Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds his daily briefing on pandemic response in New York | USA TODAY 1

Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds his daily briefing on pandemic response in New York | USA TODAY


Gov. Andrew Cuomo provides updates at his daily briefing on the coronavirus pandemic in New York.

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In New York state, where almost 30,000 people have died, Long Island began reopening Wednesday, leaving New York City as the only area remaining essentially locked down. In California, barbershops and hair salons are being allowed to reopen across most of the state.

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  1. What good is it for an operation to be successful if the patient dies? And we are not sure if the shelter-in-place operation was even successful; isolated folks also contracted the virus. Meanwhile, our economy has been reduced to shambles with no end in sight. Yet, we continue to shelter-in-place, still believing that this saves lives. It saves hospitals resources. And there is no need to worry about that anymore.

    1. You need to shelter-in-bar. Your freedom does not include taking away mine.. or my grandmothers’. You infect who you’re with.. being with other family members is better than your otherwise dose of hundreds of thousands. Wear your mask inside. Wash your hands, all of you, for your family. Especially after defecating, caveman. I’m wearing a mask and carrying my weapon.. for the inevitable mask confrontation. Consider going Florida or Georgia. Drive there. Stay there. Forever. Or become governor. Or easier yet.. president. You sound like politician.. even more than Cuomo. Are you?

  2. South Florida Pediatricians are sounding the alarm on the increasing cases of Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children. CDC says it is linked to Covid-19. Two hospitals in South Florida have growing cases in the ICU. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has announced a specialized unit for these infected children. At least 25 states, and 13 countries have cases so far. One death in Louisiana, three deaths in NY. Please keep us updated. This PMIS is not “rare” This is skyrocketing.

  3. Thank God! the Governor will be signing an executive order to wear a mask when going to a store…that’s good calming news…Rosie,is so right,that our Governor is a Rock Star…everyday he does something that makes me so proud of him,respect and love him more…God bless him …love you Governor! You sure look very handsome in white

  4. Well Andrew Cuomo managed to kill Grandma — and New York’s economy too .

    Wasn’t it just six weeks or so ago when many lwere touting the hugely telegenic Cuomo for vice president, maybe even as the fellow to replace a faltering Joe Biden on the Democratic Party’s November ticket.

    Not anymore. The numbers are bruising the narrative.
    Going into this past Memorial holiday weekend, more than 23,000 New Yorkers who tested positive for coronavirus had died, or roughly six times the 3,700 Californians killed by the disease.

    Overall the Empire State, with not even 6 percent of the nation’s population, has accounted for fully 24 percent of America’s traceable pandemic deaths, as well as 22 percent of its confirmed caseload.

    On the Cuomo economy, the Albany-based Empire Center reported New York had lost 1.8 million private-economy jobs last month. The state’s overall lockdown-driven private-economy job losses exceed the national average by 50 percent.

    Then there is his nail in the coffin ( pun intended) which was his ­supremely unscientific and medically dangerous edict early in the pandemic requiring nursing homes to receive recovering, yet still contagious, coronavirus patients. The point was to free up local hospital beds, but the result was that more than 5,300 nursing home patients subsequently died , despite having available to him federally built hospitals in NY and the 1000 bed Hospital Ship . Those N.Y. Nursing Homes deaths alone are a third larger than the total number of coronavirus deaths in the entire state of California.

    Cuomo needs to be quarantined before he does more damage to New Yorkers’ health and economic well being.

  5. Gov. cuomo is Great! NYC tough!loving! if you don’t live here you don’t understand!

  6. Before Cuomo tell the truth He invents his truth first. With his fake Data and phony fudged numbers. This guy and with lap dogs flanking him is nothing more then fake news TV mind melt junk Tell me why Cuomo sending Sick old people back to Nursing homes killing about 5000 innocent people that could have been saved by sending them to Billy Graham hospital set up in Central Park

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