1. @Alyson onOahu
      Pig and cow colons, rectums, and lips, and for the all-beef hot dogs they use sheep colons, rectums, and lips. But everything is better with chili on it, let me know when you want to know what’s in chili. lol

    2. @james smith Someday earth worms and algae will be made to look and taste like chicken.
      Taste is all in the sauce.
      May I suggest the dung beetle purée?

    1. “Big scary monster”… eeks !! the big telecom has Cash, enough to give McCarthy to wipe his a** with it. Don’t mess w big telecom., Kev.

    1. @Babs Jean
      Careful little babsywabsy!
      When sleepy Joe “moves on” from sniffing your hair, he may take you to bathhouse Barry’s new bathhouse!

    2. I wouldn’t want my phone records obtained either if i knew the people trying to illegally obtain them because they don’t even suspect i did anything illegal regarding this so called “insurrection” and were just looking for some other drama to fuel their smear campaign for coming elections. It’s no different than previous elections and impeachments that resulted in nothing. Just the democrats wasting time and resources once again and trying their hardest to make the US govt the no. 1 embarrassment of the world. They need to forget Jan 6 and focus on way more serious issues in which there are plenty.

    3. @Charles Starkweather
      Lost what?
      Sleepy Joe forgot that he ever had it in the first place!
      Must be due to climate change!

    1. All of these far right lunatics need to be thrown out of office, arrested, tried for treason, and PROMPTLY, and publicly executed, if convicted.

  1. McCarthy: “If these companies reveal the truth to the American people, a rethuglican majority will not forget.”


  2. As i see it now all i can see is McCarthy’s soles of his shoes that are hanging out the backside of Teflon Don, hope it’s comfortable up there, make room for Marg and rest, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. He’s a Trump loyalist, even after he’s seen first hand how callous and corrupt Trump was on Jan. 6. McCarthy had to plead with Trump for at least an hour if not longer to call off the mob rioters. Trump still didn’t stop them, until later, even after Ivanka told him to call if off.

  3. Kevin had no problem with Trump getting phone records of journalists and other members of congress when Trump was president.

    1. @Babs Jean; I’ve been waiting patiently, I merely want the cultist to understand what is really going on, and what a deplorable evil drumpf actually is.

    1. Scout, it sure seems like McCarthy and Ron Death Sentence have daily meetings with Trump. They’re trying to be just like their hero. And, to be truthful, why wouldn’t they keep breaking the law? Trump hasn’t been held accountable so they think they won’t either.

    2. There is an army of Trump clones in power in our government at all levels. Trump ruins everything he touches.

  4. So there should be severe consequences for companies that comply with Congressional subpoenas, but zero consequences if you storm a federal building violently with the intention of lynching public officials?🤔

    Only in modern America..

    1. Guillotine sharpening time… this is very close to “let them eat cake”, he thinks he’s above the law & all of us. He’s about to find out he’s not

  5. I’m sure those companies are shaking in their boots. Watch Kevin as private companies burn your little house of lies down.
    Poooooorrrrrrr Kevin😩

    1. Nothing like making enemies of the countries most influential people. McCarthey is either an over-the-top genius or a hopeless fool.

    2. What is Kev going to do raise they’re taxes, put more stringent business rules on them or stricter pollution regulations!
      Those are things that the Repugnacan’ts will never do!
      The Repugnacan’ts will never attack Capitalism, they know who fills their election coffers!
      So all of Kev’s tough talk, is actually just idle threats!

  6. That being the case, how is it that McCarthy is still in the position of Minority Leader. He ought to be sanctioned if not removed for these kinds of standover threats and tactics.

    1. Lily Fitzgerald, yes, if any regular citizen tried to get away with what they’ve done, we’d all be locked up! I’m getting sick of it!

    1. HE SHOULD BE STRIPPED OF EVEN THAT OFFICE, for being a violent seditionist under Article3 of the 14th Amendment!!

    2. If you mean sealed his fate because of his crimes – not necessarily so, I’m afraid. Estimates are that the Republican party can regain the majority simply through aggressive gerrymandering. Their localized dominance in key states means they redraw the maps that define congressional districts after the 2020 census. (also why the California recall election against Governor Newsom is so critical – Imagine a purple or red California – Yikes.) So if they can win by dirty tricks, shame on us. Then Kevin does become Majority Leader, third in line to the presidency. How’s that for a scary thought?

    1. People need to use their voting power to threaten the GOP. I don’t understand why and how these people stay in office. They do absolutely nothing for their states. They have to have a fix in somewhere.

    1. THEY ALL HAVE FORGOTTEN THE FACT THAT THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE. This is crazy. They think that they are rock stars, and not government leaders. There needs to be a limit put on how much press time these people are allowed to have. A lot of the statements that they make to the public are nothing more than smoke screens, designed to turn the national attention away from what is happening behind the scenes.

  7. Isn’t it the GOP who is fighting nationwide for voter “transparency?” Sure, let’s talk about transparency….

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