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  1. I swear we as black people refuse to take responsibility for our actions, we love to blame the government and others for our nasty behavior.

    1. The govt sets the pace. We have bad governance and no real guidance therefore this is the result. It has nothing to do with race but rather organization and leadership

  2. Our nasty behavior is the problem. When Government fix anything the nasty indiscipline people in the society mash it up.

  3. The government must be blamed for not following through with the completion of the project and for their handling of the homeless, but the bulk of the blame must be placed on the citizen. We have a responsibility to keep our surroundings clean. No matter how much work the government does to improve the space, if we fail to collectively own these spaces and see them as our responsibility, things will remain the same.

  4. i see road way is nice, but what happen to the money for the rest of the project(palm tree, grass, and etc.) Why do just half the project and u received money for the whole thing to be complete. Did the money go to something else.

  5. Just keep the place clean, wah kinda palm tree n all dem ting๐Ÿ˜’, traffic moves freely sometimes but grass n palm, who would make sure it keeps the condition that’s it in, we get the road be grateful, palm tree can come after, keep the place clean that’s all

  6. I blame the people for not talking pride in their environment. PERIOD. I’m not crazy about the government but the people must also take responsibility.

  7. He is lying they thief up the money donโ€™t you hear that he Can bearly answer the question god help jA

  8. When you look at Jenela’s face when she is reading the news that the government is under scrutiny it light up like 100 watt bulb. smh

  9. Tvj reporters need to speak more on positive things happening in the country. Not saying you cannot highlight things when it is not done in the manner it ought to but my God. Another disgusting pointer the news can speak about rodents but you nuh ha fi go look fi rats to show on the TVJ is not everybody love to see these things. Our stomach is not like that. Consider other people that is why a lot of us hardly watch news because watching things that are unsightly it makes a lot of us sick..

  10. If u can’t maintain the basic roads and keep them clean building big pretty roads will get the same treatment

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