Greene Makes Fool Of McCarthy Denying Her Space Laser Theory | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Greene Makes Fool Of McCarthy Denying Her Space Laser Theory | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reads from the Facebook post in which Marjorie Taylor Greene explained her theory of wealthy Jews using space lasers to set California wildfires, a theory she apparently told Republican leader Kevin McCarthy she didn't know anything about. Aired on 2/5/2021.
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Greene Makes Fool Of McCarthy Denying Her Space Laser Theory | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. I think she said she used to believe those things but left them & ran for office. She acknowledges that & did not run for office based on those issues. So why such a one sided report. The report here is deceptive and manipulation? Sure seems that way.

    2. @Your Arsenal someone who believes such BS should not be allowed to hold public office. And just because now she is kinda saying she doesn’t believe it anymore you think she is sincere? About her being honest about not believing bs and it not being important for her the call with the mother of a teacher killed at parkland she told her she doesn’t believe it was a false flag anymore.
      But when asked by the mother to tweet it she refused…i wonder why? Cause according to you she did not run on these kook theories…don’t be so naive,she knows what she is doing and just trying to do some damage control.

  1. MTG to the dope McCarthy – Everything I believed yesterday I do not believe today. However, tomorrow I’m right back at it.

    1. @Bobbie Zaborsky You do understand that they are reading from a teleprompter and when you read left to right the audience sees the eyes go to the left. Any more conspiracy theories?

  2. The real story should be Kevin McCarthy thinking we’re stupid, that he “doesn’t know about “Q-On” or not knowing what it is. FOH Mc, youre a joke.

    1. @Jimmy Ray IRS: After your audit Mr. Ray, you owe us 3 years of back taxes with interest / Jimmy Ray: good luck with Biden you lefty lefter!

    2. @Jimmy Ray Announcer: and with that final touchdown the NOT JIMMY RAY’S win the game! / Jimmy Ray (captain of THE JIMMY’S RAY’S) : We won guys!

    3. @Jimmy Ray My six year old nephew: I’m sorry I’ll try better *changes behavior* / Jimmy Ray: fffFffFfFFFFfffggggg FCKN LEFTYS

    4. @Jimmy Ray Me: Jimmy, I’m sincerely worried about you. Hope you learn to get along with people better, and see how carrying on like this makes that next to impossible and alienates you from your own intelligence and society. I’m here for you. / Jimmy Ray: Wow… you’re right mrdemoball. I understand, like, how can I expect to have any quality in my relationships in my life when all I do is insult people and can’t manage to have a peaceful, intelligent, coherent conversation with anyone. Who would want to be around me? I feel so ashamed. The news and propaganda and social pressures have molded me into an angry human left detached and unable to perceive or even correctly address vast swaths of simple realities. Thank you for being concerned mrdemoball. Would you like to try again and have a smart, dignified conversation with me so I can place down my rage and operate off of higher human principles? / Me: Absolutely Ji- / Jimmy Ray: YOU LOST CHILD haha, they’re very sad people, I know the best people *squak* polly wanna cracker *squak* sad hahahaha *squak* leftys *squak* leftys

    1. @TravOn 2Wheels mass hysteria, like about caravans
      About a not stolen election
      And the 30k other lies cadet bonespurs mumbled

    2. @whyso curious Yesterday’s news. The Black community has been hit proportionately much harder by the economic downturn created by his mismanagement of the covid response.

  3. Meanwhile in Jewish Space Station a robot is saying “You cant just shoot a hole into the center of California”

    1. GOP is a party of QAnon and this is what many made-in-USA donkeys believe: frauster #DonTheCon is the chosen one sent to the US from above

  4. The saddest part of this whole thing is that hundreds of thousands of insane people strongly believe this vile craziness. Not many things scare me, but people that believe things like this sure do.

    1. Good point. I just prefer to not say anything specific as to not give the “things” being spoken of anymore space in the interwebs.

    1. i did a hit and run a couple months ago and when i go to court im gonna say i never driven a car in my life hopefully it works

  5. Can we get a sound bite of Lewis Black saying, “Space Joooooz!”?

    Look out, Space Jooooz! Space Force is on the case!

  6. Pretending he doesn’t know about qanon makes everything else he says after that even less credible than it would otherwise have been

  7. Republicans: “We cannot convict him because he’s not in office.”
    Trump: “I’m still President.”
    Republicans: “LOOK! QANON BELIEVERS!”

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