1. I know right!!! Totally killed my happy childhood illusion that an actual groundhog could predict weather!🥺

    1. Remember when rightwingers blamed Kathleen Wynne for all their problems? Simpler times, same faux outrage. Sit down.

  1. Spring weather may come early, yet – much like GOT – ‘Winter has come’ with the present government…

    1. No kidding, Kenney in Alberta, Ford in Ontario, Higgs in NB, did I miss any rightwingers who cut funding for healthcare prior to this pandemic?

  2. Glad to see that Willie broke the provincial “Stay At Home” order and went outside. Was he wearing a mask?

    1. @*trigger warning I IDENTIFY AS CAPS LOCK STOP BEING INTOLERANT TO MY FELLOW CAPITAL LETTERS fact over feelings, hypocrite

    2. @Cole S The fact he wasn’t wearing a mask, moron!

  3. In Canada, when Trudeau emerges from his cottage and he sees a microphone, there will be 6 more weeks of lockdown.

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