GOP Leaders Condemn Marjorie Taylor-Greene's Holocaust Comparison 1

GOP Leaders Condemn Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s Holocaust Comparison


Leigh Ann Caldwell and Ayman discuss Republican responses to Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene's comments about the Holocaust. 

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  1. The irony is the GOP used to fashion itself as the party of personal responsibility and moral rectitude. Now it’s the party of professional victimhood.

    1. @oltedders Yeah I know. And it was about that long when the democrats were in favor of unions and protecting the little guy. With the exception of Trump, both parties are more similar than different. But try telling these people about a third party candidate and they’ll call you a russian troll quicker than

    2. At least Republicans are mature enough to condemn their own when stepping out of line. Why can’t dems do the same?

    3. Republicans started calling Democrats snowflakes as an insult. But it turns out Republicans are the snowflakes

    1. @TheRpf1977 Ridiculous! Go get your Grd. 8 at least. Read a book, something more advanced than Charlie Brown and the Great Orange Pumpkin

    2. I hadn’t even thought about her family. My family isn’t perfect, but when I look at people like that and realize I could be a member of THEIR family, do I feel blessed with the family I have!

    1. Expell her or shut up, you’ve lost your credibility. The Liz Cheney curse continues affecting Republican Leadership.

  2. Throw her out of Congress, then you’ll be doing something. Other wise, it don’t matter what you condemn.

    1. @Jason M Hilarious how the worst you people have to sling at us is Q-Anon which is largely recognized among Republicans as a LARP that’s really more a vestigial Democrat propaganda than anything else at this point.
      I wish conspiracy theories were all we have to point as the worst aspects of Democrat politics but sadly no, there’s far worse than that, there’s identity politics, racial hatred and division, open communists and marxists shilling for regressive commie nonsense that has already been tried and failed with insane human cost repeatedly.

      Nuts and tankies of all sorts who claim to be “on the right side of history” whilst pushing through rollbacks to civil rights legislations so that they can openly discriminate people based on their immutable characteristics in the sake of “equity” which has overtaken the term “equality” because Democrats have already moved past “equality” and no longer find it positive.
      A hack President who was rigged into office in the most openly stolen election in US history (so much so that DC is still under a hilariously paranoid military occupation as we speak lol) and his despotic party who quickly proceeded with talk of packing the Supreme Court and doing away with the only check to their absolute authority over all branches of government thus for the first time possibly creating an actual dictatorship out of the USA by subjugating the judicial branch to the executive lol.

      And i’m not even sad about it, i’m rather enjoying it, the Thermidorian reaction will be amazing and i’m sitting back, relaxing and waiting for it to inevitably roll around the corner 🙂 so sure, keep on going with the wildly unpopular divisive political persecutions and racist identity politics that are creating new Republicans out of thin air and former democrats every single day lol

    2. At least Republicans are mature enough to condemn their own when stepping out of line. Why can’t dems do the same?

    3. @Chris Thomas But they have and it was ignored by the Democrats. Nothing Greene said is wrong, even if you agree with the comparison. This is just the Democrats and the media distracting the public from his total failure.

    1. She’s a steroid user, so I kind of expect her to take herself out in some way or other.

    2. @P1 Smith her attention she brings is crazy nutso .great for reality TV, not the us Congress

  3. How hard is it to condemn this level of ignorance and stupidity? It’s going to be hard for the GOP to save face at this point, but getting rid of Greene would be a fantastic start

    1. @Tanner oww. Too true! Blood riches. And then the deep state military corporate complex is happy lurk in the shadows with their real evil too.

    2. @Thatone Dude It’s like a game of dare with the grade school bully. And he already has a pistol under the drivers seat of his car…

    1. @shawn carter We the people are doing that. Behold the Republicans little plastic boat swirling down the drain!

    1. She has said far worse Islamophobic utterences about Islam and Muslims than this. None of them rebuked her.

    2. @Richard Darlington Palestinians already had their homeland. They moved over to share it with the Israelis. The problem isn’t the the Jewish people, it’s the vicious hardliner government whose greed and power seeking is destroying the people and the land.

  4. She is basically comparing being taken to the gas chamber to not being able to get into Costco.

    1. +Better Tomorrow, “[…] to not being able to recklessly endanger other’s lives”

      There, fixed it for you.

    2. @Bryan, writes _”Republicans are mature enough to condemn their own when stepping out of line. Why can’t dems do the same?”_

      Is it Opposite Day again, already?

    3. @Fred Derf Republicans are showing their leadership here. Let’s hope dems put their ego aside and follow suit, starting with condemning Ilhan Omar & the Hamas squad’s anti-Semitic rhetoric.

    4. @Heritage Karma I am assuming you are a troll. You got nothing so you decided just to call someone stupid.

  5. Greene’s statement is just another notch on the “A Republican said something indefensible again” belt.

  6. saving on education means investing in ignorance, and we can clearly see that she has not invested in her education

  7. No one knows a “second class citizen” better than Marjorie Taylor Greene. She has aspired to this lofty level for years.

  8. Condemning her is a good start, but not enough, they need to remove her from Congress altogether….

    1. They only punish republicans who tell the truth, all liars are welcomed. They don´t want someone
      to rock the boat by uncovering their lies.

    2. Should revoke her birth certificate,citizenship, and Green card…..deport her to Israel…..haha. They could use her help!

  9. she’s not even there to do the actual job she was elected to do. She’s there for her own agenda.

    1. She was also removed from all of her committees because of her behavior and insane comments. She’s actually paid just to exist. Imagine having a job where you aren’t required to do anything, no one expects anything from you, you can’t lose it or be removed from it for a few years, AND you still get paid like the top performers. That’s Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    2. She was already well off now her + family won’t ever have to pay for health insurance or worry about retirement. Plus other benefits IDK about.

    1. @Pat Kennedy the Nazis made the Jews wear gold stars to treat them less than equal. You don’t think requiring someone to have the correct papers to fly on a plane or eat in a restaurant is treating people fairly. Please tell me what laws have been passed or where in the Constitution that you need the right paperwork to freely travel. That sounds like 1930s Germany. Show me your papers.The pandemic 100 years ago didn’t give the government rights to do this. Why are people these days offering to give away their rights? We lost enough rights after 9/11 and the government can keep up with everything we do electronically. Do you think were are getting those rights back without fighting for them?

    2. @Jeffrey Loveless You are Completely off topic now!

      I’m not wasting time on you any more off-topic


    3. @Jamie Pullin No, thank you, Mr Pullin, for perfectly reinforcing my point about Republicans’ psychological dysfunction.

    1. Taking 5 days to say something most likely means they had meetings with her that involved lots of talk that ended with wink wink, nod nod.

    2. @Jan Hankins the midterm is not far off and such callous remarks may remain in people’s minds until then and that’s why “they appear” to be concerned.

    1. What kind of PATHETIC attempt at a statement was that? How about you get atleast a 3rd grade education before you show your education anymore sunshine

    2. @Styer 00 You don’t think it’s sad to have a go at someone who isn’t good at spelling? If you wasn’t good at something, Would you like someone to have ago at you about it? They could have learning disability or anything.

    3. @neil A No, the United States ( my home) is in a rapid state of decline. We are now in the beginning stages of hyperinflation which will change the course of social and moral standards to a 3rd world level. We are in this mess because of currupt politicians, and people with the mental level of high school children who believe the tv. Bob Barker was right we should have had them Spade and Neutered

    4. @Styer 00 Believe what tv? Do you mean anything that goes against Trump or Republicans? You’re a extremely negative and hateful person. I hope you have a great night. Bye

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