Gotcha: Reluctant To Accept Biden's Agenda For A United USA, Republicans Return To 'False Outrage' 1

Gotcha: Reluctant To Accept Biden’s Agenda For A United USA, Republicans Return To ‘False Outrage’


Rev. Al Sharpton turns his attention to the Republican outrage machine. The latest outbreak of GOP panic stems from Biden's acknowledgement of systemic racism during his joint address to Congress.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Gotcha: Reluctant To Accept Biden's Agenda For A United USA, Republicans Return To 'False Outrage'


  1. The fact that Al Sharpton is able to show his face in public is further evidence that people still escape social justice

    1. Well, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch first we have to nail TRUMP for kicking the dust. Then we will get the little fish.

    2. @Charles D tRump represents like a dotarded 1% of them, that’s no way to win a war of attrition

    1. @John Dullano The Republicans Party aren’t no different and they’re just as racist. How can you talk about one party flaws and not talk about the other party flaws ? The Republican party have many and especially after half of them sold their souls to Donald Trump and turned a blind eye to all the lies and corruption he committed while serving in the Oval Office

    2. @John Dullano Donald Trump pushed for death penalty against the Central Park 5 for a crime that they didn’t commit and after spending years of their youth in prison and freed because they didn’t commit the crime Donald Trump never apologized for it because his lowdown heartless hateful racist ways didn’t allow him to apologize so with that said he’s not a saint

    3. @Nicky Krystals – he’s too illiterate to be an FBI agent. But not too illiterate to be a regular on msnbc

    1. @[Hashknight Gaming] not really, I know plenty of people who are millionaires, or not even that are more talented then billionaires who had family connections and get jobs based on family favors, etc. What does this have to do with his delinquent taxes? Is not paying your taxes success and talent to you?

    2. @Brad if that’s the case than trump is extremely talented.
      He avoided taxes legally. If you provide a loophole for me to no be stolen from by the government, I’m going to take it.

    3. @Jesse H. everyone tries to pay as little tax as possible, tax evasion is the subject and Sharpton is guilty but walking free, try to stay on the subject.

    4. @Davidit’s not evasion if there is a loophole. There is nothing wrong with donating, reinvesting in your business or home renovations to stay in a lower bracket especially when they are devaluing our currency and ripping us off. Past four months they spent as much as 8 years of Obama and if billions are going to gender studies in Pakistan obviously we are getting taxed too much but if you owe, you pay. What’s not to understand? I pay mine, Al should pay his, end of story.

    1. @Anakin Skywalker Stop dude, you are wrong about Florida and Georgia…they did not stop mail in ballots

    2. @Tacit Tern Trump was the absolute answer to the corruption we faced in our government. History will not be kind to Bush or Obama, hal the country realized this and Trump at least did what he said and said what he did. He allowed complete transparency and survived two partisan impeachments. If that doesn’t scream deep state, I don’t know what does.
      We no longer have the luxury of seeking out a perfect human being to run our country, we need someone that listens to what we say and does what we want…Trump did that…Biden is doing the opposite.

    3. @Scott Butler
      If trump truly wanted to “drain the swamp” his very first actions wouldn’t have been to defund the Office of Congressional Ethics and shut down the Government Accountability Office.

    4. @Scott Butler
      Trump gutted our military and treated the DoD as his personal piggy bank; unsettling the delicately allocated budget created by our representatives. Causing the cancellation of many DARPA projects, ship and aircraft construction, base and equipment maintenance, training, etc.

      He weakened NATO while he estranged the U.S. from long time allies that are essential to our existence; while propping up dictators, and turning a blind eye to the rampant violations of international law committed by both Russia and China.

    5. @Scott Butler
      I don’t think military service should be a requirement for the presidency; but dodging a draft is the kind of repugnant behavior that should be a disqualifier for being Commander in Chief.
      …..who refuses their nation’s call?
      Not a Patriot.

      Trump is the only president in my lifetime who has openly and continually insult those who died in the service to our country, to active duty service members, POWs, veterans, and Gold Star families.
      ….and he made it so the LGBTQ community can’t enlist and serve their country.

  2. This isn’t about false outrage. This is about a significant difference between what politicians want to push and what citizens want to take. This is about emotional manipulation during a year long crisis in order to push agendas that nobody would want during psychologically normal times.

    1. @John Gray What does sending money from millionaires, billionaires, and corporations to politicians in D.C. do to help America?

    2. @yu stu Says the guy literally asking for lead in his water.

      By the way, most Americans wanted Trump out, thus why he lost the election.

    3. ​@KuariThunderclaw most Americans, your right, but slander on all fronts to get him out? He did some good things but you won’t go read the executive orders and things he proposed to do/passed.

    1. He could be a talking turd that floats thru town in the gutter, Sharpturd D Dookie they call him

    1. Trump paid iver $10M in advance they gave him crap. Trump should have just come clean & exposed N Pelosi & Cuomo. But the “Audit” word is political suicide. Pelosi Cuomo made false claims. But IRS had to follow up just bcuz of who they are. Trumps taxes were under audit = incomplete. So he couldn’t legally show them to anyone. Another gaslight by left. He’s hiding something. Lol.
      Audit complete he owed $750 filing fee. LOL.

    1. @Tyler Johnson except they weren’t lies. Just because you fascist, racist repud minority don’t like it. Living in a separate reality cost your parties livelihood! Keep it up!

    2. @Anakin Skywalker lmao look under any black conservatives page and see the hate. Biden eulogized a k.k. K cyclops

    3. @Anakin Skywalker “…he’s only a pawn in the hands of the white liberal. The worst enemy the [Black] have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love [Blacks], and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that [Blacks] have. If the [Black] wasn’t taken, tricked, or deceived by the white liberal then [Blacks] would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make [Blacks] think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems”. —Malcolm X. The liberal has become the worst enemy for all of society. Liberals on both sides of the aisle.

    1. @Kenny Michael Alanya mlk is quoted as saying he didnt like riots but that they are voices for the unheard

    1. Dems:care about racism (I’m a black dem btw)
      Also Democrats: we elect and support a president who worked with a KKK senator to oppose the integration of schools (ASK KAMALA ABOUT BUSING), who said that if blacks didn’t vote for him then they weren’t black (recent), imprisoned thousands of blacks with his crime bill, said that he didn’t want his kids to grow up in a racial jungle.

    2. @John Dullano you’re too smart to call yourself a democrat. I disavowed Republicans, you should disavow Democrats. 0 shame in supporting what’s right no matter who says it instead of a political party. Right not that’s usually gonna be republicans but you still don’t have to be one

  3. Is Sharpton working for the Babylon Bee now ???

    Whoa wait what?? Hes serious ?? Ohhhhhhh sh t

    1. Dems:care about racism (I’m a black dem btw)
      Also Democrats: we elect and support a president who worked with a KKK senator to oppose the integration of schools (ASK KAMALA ABOUT BUSING), who said that if blacks didn’t vote for him then they weren’t black (recent), imprisoned thousands of blacks with his crime bill, said that he didn’t want his kids to grow up in a racial jungle.

    2. blah blah blah . the NYP IS LIKE PBS one of your medias – and you said the NYP had posted 2 of those stories you mention at the top of your opinion Mr. Sharpton .
      Biden’s acknowledgement of systemic racism IS TO KEEP FROM GETTING MOB / KILLED … I wonder what Mr. Sharpton is going to say when he goes to meet the Father . ? 66 yo what is that over 40 years of pushing this hate filled story line for a following like Patrice the co-founder of blm but she took the money and ran far away from that and invested in a whole other neighborhood nothing for the community she radicalized It shows on his face .

    3. @John Dullano John,democrats only use minorities,they don’t really care about them!When will you ever learn?

  4. The fact that this man is a household name, while most people don’t know who Thomas Sowell is… it explains why there is so much division in America.

    1. @deb pedersen ya….white people….. sadly most blacks are taught to oppose him, and Walter Williams too

    1. The average Blk American dont live to see 70, al sharpton is 66. He will be with his best friend joerge floyd soon, and i dont mean heaven…

  5. Lol I love how he “forgets” to add the additional clip of tim Scott saying that just because racist things happen, that it doesn’t make the whole country racist.

    1. It’s easier to accuse someone of not making sense if you cherry pick their quotes and put the pieces back together in a way that makes it the most vulnerable to your accusation. And no accusation is more over used than accusations of racism. At this point, the definition has been stretched so much, who cares? If a CRT cult member thinks you’re racist you’re probably a healthy, normal citizen.

    2. @broken tos America is not a racist country, it’s actually pretty welcoming to any and every race. You should see how some tribes treat other tribes in Africa.

    3. @Rawvision don’t forget the 1619 project literally calling the foundation of our county resist.

    4. @broken tos Institutional racism, hm? Alright. Explain to me, as a black man, which institution is racist towards black people? I am listening.

    1. Dems:care about racism (I’m a black dem btw)
      Also Democrats: we elect and support a president who worked with a KKK senator to oppose the integration of schools (ASK KAMALA ABOUT BUSING), who said that if blacks didn’t vote for him then they weren’t black (recent), imprisoned thousands of blacks with his crime bill, said that he didn’t want his kids to grow up in a racial jungle.

  6. Gotcha: Al Sharpton Reluctant To Accept That He Owe Taxes To The IRS, He Return’s To ‘False Racism Claims’

    1. @Ben Hodge so tell me how many black man do you see riding around in their own car and their purpose is to serve and protect you? Not shoot you just because?

    2. People can say what they want but I’ve been to a couple other countries and man. .. sure is nice to back to America where its way less racist We aren’t perfect but we’re are many generations ahead of some countries Ol al isn’t helping anything. Moving on is the first step.

    3. @Stanley Porter It’s all made up BS for gullible people… I bet U wear a mask everywhere…. even in your car? hehehe

    4. @Ben Hodge same for shark attacks but the media has done the same for both. The dirty secret is propaganda works

    1. @Alex Mark also I’ve read some of your the comments. So I’m under the impression you have talk to most of the police and those in the military for you to state that most of them are on your side?

    2. @Stanley Porter most people love this country who serve. The average democrat isn’t that. Your party is being overtaken by the progressive wing . Most classical liberals have switched over. If you really think lefties serve in the military in any capacity you are wrong.

    3. @Alex Mark well right-wing rubbish doesn’t seem to understand the words I was wrong. I did exactly what you said I Googled it and found out that he died of natural causes just like you said just like I said we will never know if medical attention could have been delivered to him probably if he would have survived his stroke seeing as how it occurred during the middle of an insurrection

    4. @Stanley Porter LMAO “iNsUrReCtIoN” meanwhile you ignore the 35+ dead and billions in damages your party caused for a year. Why so tribal?

  7. I never realized how big Al Sharpton’s head was until he lost weight years ago. It’s still strange to watch, like watching Mr Potato head talking…

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