GOP senator: If we continue to idolize one person, we will lose

Republican Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy tells CNN's Dana Bash that the GOP should focus on courting new voters and pushing successful policies in the next elections, warning that continued idolization of former President Trump will lead to losses.
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    1. @cervellone i would throw the date back to 1979 with Israel first making peace with Israel. When a nation can respect Israel right to exist it sounds like peace to me. I wouldn’t dismiss it. Since no one had to shed blood in negotiations ro make it happen.

    2. @cervellone Far right politician of Norway? What does that mean? Tybring is known as a supporter of Israel and also nominated Ayaan Hirisi Ali for the nobel peace prize. The Abraham Accord, and getting the Koreas in 2018 to pledge officially to end their war and start peace negotiations are reasons why someone thought Trump should be nominated for the peace prize and he was.

    3. @neb I saw that statistic as well, I’m just as confused as you though. I haven’t actually met a Trumper but you all obviously exist. I couldn’t imagine Trump winning 2016… probably nobody thought he would – so we all showed up in 2020 and he still got that close? Holy… we almost got stuck with that man for another 4 years WOW! It makes me sick that so many people celebrate misinformation and fascism (like anti-fascism is the enemy? Wow again!).

      I know Trump was cheating (he announced it ahead of time) but I didn’t think he’d get that close… I can’t wait for the voter lockdowns bit I wish it would be illegal for senators to lie.

      You read NPR, check out what they report Trump has said about Muslims. Someone who ‘invents’ science like we all witnessed (children are immune, inject disinfectants, wearing a mask means you are against Trump, global climate change is invented in China, etc) is sure to continue to invent more USA distructive policies. Can’t see why he wouldn’t also start the Muslim registry as he mentioned would be helpful.

      There are many national crisis at the moment. Trump could have been a hero – he chose to be a villain to get the white nationalist support. Take a look at how Trump acts and speaks about Islam. Remember this is a country for freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom from fear and tell me what you might feel as a Muslim during Trump’s presidency.

      Yes NPR reported the crazy high Muslim vote for Trump. They also reported that goes opposite of the trend (usually, you kick someone based on religion alone – they don’t like you). Pretty sure that’s a place to look, how did he trick (or steal) so many Muslim votes.

      My guess, the same way lawmakers trick people into being Republican the same way they trick all non-white into it. Lying – because Republicans don’t actually care if the argument they are behind is true or false – they only care that there is an argument so that they can be on the white-suppremacist side with deniability.

    4. @J Groovy
      * “There were white supremacy groups there, and Trump knew it. The Proud Boys is a white supremacy group”

      This statement is wrong. Sure, you can say there were white supremacy groups there, but to say he knew it and wanted them there? Is ridiculously stupid on your part. Have you bothered to fact check “Are the Proud Boys a white supremacy group?” Should you have done that, you’d find they ARE NOT. They have members who are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. They also have members who are straight, gay, bisexual, etc etc. They are a violent group but they ARE NOT a WHITE SUPREMACY GROUP. The only reason you believe this ridiculous nonsense is because of the first 2020 presidential debate when Chris Wallace asked Trump to condemn white supremacy. Which, he said sure… “Give me a name. Who do you want me to condemn. What group?” following his question, Biden name dropped the Proud Boys. Now, every media outlet and every dumbass on YouTube is linking Proud Boys with white supremacy.. Remember the big fuss about Trump saying:

      “stand down, stand by”? Do you know that Chris Wallace used those exact words in his question to Trump? He used the exact words as asked by Chris Wallace.

      While we are on the subject of white supremacy… How many times does Trump have to condemn them before you people finally get it in your head “He has condemned white supremacy” and see that he’s not a white supremacist?

      * “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & peace. Remember this day forever – Trump, following the riots”

      What does this statement insinuate? He said “go home with love & peace” What am I supposed to get from this comment other than him telling the people to go HOME? What does the media tell you how you should feel about it? I’d ask you that in return. I don’t see any issue with this statement.

      *Your statement about 2nd Amendment people is true, I was very upset at that comment when he made it. I’m not going to attempt to defend him here. Welll…… In case you missed the part where Trump’s lawyer showed the world the hypocrisy of the left and their call for violence…. Here you go:

      *Refer to the above video compilation of the hypocrisy.

      *He echoed the demands of the terrorists after they were caught plotting to kidnap and kill the the governor of Michigan.

      What was the demands of the terrorists that was arrested? I only know that Trump said “Liberate Michigan!” but…. He also said the same thing about the other states that had draconian restrictions on their constituents while they ignored their own mandates. You can find a whole list of the Democratic politicians (governors, mayors, etc) who got caught violating their own mandates. Are you trying to suggest his “liberate Michigan” tweet is what also motivated the “extremists”? Are you not aware that the FBI doesn’t label those people arrested in that plot as “right wing militias”? They are more of “anarchists/anti-government.” Also, are you aware that some of the people arrested for that plot had a youtube channel and of which contains videos of him telling people “Trump is not your friend. He’s tyrannical”? Also, it’s important to point out….. They also wanted to hang Trump if they could get him…

  1. That’s the main difference in my opinion: the focus on “winning”, not the focus on helping all Americans. It’s a sad state of affairs.

    1. @The Shadow I have attached links check again. Not to mention the payments to Trump hotels for dignitaries and countless other audit findings they will find. Its all with Cy Vance, FEC, and with Federal Auditors already. NO WORRIES.

    2. @umac76 I do use my brain quite often and make very wise choices, that’s outside of education and experience. That’s more in tune with divine connections. And possibly you don’t understand anything with that. I have a soul (mind) and I have a spirit (heart) God is connected to both and Trump is no God to me. We have NO connection, in fact he is “sounding brass and tingling cymbals” 1Cor13:1 to my ears. He is void of love, does not even have a sense of love to anyone but himself. No message he says is for me. What God has for me, it is for me.

  2. The fact that he refuses to say that Donald Trump is actually fit for office says all you need to know, truth by omission

    1. @Herb Tapp do you need to be a doctor to grant someone a driver’s license? Like the previous commenter said, being able to say person, man, woman, camera, tv, isn’t the only criteria needed to clear someone to be president. That was an actual test by a doctor.

    2. If Trump juust told us upfront we wouldn’t have had the towlet paper run. He is the reason why I had to use a shower certein for a month due to no tolet paper. He should have told has that he made this virius but MSM is still covering that up. MSM wont put blame on Trump for some reason. We could have had all the toielt paper you know.

      Now my shower certain will never smell the same : /

  3. Anyone whose mind is so diseased that they want a statue of themselves in gold, has no business being respected, let alone being president.

    1. The tax cuts mostly benefited Wealthy Republicans, & over 70% of Americans support the Bill – that’s bipartisan.

    1. @Chauncey W you are very perspicasious. L’chaim. 11 days Moses led the slaves out of Egypt. Split the Red Sea. And blessing. My Hebrew name Jacova is the female form of Jacob. I have been letting the the Trumplicans know burning crosses and chants of Jews will not replace us is their thing. Jesus of Nazareth was jewish. They would frog March him to a death camp and claim you were just following orders. Then I teach them some Aramaic. Eli,Eli lema sabachthani. The last words Jesus spoke on the cross. Then I tell them they are ingrates who embraced avarice and greed.

    2. @Aquarius Verus I don’t have a problem with cognizant dissonance. Alot of people certainly do. Alot of them also have a big problem with honesty.

    3. @European Union: Trump has no genetic links to the new Roman empire 🇮🇹🇫🇷🇧🇪🇨🇭🇪🇺🇻🇦🇲🇹🇪🇸🇬🇷🔺 aristocracy or nobility.

  4. Go big or go home. Where was all this concern when they forced through the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and corporations? 😐

    1. Our Dear Leader Pres. Trump has spoken today at CPAC now I feel so happy and now he Commands us the MAGA Army to Resist the Communist Antifa Biden Administration!! President Trump is a disciple of God to Keep America Great!!

    2. These RETRUMPLICANS are more beholden to their big money donors, than, the people who actually voted for and put them to there to represent them. “SUCKERS!!!”

    1. That is the problem with our system. Politicians are interested in winning if not governing. We don’t ask whether those who demand power should be allowed positions of power. You have people like Trump who often abdicates his role as president and complains about fictional claims of being cheated when his position all along had been “I’ll accept the results if I win”

    2. @Emily Xiong that would be the case if our presidents traditionally didn’t do anything. It’s nigh on impossible to be president and get no mandates accomplished. Trump accomplished his. He earned his 2016 victory.

    3. He’s obssesed with winning because he’s done it so few times. Real winners don’t speak like does.

    4. Not an American but is San Francisco 💯 all Democrats living there or it also have Republicans and independents too? So it benefits all the people who live in that state surely ! Like in the South it’s not entirely Republicans but also Democrats and independent living there! It’s supposed to be the United States of America ! This man even though he voted against trump, he is still a Republican Lier after all! LOL

  5. They rushed relief packages for big businesses to exploit, and stalled a second stimulus for 6 months. The GOP senate actually accomplished bunk for the people.

    1. Dems held up second stimulus check’s. Tell the election. And if you were to read all that’s in that package you may get sick knowing ware most of the money is going. I don’t believe we need more stemelus payments. Biden is only getting it done because you sucks are crying for it.

    2. @DANNY SULLIVAN MUSIC and you are clueless. Trump’s issues are the American issues the Republican party is exploding with new members, Trump is the party this fool is out and doesn’t know it.

  6. Instead of trying to figure out how to get voters they’ve focused on preventing people from voting… that is all you need to know about modern republicans.

    1. @Deborah Freedman There is nothing hard for most about voting in person with id, you are happy with Jan 6 if you are happy with mass mail in, just the facts

    2. Our Dear Leader Pres. Trump has spoken today at CPAC now I feel so happy and now he Commands us the MAGA Army to Resist the Communist Antifa Biden Administration!! President Trump is a disciple of God to Keep America Great!!

    3. @Red Dwarf Exactly, the pandemic still exists because of Trump that didn’t do anything about it. He called it a “hoax”, but now 500,000 Americans and many more are going to die or have died. These idiots are making up excuses.

  7. Love how he smirks and laughs about having input on bills, as if the Mitch McConnell era had been an incredible era of bipartisanship and cooperation. Hypocrites all. Rule for thee, but no rules for me.

  8. I love how the conservative religious types have lined up to worship a self-pronounced demigod who now has been presented with a own golden idol they can worship in Trump’s absence.
    Watching these wing-nuts taking selfies with the golden Trump likeness was a pure wha? moment!

  9. Republicans keep eating cake and having parties on everyone else’s dimes. No wonder why supporters are stepping away from this group. In my opinion

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