politicians all the same.

    3. @John Patrick “That means they’re going to be primarily focused on Uber and Lyft drivers and people trying to”
      does it? or are the corporations not paying any taxes- esp payroll taxes, because they claim those folks are all indepndent contractors?

    4. @Lewis Balentine you sound just like a MAGA Republican. If you don’t like freedom you can always move to China. You would love their police even more.

    1. Could be worse. Their used to be a Weiner’s Furniture in my hometown back in the 70s. The owner’s name was Harold Weiner, and yes, he chose to go by Harry. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    1. @B Bodziak no matter how many times you say that, it won’t be true. My stats are sound.

      Did you like the video I shared? Pretty funny eh?

    2. @Silo Sound Recording Studio I don’t think it, I know it. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.


    1. Why did this IDIOT not mention that included in the new House Rules is the abolishment of the Ethics Committee. So now if you see a colleague committing a CRIME you have no one to go to. That is by Republican design. It allows them to ignore all their CRIMES centered around Jan. 6th.

    2. He somehow even bent his back enough to slip in “a little extremist” to describe the democrats. While in an interview about extremists hijacking his party.


  4. Just waiting for the daily vote to oust the speaker. Maybe hourly. Maybe they’ll just sign up for their time slot? “No, I can’t make that meeting, that’s when I’m on the schedule to call for McCarthy’s removal next Tuesday.”

  5. Was Rep Johnson around when Ronald Regan increased the national debt by 186%? Or when George W Bush increased the national debt by 105%? Those are the two highest debt numbers of any President since President Roosevelt. Republican concern over fiscal spending only becomes an overwhelming issue
    when Democrats are creating spending bills that help average American’s, such as the infrastructure bill.

    1. @LotsOfFun There was 1. In Biden’sfirst month. I used the money to to get through the horrendous clusterfuck Trump caused. If 2020, the result of 3 years of Trump’s “leadership ” wasn’t a disaster, why did he hand out two, multi-trillion-dollar rounds of disaster relief money? Funny to hear you kept yours like a good Socialist.

    2. @LotsOfFun Trump was helpless as a limbless infant to affect the world around him in any meaningful way, but Biden controls the retail price of gasoline with his mind, even when he sleeps.

    3. @LotsOfFun ” was mostly pet projects just as this Omnibus Bill was!!!”
      gosh, if only the opposition party was interesting in passing infrastructure and omnibus bills so they could negotiate away all the pork instead of just obstructing everything.

  6. 3:13 “You’d be a good fit for Intelligence”

    I’m pretty sure nobody has ever said that about any Republican in the past 2 decades.

  7. Kevin McCarthy being honest 😂😂😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year!

    1. Honest=McCarthy? Bridges are cheap for sale this time of the year yah know with all the floods and all. Just send me the money.

    2. Hey Dusty, You said George Santos should be referred to the ETHICS COMMITTEE. PROBLEM: The rules you just voted for eliminate the ETHICS COMMITTEE. Stop LYING DUSTY. Republicans would have 20 members being referred for asking for PARDONS from Trump related to his FAILED COUP.

  8. You know, I’m tired of hearing the GOP blame Democrats for their own terrible behavior. If you have a rotten or unpopular stance, at least take personal responsibility for the decision to be rotten.

    1. @Libby Workman LOL….The steering committee each gets a vote and the SPEAKER gets FOUR!!! Nancy is as corrupt as it gets. She definitely SOLD her SOUL! SHE changed a 200-year-old rule so that it would take at least 50 people to oust her. That meant your democratic representatives had to roll over and play dead like dogs. THREE people (Pelosi, Schumer, Biden) should NEVER have SO MUCH POWER! Don’t you want your representative to represent you???? You go ahead and defend the old hag who made MILLIONS off inside information!!!

    2. @Libby Workman
      Yeah…she sold it afterwards….just think about all the millions she made via insider trading!

    3. @LotsOfFun “OMAR (who hates”
      why do you think she hates them?
      what has she said that indicates that?
      all i can find are some quotes about Israel, which is not the same thing.

      “You people are nuts if you didn’t think McCarthy would do the same thing that NANCY started”
      ofc we think he would.
      ‘in fact, we think he will do WORSE.
      because try as they might, it is not possible for Dems to sink to the level of republicans.

  9. I agree that the handling of classified documents must be analyzed for security processes. How anyone can walk out with documents that are our security as a country or even other country’s secrets and to, meant to be seen only in a skif (sp) gives the solid impression we are no not good gate keepers of secrets. And if they don’t know what and how many documents are missing really needs a new process for record keeping.

  10. This guy is fluent in GOPSpeak which is devoid of facts & realities for those of US not playing traitorous power games with democracy

  11. We could start by comparing the amount spent on golf and hotels by Trump to the highest cost previously spent by a president, then require he return the difference towards the national debt.

  12. I’m with Kaitlan. I had the same reaction to the bald-faced lie that McCarthy hasn’t promised any committee positions to individuals. My leg is wet and it’s not raining, buddy.

  13. If the rich would pay their fair share and not be able to skirt the system, we could balance the budget. We need more IRS agents to go through the rich people’s tax returns, billion airs paying little to nothing in federal taxes is a problem.

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