GOP Should Embrace ‘Trump Shot’ Instead Of Turning Against Vaccine 1

GOP Should Embrace ‘Trump Shot’ Instead Of Turning Against Vaccine

“They should be telling everyone that the vaccines were the greatest achievement of the Trump presidency," says Chris Hayes of right-wing media. "They should be hosting MAGA rallies with mass vaccinations. A free MAGA hat with every shot. They could do that if they wanted to."
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  1. If calling the Covid vaccination a ‘Trump shot’ will make GOP’ers take it then it shows how ignorant they are. Not like it changes the ingredients.

    1. Every GOP I know has taken the vaccine, it’s all the poor people of color in the democratic run inner cities that have no way of getting it LOL that aren’t taking it.

    2. The red hats cry about socialism but then cheer for their $1,200 “Trump checks.” I don’t think logic is their strong suit.

    3. @Yanski Arbuckle Assuming that’s true, Trump “No one has done as much for Blacks as I have” supporters should be raising this issue in state and federal assemblies. Right? Why aren’t they?

    4. @Yanski Arbuckle What State are you in? Because survey after survey shows that less than 50 % of Republicans are vaccinated, in some States it’s less than 28%.
      They are breeding grounds for more deadly variants. That’s EXACTLY how the Delta variant emerged. What is so difficult to understand about that?
      If only the anti vaxxers could refuse the vaccine and not mix with the rest of the communities.

  2. That’s what I’ve never understood. If you’re a half competent political operative you can spin stuff easy. Just spin it as support and run with it.

    1. @HUUUUUURRRR of course I’m safe my president Joe Biden made sure I could get a vaccine and since I’m not a dumb whiny moron I got one. Thanks for the concern don’t cry into that mask!

    2. @Yanski Arbuckle You meant Texas, where a bunch of people froze to death because Texes’ Power Grid failed, and Florida just had to demolish a building WITH PETS AND PEOPLE STILL INSIDE IT because it was so unstable?

    3. @HUUUUUURRRR LMAO!!!! You imbicile, There were no pets and people in that building! They used drones and they search the building before they brought the rest of it down do you really think that I am as stupid as you are?

    4. @Drownademonrat Jesus I’m too progressive to cheer on CNN. I check in on a variety of news sources. CNN is for corporate Dems, Fox is for senile Republicans and Magats. Try Beau, Minority Report, TYT, Rational National, Stephanie Miller and several others for a progressive, yet diverse set of views.

  3. When the covid virus heard the saying “There ain’t no fixin’ stupid” he laughed and said, “Here, hold my beer”.

    1. @Timothy Brigance sadly the intelligent people created stuff like medicine, and then gave it to the idiots.

    2. @hector heck
      It’s not a laughing matter …bud …
      seeing a dimentia ridden, thing spew hate …

    3. @omi god
      they got 5 mill’ votes … huh !!..
      I guess that answers that ….
      incidentally, 39.6% of registered voters, are registered Democrats …
      24% repungents …
      as of now …
      They have to cheat to win …

    4. @Gordon Peacman We’re both thinking Biden, right?
      Where did you get your numbers? I see:

      “Around a third of registered voters in the U.S. (34%) identify as independents, while 33% identify as Democrats and 29% identify as Republicans, according to a Center analysis of Americans’ partisan identification based on surveys of more than 12,000 registered voters in 2018 and 2019.”

      “Most independents in the U.S. lean toward one of the two major parties. When taking independents’ partisan leanings into account, 49% of all registered voters either identify as Democrats or lean to the party, while 44% identify as Republicans or lean to the GOP.”

    5. Many of these people have already reproduced so its not really natural selection unless their offspring also die. It can be considered a political form of natural selection.

    1. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell get the vaccine. 100 million Americans are glad they did.

      Atop being a Typhoid mary, spreading covid the weak and old

    2. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell
      Bet that made you happy in Moscow.
      Dasvidaniya ‘lidl Comrade troll.

    3. @nosuchthing8 No thanks Little BOY Blue Sheep! Trump would have had more people vaccinated!!

    4. @nosuchthing8 People voted for Dementia Joe Kid Touch because they only like kids and fake news told you to vote for Dementia Joe Kid Touch!!!!

    5. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell Trump took the vaccine. Probably because he knew how horrible it was first hand after HE got it.

    1. When deserving nitwits find interesting ways of removing themselves from the very shallow end of the gene pool. The barely damp rag end.

    2. Major problem is that we will all pay for the idiots who survive and are crippled by medical debt, and every person infected means another chance for the virus to mutate meaning the vaccines aren’t as effective…

  4. Republicans claim Trump developed the vaccine. So why would they refuse it, you think they would embrace it.

    1. @Betty Smith That still leaves a significant minority with a very unpleasant few weeks, damage to internal organs that could shorten one’s life, and/or other long-term COVID symptoms including fatigue and loss of taste & smell. Those who focus only on death stats underrate the impact.

    2. @Serendipity Shop Let’s not forget the cases of vaccine damage as well. Maybe check out the VAERS on it. Download Telegram and see the information being suppressed by Twitter/YouTube/FB/media.

    3. @Timothy Brigance If NK leader Kim developed it. You can be sure everyone would take it, and thank him.

    4. @Betty Smith VAERS is a self-reported list with no scientific backing. Everybody (including paranoiacs and those with an axe to grind) can post anything bad that happened after a shot, without confirmation of cause and effect.

    1. @Red Skywalker you are kidding,right? 600,000 people in the US have died from Covid and you are worried about a few thousand who may have had a bad reaction, really!

    2. @henry newton 331,002,651 million or more people live in the US today..Around 1.35 million die in car crashes each yr .. & how many die of 1OOs of thousands of various illnesses a yr ? many who died of the cv were old people & many had other things wrong with them & the younger people were not at risk as much ..You believe everything a Democrat activists on tv tells ya ? Why are they so obsessed with politics .What I choose medically speaking has zero to do with who I vote for and many Reps have had the vac and many even encourage it …you really need to get out more ..This is America you want to live in a country where government agents are going door to door & pushing drugs or some kind of med procedure on your family ? If they can do it with vaccines ..what’s next buddy ? !!

    1. The only silver lining is that eliminating the anti-vaxxers eliminates their own party members and will eventually cure stupid.

    2. @Brad John Pretty sure you are wrong on that. How about you send along your source(s) for that claim. Because I haven’t seen that data.

    3. @Jefryt 67 I am quessing you heard that from a highly unscrupulous source. I don’t know… Facebook, Fox, maybe a Russian bot house. Think again. Maybe you are from a Russian Bot House (I made that expression up… just now) But you seem homegrown. I don’t want to discourage your faith in God. But be skeptical about the news you take to heart. If it is fear based, or heavily blaming, question it.

    1. I’ve had the J&J vaccine. I am 70 and the only side effect I experienced was at the injection site. It took longer to stop redness and itching compared to my flu shot.

    2. @Joe Mama IT IS NOT EXPERIMENTAL…. How many times does this have to be rammed into your heads?!? Jesus.

    1. @Wilfried Hölscher Its not that evolution past them by, they believe it’s a choice. Some believe the earth was created by someone in a week, so ……

    1. @Jefryt 67 Both play the division game but only one side fans the flames of hatred to the point that folks are motivated to violence. For every example of the left violently attacking the right, I can site dozens of examples of the right attacking the left… I wouldn’t want to be defending your side of this discussion…

    2. @Stu Pidazo look pall, you don’t know my side of the discussion. I can’t stand either party. Why? Because they are two sides of the same coin.

    3. @Jefryt 67 Your side of the discussion is that both sides are equally responsible. My argument is that the right side carries most of the responsibility.

    4. 99.6 survival rate…I’m not worried about the cv ..I take care of my health & get plenty of vitm d & c and there are surely other avenues than drugs or vaccines ! My mother has known people who never had the flu until they had a flu shot …Mainstream media are just pushing an agenda usual …

    5. @Jefryt 67 It’s only ONE SIDE that gets violent when they don’t get their way, by Attacking the Capitol and trying to DESTROY DEMOCRACY like the stupid little Fascists they are.

  5. Look who the snowflakes are now. A simple and straightforward statement from Doctor Fauci has the affect of triggering Republicans.

    1. @Red Skywalker – it’s not “many”. it’s rare and temporary.
      I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in gods.
      I do respect science and facts, however.

    2. @ceciliaFX science ? Dr fauci sure has ignored that more than once ..and making children get vacs is wrong when many have had heart problems …one girl reported about the other day cannot even digest her food properly anymore …FDA has not approved any of these cv vacs …they authorized them because of the emergency ..without operation warp speed..there would have been none anyway and that was all trump pushing them to get um ready ..or Biden would’ve had his ..he takes credit ..what a puppet

    3. @Ver Coda Science says that young healthy people can also die from Covid. Science also says that the chances of dying from Covid as a young healthy individual are less than the chances of dying when taking an Uber. Science is not your anecdotal experience. Thanks.

    4. @Michael Gibb I didn’t even read your initial comment, because all it does is serve as an anchor to my comment, which is why so many people view this thread. I always do this to threads. This is my thread and you are irrelevant to it. Thanks.

    5. @Joe Mama You would have to provide proof for me to judge that..and I don’t consider Tuckie proof..

    1. @Serendipity Shop If you have Family and Friends that you LOVE, you better reassess your Family and Friends who are anti-vaxxers, because they’ve made it clear they don’t love you, otherwise they’d get vaccinated instead of putting you in danger of exposure.

    2. @Evan Hoath Yawn. FDA gave approval for emergency use. And if you mean hydroxychloroquine, there was only one short-term study, in which it was effective only on symptoms for mild COVID cases, and some who were hospitalized or died were removed from the study. You turn 180 on proof when it suits you.

    3. @HUUUUUURRRR None in my family, fortunately, and the most virulent conspiracy theorist / anti-vaxxer in my circle of friends has not been anywhere near me in a year and a half. Which is just as well. My eyes already glaze over on the phone when he starts going off on other conspiracy theories.

    4. @Serendipity Shop Ivermerctin, it’s saved countless lives in India much to the sadness of the oligarchs and their media empire. Why no news on India anymore? Don’t you see how the propaganda works yet?

    5. @HUUUUUURRRR Woah ther, want to put us on railcars next Adolf? No long-term studies yet!? How is it anti-vax to not take an experimental jab! You folks are dogmatic in the worst way. Statists are a horrible lot that wants conformity under the threat of being social ostracized for not swallowing the oligarch and pharma owned media. Wake up.

  6. Fully vaccinated, I don’t care if they protect themselves or not. They weren’t concerned about my safety with their bullying maskless behaviour. Winter is coming.

    1. I understand your sentiment, but there’s an increasing chance that a variant will develop within the anti vaxxer community, that will be resistant to the vaccines and that would be a huge step backwards

  7. Let them get sick and we’ll get closer to herd immunity. Many of them will die but that’s their free choice.

  8. The illogicality of behaving like a spoiled 3 year old who doesn’t want to eat it’s vegetables is as sane as getting pissy about wearing your seatbelt in a crashing plane.

  9. What’s crazy is most of the high level republicans and even Trump got the vaccines earlier than the rest of us.

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