Gov’t Set to Announce Fare Increase | TVJ News

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  1. Then uno ago up the gas price 🤦🏾‍♂️my question to the government is why gas prices can’t go down only up?

  2. Love how government a raise everyting, really excited for the wage increases that should come soon 😊.

    1. Then If the minimum wage goes up alongside everything else. What are you excited about??? Cause it not going to make any sense. We Still ago suffer

    1. @Love  so you expected to raise all the bills, and the people dem pay still stay the same? You sound like a slave master. Why do you believe most people leaving Jamaica to go somewhere to see a better way out? America is not the best place, but at least opportunities are there and when you send back money in your account in Jamaica. We will actually see what you are working for.

      What you take you 5 years in Jamaica to achieve, it will take you 2 years in America or else where.

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