Governors Meet With Biden To Discuss Plan To Combat Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Governors Meet With Biden To Discuss Plan To Combat Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Gov. Larry Hogan, R-Md., was one of a number of governors who met with President-elect Biden on Thursday to talk about combating the coronavirus. Gov. Hogan joins Morning Joe to discuss the meeting. Aired on 11/20/2020.
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Governors Meet With Biden To Discuss Plan To Combat Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

79 Comments on "Governors Meet With Biden To Discuss Plan To Combat Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. And so the business of leadership goes on while Trump and the Republican-QAnon Party flail about in fear and self loathing.

  2. Donald Trump is killing our country

  3. Massive cover up and corruption going on behind those pretty white walls, no doubt about it!
    Edit: I bet those paper shredders are on fire right about now

    • MSL After the ‘mostly’ secret meeting with ‘high officials’ from Indonesia…. I wondering if trump is considering Indonesia as an escape destination…. The US does not have any extraditions agreements with Indonesia….

    • Hes not going anywhere….he needs more money from his camp….and to torment us all….to try and spoil new administration….but I really hope he leaves this country….🤞

  4. Alicia Abundic | November 20, 2020 at 9:07 AM | Reply

    The worst, most corrupt, most disgusting and first ever fake president in America’s history has been fired by American citizens.

    • @mik3ymomo I did..he flat out said he wouldn’t release names because he was worried about death threats and attempts on their ‘star’ witness. You get that they are building a case on ONE guy’s testimony, right…? That HE is the linchpin in the entire conspiracy.
      One guy. On the stand. Making outrageous claims with no proof in hand.
      With sworn affidavits from others corroborating that narrative and agin, without hard proof.
      It’s all conjecture. It’s a smoke screen. How come I see through it and you don’t..?
      Because you are brainwashed. Everything these guys say you buy..because you WANT Trump to can’t stand to see him lose.
      At the end, after Dec. 14th, when the Repugs say, “Oh well we did what we could. Trump has run his gamut of challenges and lost” Will Trump concede…?
      No. Will he claim the election was still rigged despite no proof and no wins in court….?
      Will you and 70 million other brainwashed supporters believe him…?>
      That’s his plan,. Keep you believing the lie..and you are.
      Remember, I told you this come Dec.14th

    • @David M See, when someone says that, I know they are an ignorant fool because they have zero idea what communism really is..I believe in are just delusional or brainwashed..which one is it..?

    • @Doug M when there are claims of fraud I expect an investigation. If there is no proof then I let it go, let’s now do par that to those who have no proof but keep,spreading a lie even after investigations turn up no proof. Can you hear yourself? I named them already for you, why won’t you respond to those instances of Russian collusion and the Kavanaugh accusations and the Stormy Daniels accusations and it goes on and on. Yet all we heard from the left was an echo chamber of the same accusations for 4 years! Even after investigations showed no evidence. Here you don’t seem to even want investigations. So who’s brainwashed again? Listen to yourself! 😂
      I will accept results after an investigation, that’s what makes me different from you and yours. Not only don’t you believe the results of your own investigations you refuse to let us even have ours because you are afraid the results may show your greatest fear…. you have zero objectivity and you are horrible at debating these points. Any reasonable person can see through you because your emotions dictate how you formulate reality. Not actual facts. You got your facts and would t accept them. Now let me get to the facts of how this election played out so I CAN accept the facts. See the difference? Of course you can’t.

    • @Nancy Keith and responding to youtube posts is going to do that? not at all. look, you’re 100% correct on that but nothing you say or do in the comments sections of a youtube page is going to help them. they have to come to terms with reality themselves. its really not going to happen until biden takes over and even then it’s going to take time.

      which is why ignoring their posts on youtube rather than to feed into it is the first thing you should be doing.

    • @mik3ymomo You are confusing four years of protection under the law as POTUS and cases having no evidence…you understand that those cases didn’t go away, they just had to be shelved because Trump cannot be indicted by law until after his term..?
      You want facts on how the election played out and refuse to listen to those agencies under Trump’s administration that say it went well with no massive fraud.
      You would rather believe a flim flam man in Ghouliani who create d vast web of conspiracy for Dominion voting machines that apparently operate only in the dead of night when nobody can verify votes and it all started a decade ago in Venezuela …?
      The same programming used in the 2016 and 2018 elections where Trump took power and the Repugs gained even more seats…?
      Despite the guys that handle programming design, implication and security saying it’s the most secure election in history…?
      So all the statements against fraud in a landslide victory by the very sources tasked to secure it get pitched out and ignored but we should all question that landslide because a serial lying POTUS who hates to lose has proclaimed it rigged…?
      And uses massive unsubstantiated conspiracies that vary daily as he culls it from the internet…?
      You are the definition of indoctrinated…psychologists will be treating you guys for years

  5. Ignore baby boohoo squatting in the Whitehouse, Once again, adults have to clean-up GOP mess. This has gone on since Nixon.

    • @LISA N are you looking for trump to move on you like a…..
      Sorry you are only a two, he told me so

    • @Dulmorgoth you really have this silly immature Idea of biden what should we expect from a failed dungeon and dragons player

    • Carolyn Meredith | November 20, 2020 at 3:20 PM | Reply

      @LISA N TRU DAT @LISA N BUT FOX News Turning On Trump #TrumpVirus

    • @Dulmorgoth Thank God for Donald Trump being the way he is to finally expose all your fraud, cheating, racism and Violence! Sorry creepy, illegitimate, corrupt, children toucher, racist, white privileged Joe and his racist white hater running mate. YOU CHEATED ARE GOING TO LOSE.

    • @LISA N How cute you are when you can’t cope <3

  6. Bronze Age Ancient One | November 20, 2020 at 9:11 AM | Reply

    I cannot wait for a boring, competent President.

  7. If everyone just ignores the sitting president, you might actually start fighting the pandemic and save the economy in the process.

    • Joe Biden says he wants another lockdown for three more months 😳

    • Yes but the “45 orange atrocity” is blocking a lot of useful information from being released to the incoming administration because of petty immaturity and will continue to act like a man baby until the last minute!
      The American people and Covid be damned.
      Thank God he is gone in Jan!!

    • @William H Stop Lying troll!!

    • @William H – No he does NOT! Stop spreading misinformation!! Maybe if you actually watched & LISTENED you’d know he’s stated numerous times ‘no lockdown’!!
      Gettin your info from the liar in chief??

    • @William H Stop crying and go find a boyfriend.

  8. seems more progress has already been made in 1 week with the incoming administration than in 4 years of this administration

  9. Let’s admit it, Rudy sweating the dye out of his hair was hilarious. I cannot wait to see what SNL does with that gem.

  10. Governors are happy to have a leader to work with, instead of an orange clown.

    • @Tony Martin oh yeah! The investigations trump had to use the presidency to shut down, fire career officials an use public funds to fight! I guess to your kind, thats “innocence” 😂😂😂

    • TheBase1aransas | November 20, 2020 at 2:37 PM | Reply

      @Jack Soff @MSNBC has become irrelevant. Go give us a story on Rudy’s streaking hair color.

    • @TheBase1aransas oh so they only report one story at a time deplorable? They’re still more relevant than anything your shitstain crisco sweating president is doing for the people right now 😉

    • @TheBase1aransas hey remember when trump worked with the governors to provide a national strategy? Yeah neither do I 🤦‍♂️

    • My governor never listens to the orange moron. He kills brain cells.

  11. *YES!* Leave the child in chief with his babysitters and go to work, Biden!

  12. They are glad to talk to a normal person in 4 long long years

  13. We’re glad to see governors meeting with President Elect__

  14. I’m glad both Republicans and Democrats governors meeting to combat COVID.

  15. Biden actually met with them to work on a plan? He didn’t say “The BLUE States can Go Rot” like tRUMP.

  16. Judy S Hallstrom | November 20, 2020 at 10:15 AM | Reply

    Wow, looks like we are about to get a president, Biden, who actually gives a darn about people, and it looks like the governors, regardless of party are anxious to get things moving . And the Presidrnt elect didn’t even have to call them weak, losers, threaten them to gain their trust and support.

  17. More governors should have the guts to come out and talk with Biden thus silently pulling away the ground from Trump

  18. Meanwhile Trump’s trying to bribe GOP politicians in Michigan to overturn the election

    • Has them coming to the White House for some Executive Bullying. Welcome to Mystery Babylon where the babbling cheater in chief is conducting his coup.

    • Stop the steal! Trump, Stop the steal!!! 😁

    • @Baby Teano the only one trying to steal this election is Donald Trump

    • Trumps such a caring person….trying to blackmail folks to win election…mean while back in the real world…more are sick everyday…..cant wait til hes gone and takes his den of crooks with him….

  19. Mr. President Trump, we the people have spoken, you lost the vote. ” It is what it is “.

  20. Biden IS the Presidential Leader for America in this moment. You WILL find how inclusive he is which is why he has such effective negotiating skills to achieve the best out come FOR the greater good. Add his integrity, intelligence, humanity, and earnest to do his very best FOR THE UNITED STATES and we’ve got a man worth listening to AND becoming involved with in our own local programs/agendas for more of the same. Thank you Governor Hogan for conveying your objective and for the best interests of all Americans commentary during this interview. Good LUCK to you and your constituents with this!

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