1. Probably the Red Cross. They’ll be there helping. I think you can specify where the funds are used. Sidenote: donations of money is best because giving items that then have to be sorted is tedious and time consuming. Providers are able to buy in bulk.

  1. Satellite cellphones have been around for decades. Why are people clueless? All emergency management officials should have one. Mayors should have one too, tv stations, hospital admins. They’re not that expensive.

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  3. good ideas are often built on a solid foundation. or they can adapt to the climates freedoms and responsibilities. but not all good ideas depend on being grounded to secure surroundings or stable situations. for example some of the western native american tribes sent signals alerting others, friend and foe, to circumstances that not all would consider safe. wet wood sent the sort of message which said there could be soggy skies ahead. did they blame it on the gophers the eagles or the beavers ? did they declare bankruptcy and send space force defense plans to the taliban and the chinese and the drug cartels ? no, they didnt.

  4. If your house is on stilts, and you can practically spit into the ocean from your balcony, than you’re too close to the ocean. You have to expect this to happen.

  5. When you literally live ON the beach
    you damn well know this can and WILL happen. Then, they want assistance to rebuild in the same exxact place. Tbh, southern Louisiana should be boarded up permanently. Ida literally hit on same day as Katrina, 16 yrs ago, in the same area. I dont want my tax dollars spent to restore these rich people’s homes. Use taxpayer’s $$$ to relocate people to *northern* Louisiana rather then rebuilding “over and over again* in the same area. Wth?

  6. It’s time to let the Mississippi River run wild again so that the river can build up the land. 4th grade social studies at st. Anthony in Gretna, LA. .It’s time to let the gulf reclaim grand isle and stop wasting resources on it.

  7. dude, you live on an island that no one should be living on , your choice to stay, and now stupid fema will help you build back. Your choice man, no whining is going to be anything but disregarded. and if you think a ham radio tower and radio would have given you a way to communicate, you’re very sadly mistaken. Poor guy. Just a ignorant person thinking it’s ok to live on a island and expects to have anything left after a storm… unbelievable.

  8. You are the mayor..you go to walmart and get a radio..You know what is required to live there..you should have that by now.

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