Governor Greg Abbott to deploy new Texas Tactical Border Force | USA TODAY

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced the deployment of an elite National Guard unit that he called the Texas Tactical Border Force.

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  1. That’s awesome, we need to secure our borders for sure. However, How will he deal with all the shootings going on in TX?

  2. Thanks Abbott. But they don’t do any good if they just allow illegals to walk past them..

    1. Tons of thousands of migrants are getting interviewed each week and he’s been oblivious. The interviewers will see if they qualify for temp legal stay.

  3. How about calling out Texans to close the damn border. We legally can under the Texas Constitution! We can be there in no time.

  4. Finally could we add space force the navy and the marines the army out land mines donees tanks everything and anything!!! Enough is enough

  5. This is what we need, especially after some migrant supporters tried to turn that accidental car murder into a hate crime🙄 KEEP THEM OUT!!

  6. Perfect good work abbott every state should be doing what texas and florida are doing💪🇺🇲

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