GOP Senator struggles to clean up ‘White nationalists’ comments

In an interview with a local Alabama radio station, Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville was asked if he believes White nationalists should be allowed in the military. He responded, “I call them Americans.” #CNN #News


  1. Why is he trying to “clean up” his comments? Why doesn’t he simply stand by them? The comments are not going to play poorly among his constituents; he should feel free to speak his mind. He could show up on the Senate floor with a white hood on his head and would almost certainly still get re-elected.

    1. @No gun no fear Yeah, I should have said “voter” rather than “constituent”. Fair point.

  2. Amazing how repub voters will still vote against their own benefit. It’s amazing! Yet hilarious! Especially when the voters can’t explain why they did.

    1. What he means is that we cannot disbarr someone from service because they might have racist beliefs.

  3. “I’m not racist! I just think them criminals should stop being uppity an’ not be ‘llowed to use the same water fountain as decent folk!” Senator Tommy, probably.

  4. Austin needs to go public, national TV and explain what Tubby is doing and how it effects members, their families and national security. Disgrace Tubby publicly and call on those in Al, to address him on his obstruction.

  5. I wonder how all those African American college football players think about him now!! That’s why I wouldn’t let my kid to play college sports anywhere near Alabama Mississippi or Georgia

  6. The senator from Alabama wonders why wokeness and CRT exist 🤔 He needs to talk to the man he sees in his mirror every day and talk him in to changing his ways. Truth + Wisdom = Peace ✌ 🙏 🙌 👏.


    1. “Tells” you who they are, she said. But it’s not a valid aphorism. Ask any psychologist about the veracity of people!s self-report.

  8. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou

    1. ” I have nothing original to say so I will give this quote people have seen thousands of times”- Steven Wonder

  9. The people _SHOULD_ be able to petition to have an out of schedule election to replace a politician deemed unsuitable by the people. We need to make that happen.

  10. I once knew a veteran who embrace the Confederate ideology even though he had Brothers in Arms who came home wrapped in the Union flag, I also knew of a another veteran who wanted to spend a awful lot of time with my spouse. Just because someone serves in the military or they’re willing to doesn’t mean they get to terrorize US citizens.

  11. I think it’s hilarious that he pronounces his name “tubberville.” I guess he didn’t like being associated with a town named after a potato.

  12. That’s one of the worst rules in the senate, that just one person can decide to hold up all kinds of promotions and appointments.

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