Government Strives To Reduce Cost Of Doing Business In Dominica

Dominicans vote for new Government today Monday December 8 2014

The Government of Dominica is taking steps to reduce the cost of doing business in the country.

The Customs Amendment Act of 2014 was passed in Parliament earlier this month. This act aims to help reduce the time taken to clear goods at customs, thus making business easier for Dominicans.

The full Reform Programme was outlined by the Hon. Minister for Constituency Empowerment, Ambrose George, as follows:

The introduction of the Asycuda World Software;
The reorganisation of the organisational structure to include critical elements such as risk management and post audit functions;
Establishing a formal mechanism for interface between the Customs Division and the private sector with the establishment of the Joint Customs Committee, and
The passage of a new and updated customs act.

The Hon. Minister said that since the introduction of the Reform Programme, it has been easier to do business at customs. Hon. George indicated that it would be further improved with the full implementation of the Risk Management System.

“The Risk Management System is also being applied at the Inland Revenue Division (IRD),” Hon. George informed. “It is expected that the efficiencies gained will have benefits derived for clients.”

According to the Hon. Minister, this amendment to the Customs Act No. 20 of 2010 is intended to allow the Customs Division and the Inland Revenue Division to work closely together for the benefit of more efficient delivery of service to clients.

Hon. George further explained, “Section 3 of the amendment bill amends section 9, sub section 4 of the Customs Act and gives authority to the Comptroller of the Customs Division to share information with the Comptroller of the Inland Revenue Division. A memorandum of understanding will be signed between the two parties.”

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