Grocery stores forced to ration as fresh food shortages hit the United Kingdom

CTV's Vanessa Lee reports on the rationing put in place at grocery stores across the UK as food shortages hit the country.

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  1. Commercial Green Houses could be built under the frontline even here in Canada as in Southern Canada the temperature under the Frost Line is typically about 50 F.

    1. @Jumbo Me What about brexit? Didn’t you conservatives do your math to have your entire nation follow the same track?

  2. should be shortages on processed foods in all reality… slim the waist lines down… big deal you can only get 3 cucumbers.. not even a drop in the bucket this garbage… NEXT…

  3. Nothing like rationing to say something sure isn’t going right. Looks like dumping the EU sure went total fail. Here in Canada, regardless of conditions from climate, weather, covid, the shelves are always well stocked. Which suggests Brexit has outperformed climate bad weather and covid related troubles added together.

    1. Maybe your part of Canada. We’ve done without or limited periodically the last three years.
      Maybe your location is the difference.

  4. Another case of the big fat cat’s profiteering from those on a low income !!!
    This country needs a new name as we are not united and we are certainly not great anymore !!! Our green and pleasant land has gone forever 🥲

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