1. This is a devastating takedown, as could only be done by someone close to the subject. This young man is articulate in stating it isn’t isolated to his particular family, but his grandfather’s actions are the result of widespread radicalization and disinformation campaign. Cool braids, too. It gives hope also that the younger generation is so much more humanistic than the older one. What a sad case, a teachable moment for our country.

    1. The grandson just gave generalizations about his grandfather. Aka, the grandfather is not a racist, if based on this guy’s shameful 15 minutes of shame of throwing his own blood under the bus

    1. @fjölhæfur_vera Once i was graced in the head by a Russian Nuke going supersonic. When i got home from the fight i found out i had Aids… Again.! True story

    2. @Ruff Kuntry – I will address your question about how atheists would make our country better. Again, atheism is simply the lack of a belief in deities. There is no religious dogma or fundamental principles. A person could be an atheist because they haven’t encountered valid evidence that suggests that a deity exists, and a person could be an atheist because they had terrible experiences with people of a particular religion or multiple religions (which is a irrational reason to be an atheist, by the way). An atheist could be a decent person who cares about other people, engages in community service, etc. And an atheist could be someone who has done terrible things to other people with no regrets.

      So, your question is like asking what people who don’t believe in ghosts would make our country better. People who don’t believe in ghosts don’t necessarily have anything in common outside of not believing in ghosts.

      That said, I don’t know of any real world benefits of religious belief that can’t also be acquired through secular means – without the negative aspects of the religion (including the Abrahamic religions). And I think that religion is having a net negative effect on our species at this point (even if it had a net positive effect at some point, which would be very difficult to establish). So, I think that we would be better off without it. Not a utopia, but better overall. There are still people killing people over religion and shunning loved ones because they don’t share the same religious beliefs. That wouldn’t happen in a completely secular world.

    3. You mean an act of God. Perhaps his life holds a greater purpose.. fortunately, we will be able to wait and see.

  2. There’s a lot of things to say but I can’t get over the fact that the young man is still being alive

    1. Hopefully the divine Ralph (Praise Be Upon Him) will see in his infinite wisdom and grace to tolerate the original sin of whiteness, Inshallah

  3. Not only is this grandson brave for speaking up, but he also seems genuine and it seems he’s been waiting to get this off his chest for a very longtime. Side note…he is cute

  4. Pulling into the wrong driveway and knocking on the wrong door happens frequently out here in the country. It’s easy to go to the wrong house when you’re looking for a place you’ve never been before. I’ve turned around in the wrong driveway a number of times and even knocked on a door to ask directions. I will never do it again. There are too many people with guns just waiting for an excuse to use them. That’s what this guy did. The fear mongering on the right is disgusting and shameful.

    1. This is how I see it: if people keep making mistakes and other people are shooting them for it, it won’t be long before fear and hysteria seizes common people and they start doing it on the regular. People will start doing tit for tat.

  5. I completely agree with Klint that people need to stand up for truth regardless of who the perpetrator is. People that enable hateful behavior perpetuate hateful behavior. It’s like that mom who washed her kids jeans SEEING blood run out of them; a decent person would have bagged them and called the police.

  6. This reminds me of my grandfather. He was a major racist, but it didn’t really show for a long time because then and there (1960’s Chicago) things were set up to mostly keep the races apart and he didn’t spend time thinking about race – he was secure in his white Irish neighborhood with his corner bar, and life was good.

    Then someone broke the unwritten rule that no one could sell their home to a POC. I met that 1st black family to buy there when I was a kid. I played catch and basketball with their kids and their mother made us lunch – nice folks.

    But this was scary to my grandfather and his friends. They were sure their property values would go down, crime would go up, etc. Grandpa soon went out to buy two guns – one to “defend” his home and the other for his bar. Scared shitless. I could easily imagine him killing a black person because of that.

  7. I think the officials in Oklahoma in that meeting best expressed their fears – “We can’t do that no more. They got rights.” Yeah, you can’t just murder, hang, beat up and commit criminal acts against races of people that don’t look like you. We are moving FORWARD and it would benefit those to get on board and learn to live and love. THANK YOU, young man for your compassion.

  8. Wow this is really powerful!! Such a great young man with smart and thoughtful insight.

  9. I give this young man so much credit,speaking out against your grandpa can certainly not be easy but he’s doing it for all the right reasons,he sees all the hate and fear mongering going on in this country and innocent people are dying because of it! Good job young man thank you for speaking up

    1. It’s not hard not to sin. You just say “I worship Black People, I will support any actions they take, and I will side with Black People over my own blood, regardless of circumstance.”
      It’s just that easy. The old man should’ve just let the stranger come inside his house at 10 PM, duh.

    2. @Muad’Dib If it’s so easy to not sin, then why are you being dishonest? You don’t have to let a lost kid into your house in order to avoid shooting them in the head.

  10. This young man is to be commended for speaking out with intelligence and fortitude. If only others were as aware. We need to realize that every race and culture has it’s good and bad people and we shouldn’t equate evil with just one group of people. He is putting the blame where it belongs, with his grandfather. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

    1. he’s a satanist who said we should abolish prisons
      except for his own bloodline, i guess
      yeah, real hero lmfao

  11. Good for him for coming out and telling the truth about his grandfather. He is an example of how the youth can help to get rid of racism. I’m glad he was able to escape the beliefs/teachings of his grandfather.

  12. I know this man didn’t want to bash on his family, but he is very brave to tell how he feels about it. His brother may not agree and that’s family 💁🏽

  13. I am sorry Clint didn’t have a grandfather who had an open mind and spread kindness and love to people he met. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

    1. Yeah i feel the same way about the black shooter who killed the girl and her family over a basketball…

  14. I give this man major credit for standing up and speaking his truth and not defending someone just because their a blood relative. Sometimes, just because someone is a blood relative doesn’t mean you have to get along. If his grandfather is a truly loving man, he should be very proud of his grandson here for having his own mind and opinion. That’s what makes a truly good wise man.

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